That mass killer? He’s probably not a vet

| January 31, 2013

Spencer Ackerman at the Danger Room writes about a New Jersey branch of the Homeland Security Department study which discovered what we’ve all known – they could have paid me the money they spent and I could have told them – it ain’t veterans;

This is what a mass killer looks like, according to a Department of Homeland Security analysis. He works alone. He uses a semi-automatic handgun. He’s a he. And he probably didn’t serve in the U.S. military.

Thirteen out of the 29 observed cases “occurred at the workplace and were conducted by either a former employee or relative of an employee,” the November report finds. His “weapon of choice” is a semiautomatic handgun, rather than the rifles that garnered so much attention after Newtown. The infamous Columbine school slaying of 1999 is the only case in which killers worked in teams: they’re almost always solo acts — and one-off affairs. In every single one of them, the killer was male, between the age of 17 and 49.

They also don’t have military training. Veterans are justifiably angered by the Hollywood-driven meme of the unhinged vet who takes out his battlefield stress on his fellow Americans. (Thanks, Rambo.) In only four of the 29 cases did the shooter have any affiliation with the U.S. military, either active or prior at the time of the slaying, and the fusion center doesn’t mention any wartime experience of the killers. Yet the Army still feels the need to email reporters after each shooting to explain that the killer never served.

But, the media can’t help itself – being in the military, well, that explains it all and justifies their hatred and mistrust of folks who carry loaded weapons for a living. And then, there are phonies out there who tell wild-ass stories about their fake experiences in combat. And if the troops would pee on the corpses of their victims, what else do they do?

Then, you’ve got dinguses in the IVAW who tell about the time they played soccer with the disembodied heads of insurgents for fun. And the Joseph Cryers of the world who are secret squirrel killers in wars no one ever heard of.

Like that guy who is holding a child hostage in Arkansas Alabama today, 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes; SPLC couldn’t wait to announce on their “Hate Watch” blog that he’s a Vietnam veteran and “anti-government”. In my opinion, there can’t be too many “pro-government” people left in the country looking at all of it’s recent failures, but gotta perpetuate the crazed vet meme. Because it explains to all of the people who have never spent a day in uniform how such a thing could happen. Because vets are all crazy.

But I don’t see Homeland Security making a big deal out of this report like the one they did a few years ago when they were warning police departments about us with no real evidence.

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  1. DFK says:

    Just a minor detail, the hostage situation is in Alabama,not Arkansas.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Gee, it’d be nice if these people would actually do their homework. They left out nice folks like Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate, and Charles Manson, who got his entire group of hippies to engage in mass murder for him.

    And all men? Have these numbnuts forgotten Ailen Wuornos? Or Dorothea Puente?

    Uses a handgun? Maryann Cotton – arsenic; Mary Beth Tinning – strangulation; the Tylenol murderer – cyanide in Tylenol capsules; Ted Bundy – strangulation and blunt force; Jack the Ripper – surgical instruments.

    And your taxes go into their paycheckes, people. I think I’d ask for my money back.

  3. Tequila says:

    Be interesting to know how many mass killers were stopped by a vet. Oh wait I forgot, if you take out the shooter before he kills at least 4 people then it’s not really a mass shooting.

  4. A Proud Infidel says:

    With the way the mess media hypes this stuff, you’d think it was the guns’ fault and not the perps’!

  5. Anonymous says:

    A local comedy in show in Seattle called “Almost Live” did a funny bit in the 80’s about the average Seattlite’s perception of veterans called “Johnny Jake, suprisingly pleasant Vietnam vet”. It still holds true.

  6. Twist says:

    I read about the Alabama shooter over at yahoo news. They made sure they mentioned he was a vet in the first sentence. They also made sure that they made reference to the Sandy Hook shooting.

  7. streetsweeper says:

    Thanks Jonn for putting it out there about Jimmy Lee Dykes. I posted the Yahoo! article early this morning and started researching him. He doesn’t come up in any database searches that I access and the media outlets are giving his age from 65 to 68. Those matches in age to several men with the last name Dykes, first name Jimmy but no match on his middle name. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or, this man came out of thin air, plopped right down in Mobile area. lol.

  8. Twist says:

    @7, You might want to check court records from the area. Apparantly he was due in court for shooting at a neighbor.

  9. Hondo says:

    The AL hostage situation is not anywhere near Mobile. It’s just north of Midland City, near Dothan, in the SE corner of the state. Mobile is 200 miles or so away to the west.