Jimmy Lee Dykes; the crazed Vietnam vet in Alabama

| January 31, 2013

The media couldn’t stop themselves from telling us that Jimmy Lee Dykes, the guy in the standoff with police down there in Alabama, near rural Midland is a Vietnam veteran. The Southern Poverty Law Center rushed out the news on their Hate Watch blog;

The gunman is identified as Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, a Vietnam veteran. On Tuesday afternoon, Dykes allegedly stormed into a school bus in Midland City, Ala., shooting the bus driver four times with a 9 mm pistol before taking a child to an underground bunker behind his home. The bus driver, identified as 66-year-old Charles Poland Jr., later died.

Some media sources, like Fox News were more cautious in their reporting. Well, I got suspicious and asked Mary to check her database of Vietnam veterans. Her database contains even Vietnam Era veterans who never went to Vietnam and there’s no record of Dykes, so that may be the reason that some sources are downplaying that aspect recently. of course, it will take weeks to get anything back from the National Personnel Records Center and be absolutely sure, but at this point, it looks like the media jumped on this on the word of some neighbors or someone who heard it from Dykes – it’s not like we haven’t seen this type of reportage before like Gary Raub, the homeless gnome (here and here) who everyone just believed that he was a veteran because he said so.

Now, Mary’s database might be wrong, but I’ve never had it be wrong before, so….

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  1. ComancheDoc says:

    the gun made him do it, it trained him while he was in the shit….

  2. FatCircles0311 says:

    If only we had restrictions on magazines limiting them to 3 bullets, the bus drive may have lived!

    SPLC is a great example of a collage of words used to misrepresent their actual deeds. I think conservatives should get on this wagon because it apparently garners legitimacy.

  3. Craig M. says:

    The SPLC is a joke. Just about everyone but them is on their list, and I heard they may be next.

  4. PowerPoint Ranger says:

    SPLC only exists to keep Morris Dees wealthy and flush with cash.

  5. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    There is an article indicating this idiot had already beaten a neighbors dog to death and fired shots at neighbors…how is it that he wasn’t already incarcerated and his weapons confiscated? Why is this yet another example of someone who has a historic pattern of criminal and mentally deficient behavior not in the system, and medicated?

    If we are not willing to address that behavior there is little chance of success addressing other incidents of this nature.

  6. Scouts Out says:

    I haven’t heard anything about dogs, or firing shots, but he did point a handgun at a neighbor last month. He had a court date related to that incident Tuesday morning but his little escapades, which are no doubt a crazed response to that, prevented it.

  7. PintoNag says:

    Nuttier than trail mix. He was “scheduled to appear in court” for shooting at a neighbor? And the cops didn’t land all over him after THAT shooting? And now he’s in a bunker with a kidnapped child. Oh, this is going to end SOOOOO well, isn’t it?

  8. Let us not forget that John Kerry is a confessed crazy Nam vet and he was confirmed as Secretary of… Never mind, doesn’t fit the narrative.

  9. OWB says:

    Yeah, well, there is that.

  10. Just an Old Dog says:

    SPLC is the equivalent of ambulance chasers. They pop up at any instance of racial unrest ( real or fabricated) to make a dime. If there isn’t any they will invent it.

  11. He must be a crazy vet… I recall a dirtbag back in the mid 1980’s. One of the neighbor police departments near where I worked got called to a home many times for a guy who told everybody he had been a Ranger in Nam.
    I covered them on a call and saw the guys DOB…he was 3 years younger than me.

    I told the other cops: “He couldn’t have been in Nam– he’s too young.”
    We later found after he took a police round to the Brain Housing Group, that he’d never even been in the Army.

  12. Common Sense says:

    He’s a survivalist and doomsday prepper too, and we all know those are dangerous crazy people too, you know, having the skills and supplies to survive a disaster.

  13. A Proud Infidel says:

    As soon as the snooze media’s liberal flunkies even THINK that the perp was a Vet, they put it all over the airwaves and blogosphere that he/she/it was such, never mind the truth, the liberal agenda and its propaganda have first priority!!

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    Dykes has been described by his neighbors as “mean, reclusive and fearful of being abducted by aliens.” — WGN News

  15. Twist says:

    @13, The first three things the media looks for when there is a shooting is Veteran, Tea Party ties, or NRA memeber.

  16. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    I saw a couple of articles where they called him a “navy veteran.” I wonder if he will turn out to be a “Vietnam era” veteran.

  17. Hondo says:

    BohicaTwentyTwo: see the last sentence of the article. Mary’s database includes Vietnam-era vets as well as those who served in-country.

    I’m guessing there’s a good chance this guy never served at all, and has been BSing folks on that score for a while.

  18. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I noticed that after I pulled the trigger on this post yesterday, they quit calling him a “Vietnam veteran”.

  19. Amy says:

    Vietnam veterans are traumatized from war. This means they may not handle their finances very well. They may not pay their taxes because they KNOW the goverment owes them.

    They may snap easily during a flashback and mistake things to be a threat that are not actually a threat.

    However, they can come back out of it and back to their regular selves fairly quickly, like switching back and forth.

    So lets be clear, there is nothing in this kidnapping that would suggest trauma from a war.

    However, if he were a Vietnam veteran, they were not put through a treatment program automatically after the war, or offered any help at all, this after many of them were forced to war and had their minds destroyed.

    Monsters are created by other monsters. Don’t forget that.

    I hope this boy makes it home safely. And whoever this guy is, if he’s a Vietnam veteran, this would mean his actions are not all his fault. If he is not a Vietnam veteran, then he would be more responsible. Lets be clear, you do NOT send men to war and NOT put them automatically through a treatment program when they get back and expect them to be OK.

    Although, this may not be a Vietnam veteran. I hope not to see or hear hateful comments towards veterans, only repsonsiblity for not helping them, which falls on all of society.

  20. Prayers Go out to both Jimmy and Eathan, The Media needs to just get out of the away and let the FBI/State Troopers and Parents do their Jobs, The Media has not once said ” if they have running Water for Drinking, a Toilet for Eathen or a bed, or What about Mr. Jimmy’s Family, does he have any children or grandchildren? Who care’s what this guy was or was not, That is not the Point Here,The Point is what does Mr. Jimmy want? Lets give him Obama in exchange for Eathen, Will Obama even step up to the Plate if Mr. Jimmy request him in exchange? The bus driver shielded and protected the children and he took the Bullet to save all the children ? I think this should be what we need to look at, By the way, Obama and the Media has said the “Loner’s are Evil” Judging The “Loner’s”, that is not vary Christian like now is it? I’m Sorry Just because someone is a Loner, don’t hang around Groupies of Humans Beings, The Loner’s just do not Like big crowds, they like their peace and quite,meditation time, Who is to say they are Evil? This dose not make them Evil!!! as Obama quoted nor does it make them all Gun HO, They are simply Humans Being !!! Gun ? Uhmmm Let’s see, anything about a family member with an automatic rifle and he or she passes away and everything is handed to the family members? ummm? the family members did not have to get license or permit to get that automatic rifle, it was passed down through generations after generations, One of them family members decide to walk into a theater and start shooting or more people like in Colorado Theater Shooting, But everyone talking about Sandy Elem School.Why is that? Gov want to use the Elm School Shooting for the reason to ban gun’s, Pointing the finger the other direction in stead of in Colo Theater Shooting, another Loner that needed some help. Can’t get the medical treatments or medications if your going to college or do not have Health Ins nor a Job. Ummmm, I see where that could be a problem. What Do You Think ?

  21. Crazy - Loner 65 says:

    Oh One more note, You let some states have access to selling Weed /Pot Marijuana but no rules how you going to control it from being shipped in and out of different states, you can not control drugs now as it is!! sit there in your fancy offices, and homes, making up thing as you go, whatever the people want to hear, and you do not even think ahead of who will it affect down the line. Like Quote “The Latino’s” Immigration Reform, What about the Other’s that are Not Latinos?, here in USA Illegal and just living off the system, getting food stamps and Medicaid, while husband works for cash money and they are not required to pay federal taxes? but if you really look hard enough into your rules and regulations!(IRS)It states that as long as the “Latino’s are working they are the ( H 2 A ) Group’s (?) you can stay in USA while in that group working as a migrant worker and do not have to pay federal taxes,(?)Really Nice System Uh? and Our Vet’s Who Served Our Country Fought in battles wars after wars and Can not Get a Hot Meal nor Get A Place to Lay there head’s, When they get to the Vet Hosp/clinic, they all are treated like just a number! And People Sit in their nice clean fancy homes, clean clothes a hot shower, got heat or air Cond, and food the goes to waist, They sit and Curse Condemn – Judge Them Vets. They Do Not Deserve to be treated like this. and its not like they want to live like that, it is because they do not make enough to live on and our government will not house them, they, Stop Tearing Down New Buildings and Make Turn Them into Apartments for the Homeless Vets and Serve them 3 meals a day !!! example: My Father went into depression and having flashbacks ect, and sometime he did not know where he was he ran away from home after our mom had passed away with cancer, he just see you kids later was left, he went homeless and he was a Vet, I was looking for him for 10 years,I found him sleeping under a bridge, he makes 700$ in VA a month Not SS yet I think he is 62?, He Has no leg has a wheel chair and cane now. In his eye’s you can see, a glimps of what he use to be, He fought for his country hard and strong in mid 1963′ he had come home and worked long hard hours to keep food on our plates, he had a house nice furniture and a hot meal every night, and he got to take a hot bath every eve, we had a lot of laughter them days, but things went for the worst and it took his toll, I can see it in his eyes like a movie playing through his head, all he wants is a place of his own, he been homeless for 15 years and he does not feel at home here,he hopping around from kid to kid, feels like he being a burden. I often tell him I can build you a house out back and we can be a family once again, but he refuses and moves on. I had went to the VA Clinic and stopped at a near by store bought me a coke and I came out and seen a man in a Wheel Chair across the street he was trying to get through the traffic, to get to the store, I assumed, I looked in my pocket and grabbed some change looked in the car for loose change and grabbed it too.. and I went over to him, and said you going over to that store, he said yes, So I pushed him a crossed the busy road and got him to the store. I gave the change to him, and he looked at me with that same blanket stare, But with a tear rolling down his eyes, he said “Thank You and God Bless You” ! I said you are most welcome and gave him a big smile, no one even bothered to try and stop to help. I still wonder to this day how that fellow is doing and I hope and pray he has a warm bed to lay his head upon. PEACE TO ALL