Michael Joseph Gerold; Phony & Grifter

| January 31, 2013

20071016 Gerold, CPT Michael

Anthony has done all of the hard work on this case of Michael Joseph Gerold, a former California Reserve Army Civil Affairs Captain who, by all accounts should have been awarded some of the medals he wore, but he never went through the process to rectify that – he just pinned them on;

20080909 WineCountryMarinesBall

The Army conducted a 15-6 investigation on Gerold in regards to his violation of article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice – conduct unbecoming an officer. The investigating officer wrote;

Gerold 15-6 awards

The reviewing authority agreed;

Gerold 15-6 legal review

In the meantime, before the 15-6 investigation began, Gerold started American Legion Post 911 in San Francisco which lasted over a year until the American Legion discovered that he was looting their treasury mostly to his own benefit in the Legion organization, so they shut down his post and ran him off.

The City of San Francisco even investigated Gerold for ripping the funds which they donated to the Legion post – and Gerold wouldn’t give up his financial records to anyone, neither the City’s veterans office or the Legion, so you know that stuff wasn’t right.

Among the charges that stuck to him with the American Legion was the fact that he wore a Bronze Star, a Combat Action Badge and a Purple Heart that he wasn’t authorized. Here is his DD214;

Gerold DD214

Tony has started a petition to get Gerold recalled to active duty so the Army can court martial him. I don’t know how he slipped away between the 15-6 and his court martial – maybe some some of you JAG officers know.

Despite the preponderance of evidence against Gerold, he still has some tenacious supporters, and as we’ve witnessed here countless times, that’s pretty common among true sociopaths who are so slick they can convince you that your eyes are lying to you. Luckily, I’m impervious to that stuff – it’s my super power.

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  1. Random Encounters says:

    The man is a pathological liar and a thief, though he plays the victim well. Steer clear of him and any business or person he is associated with! He preys on kind people who don’t know the truth about his past and tries to muddy the water when people do confront him – blaming others for making up stories about him and “attacking him.”

  2. Here’s a link to the Rotary Club of San Jose club bulletin for November 6, 2009. Copy the URL into your browser window if the link doesn’t work.


    Michael Gerold’s falsified background is clearly described on the front page. He claims to have completed Air Assault school, the JFK Special Warfare Center’s Anti Terrorism Course, and nine other JFK Special Warfare Center courses. Read his DD214 above. These courses are not listed anywhere on that form. The investigating officer specifically mentioned there was no evidence Michael completed Air Assault school.

    I have downloaded and saved a copy of this bulletin for my archives. It will come in handy at Michael’s eventual court appointment. Produce your course completion certificates, Michael, or shut up about Special Operations.

  3. Hi Michael says:

    not sure why this review of Intelluce is flagged….seems like a valid review to me


  4. An investor says:

    Here’s a link to a real estate transaction for “Michael J Gerold (Family Trust)” . . .


    Michael, please tell us all why Charles and Adriana (your parents) moved the same properties between multiple family-controlled entities . . .



    If you were really involved in the family real estate business, then you would know the details, wouldn’t you? It sure must be nice to have a family trust with your name on it.

  5. No gifts for Legion Post 911 says:

    Oh great, Michael Gerold’s Legion Post 911 has a Giftly account: http://www.giftly.com/gift-card/american-legion-post-911-san-francisco

    This makes it easy for Post 911 to claim people are giving it “gifts” while they get NOTHING in return. Mick Gerold thus gets more money to spend. This post’s donors need to take a serious look at Mickey Gerold and tell us all what they saw him do with money.

  6. Sounds about right says:

    I’m doing research for a presentation about Stolen Valor and did not expect to come across this page. This dude was my OIC when I was in Afghanistan… that is until he got booted out of the country.
    While I can’t confirm a lot of what has been said here, none of it surprises me.

    Be careful with this one. As several have said he’s smart and manipulative. He’s also a vindictive asshole and holds grudges a long time. This wouldn’t be a problem except for his network of “yes-men” who don’t question him at all.

  7. Hello, “Sounds about right” commenter. I would like to hear more about your experiences in Afghanistan with Michael Gerold. Please contact me at tonyalfidi@msn.com at your convenience. You may have information that will be helpful in Michael’s eventual prosecution.

  8. Seeking truth about Michael Gerold's career says:

    I just re-read the Sierra Vista Herald article from April 29, 2000 on Michael Gerold’s rape charge:


    I looked hard at this one sentence from that article: “Gerold was not only facing federal prison if convicted, he would have lost his license to deal in securities and stocks and would have been labeled a sex offender.”

    It is very simple to determine whether Michael Gerold ever held a securities license. I went to the FINRA BrokerCheck site and typed in his name: http://brokercheck.finra.org

    None of the search results reveal that this particular Michael Gerold ever held any securities licenses. This guy lied to the Sierra Vista Herald about his civilian career.

    Michael also told people in San Francisco that he successfully worked in real estate while he was promoting American Legion Post 911. Here’s the California Bureau of Real Estate website for searching real estate professionals: http://www2.dre.ca.gov/PublicASP/pplinfo.asp

    I searched Michael’s name in that site and he does not appear to have ever held a real estate license in California. He has once again misrepresented his career.

    Michael Gerold cannot give an honest account of his civilian work history. It is just as questionable as his military career.

    • Green Thumb says:

      They rarely can.


    • xyz says:

      i had a securities license and searched for my name but had no record returned, so that should be taken into account.

      beyond that, the army report is pretty incriminating – but gerold is hardly the first, nor will he be the last, to fluff his chest.

      finally, i do agree with barracksjd (was that his moniker?) that it’s a bit of an echo chamber here, and it’s more than a little off-putting that said jd is suspected of being some pro-gerold apologist for expressing an opinion different from this blog’s comment stream.

      i take everything posted here (excepting the military report) with a huge grain of salt – elsewhere on this blog i’ve read some pretty bad insults of the commander-in-chief that have no place in an honest forum. i don’t think it’s all meant to be satirical: my thinks that the commentators here protest a bit too much.

      mind you, i’m not trying to offer a defense of gerold vis-a-vis the military report – the proper authorities have been alerted.

  9. White House petition on Michael Gerold says:

    Does anyone remember the White House petition that was going around last year about this guy? In case anyone forgot, here’s the text of it again.

    (begin text)

    Recall Captain Michael Gerold to active duty for Stolen Valor court-martial

    Michael Joseph Gerold is a former Captain in the US Army Reserve who lives near San Francisco. He wore falsified decorations while on active duty between 2007 and 2009. The US Army Reserve AR 15-6 investigation completed in May 2010 found that he never earned those decorations. USACAPOC has the 15-6 report on file at Ft. Bragg. He obtained a medical retirement in early 2010. This petition requests that President Obama direct the Department of the Army to recall Capt. Gerold from retirement, and that the Army prosecute Capt. Gerold under UCMJ in such a manner as a convening authority for court-martial may direct. Sign this petition if you believe those who dishonor our military veterans with Stolen Valor behavior should be held accountable. http://tonyalfidi.wix.com/roninreport

    (end text)

  10. Michael’s mentor is Jack Climer, another Stolen Valor scammer. Jack did time in prison in Utah. He is now marketing himself as a minister.


    Reap up on Jack’s crimes before you go and engage his religious services: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=29554

    This could give Michael Gerold some fresh ideas for hoodwinking people. Can “Reverend Mick” be far behind? It is really sick to see Stolen Valor liars target veterans who need religious services.

  11. Mick's prison cell says:

    Why isn’t this SOB in prison already for fraud?

  12. The good news is that Gerold’s Legion Post 911 no longer appears on the membership roster for AL District 8 in San Francisco: http://www.calegion.me/report/d-8.pdf

    The bad news is that this fraudulent post still has a website: http://www.legionpost911.org

    Michael and his allies can still deceive people about their intentions as long as they have a Web presence.

  13. Many facts says:

    Maria . . . his wife knows all of this and refuses to believe it. She’s in denial. She will have to explain it all to a jury anyway. Let’s see her explain this: https://www.facebook.com/medfitgirl