Michael Joseph Gerold; Phony & Grifter

| January 31, 2013

20071016 Gerold, CPT Michael

Anthony has done all of the hard work on this case of Michael Joseph Gerold, a former California Reserve Army Civil Affairs Captain who, by all accounts should have been awarded some of the medals he wore, but he never went through the process to rectify that – he just pinned them on;

20080909 WineCountryMarinesBall

The Army conducted a 15-6 investigation on Gerold in regards to his violation of article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice – conduct unbecoming an officer. The investigating officer wrote;

Gerold 15-6 awards

The reviewing authority agreed;

Gerold 15-6 legal review

In the meantime, before the 15-6 investigation began, Gerold started American Legion Post 911 in San Francisco which lasted over a year until the American Legion discovered that he was looting their treasury mostly to his own benefit in the Legion organization, so they shut down his post and ran him off.

The City of San Francisco even investigated Gerold for ripping the funds which they donated to the Legion post – and Gerold wouldn’t give up his financial records to anyone, neither the City’s veterans office or the Legion, so you know that stuff wasn’t right.

Among the charges that stuck to him with the American Legion was the fact that he wore a Bronze Star, a Combat Action Badge and a Purple Heart that he wasn’t authorized. Here is his DD214;

Gerold DD214

Tony has started a petition to get Gerold recalled to active duty so the Army can court martial him. I don’t know how he slipped away between the 15-6 and his court martial – maybe some some of you JAG officers know.

Despite the preponderance of evidence against Gerold, he still has some tenacious supporters, and as we’ve witnessed here countless times, that’s pretty common among true sociopaths who are so slick they can convince you that your eyes are lying to you. Luckily, I’m impervious to that stuff – it’s my super power.

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  1. SGT Kane says:

    I may have met this guy at a Memorial Day service a couple of years ago at Moffit. We were honoring the CAPOC fallen and he was big in shaking the family members hands. Really rubbed me the wrong way.

    But then again, it could have been someone else, and most CA officers rub me the wrong way 🙂

    “I don’t don’t know how he slipped away…”

    Sure you do. The 15-6 was completed and one one looked at how much time he had in, compared that with how much paperwork it would take to burn his as and said “Screw it. The Army doesn’t need another black eye…”

  2. If the charges are good enough, the Army can reach out and bring back anybody…if they want to.
    I’d suggest that they save the money and just kick the guy in the balls really hard and tell him to knock it off.

    15 Dash 6 investigations can be run like a “witch hunt” or be done right. On active duty a Soldier is assumed guilty until proven innocent.

  3. TSO says:

    You are all kinds of determined to get my in a CA Court House aren’t you.
    OK. Sooner or later I need to play my first game as it were.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Oh, TSO–you haven’t lived until you’ve tried a case in front of a jury where half the jurors can’t understand basic English.

    And that’s AFTER voir dire. I should know–got called three years in a row for jury duty in CA, got nabbed twice. I’ve lived in NH seven years and never even gotten a jury summons.

  5. Mr Wolf, non-Esq says:

    Need to buy more Django merchandise first tho….

  6. Former Seal says:

    Im a former seal looking for a free hdtv, can any of you old froggers help a seal
    brother out?

    – LtMj. Sal ” Deaths Trident” Papagalo

  7. Former Seal says:

    also, free cookies, a blanket, and a copy of any old porn yyou have.
    I served in kajagakakastan, formerly islopopavichbad. lol

  8. bcousins says:

    Definitely a fake and scam artist. How do people like that get a commission? That requires a clearance of minimum secret. Anyone know what it means at the bottom of his DD214 where it says MEDEVAC/Medical Retention process IAW 10 USC 12301? Was he MEDEVACed?

  9. Eric says:

    If he was in Civil Affairs in California, then he was under 351st CACOM and they don’t have such a good record in recent years of going after Occifers who commit egregious acts.

    In this case, as was mentioned before “easier to just let him fade away” then to go after him and make him accountable for his actions. But you never know, they might be building something for him.

    Kick in the nuts and public embarrassment sounds much more effective to me too.

  10. Susan says:

    @3 I am a bit busy at the moment – can you guys kind of behave for a few months? Things should ease up a bit in April and then we can do battle in CA or wherever Jonn wants to offend.

  11. Eric says:

    Change that, he’s a PSYOP officer. He might have transferred to a CA unit to which this 15-6 was caused, but I don’t see anything indicating he is a Civil Affairs officer in these pictures or in his DD214.

  12. Andy says:

    can someone tell me if they copy these forms crooked on purpose? or do the civies working at records just dgaf? because it seems like everytime I see some sort of FOIA records they are always cockeyed.

    Oh, the faker, right…..he did it for the poon, look at the blonde, always check the money and the women first.

  13. MAJMike says:

    The blonde looks heavier and bigger than CPT Wonderful, there. Such appetites may be expensive to feed.

  14. Thank you so much for publishing the work my team and I have done on Captain Michael J. Gerold (U.S. Army Reserve, retired). For the record, he was basic branch MI but later served in PSYOPS. He was allowed to retire for medical reasons just before the 15-6 was completed. More details here:

  15. Anonymous says:

    @14, Mr. Alfidi, thank you and your team for your thorough and dogged efforts in exposing this.

  16. Dirt Dart says:

    retard here is wearing the leg version of the Dutch Wings- moron.

  17. Lucky says:

    As the resident lurking Civil Affairs guy…. WHAT THE ABSOLUTE MONKEY FUCK?!?!? Seriously, this happens a lot with us, and it took this long to finally prosecute one who wasn’t enlisted. They prosecute to the fullest extent out junior enlisted CA people for lesser issues and the officer corps gets away with murder and embezzlement

  18. Dirt Dart @16, thanks for the detail on that decoration. I had always wondered if those foreign jump wings were legit, so perhaps now he can explain the basis for one more questionable decoration.

  19. Cajun says:

    @17, your field-grades are all fat too

  20. Here are some more tidbits. Michael is a frequent Yelp user.
    Note that he reviews many high-end venues in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

    Check out his LinkedIn profile.

    I’d like to know what he does to earn income, and what he did with the money he raised from many donors.

  21. streetsweeper says:

    Anthony, It can be a long process but here goes. You should be able to FOIA the charities and or charitable work he is doing or has done through the CA Attorney General’s office charities resources. Review the entire page at that link, it is very useful for getting you started

    To check on the business status of any charities operating in your state, go to the CA Secretary of State. Click on “Business Entities”, scroll down to the link for “Service Options”.

    Also, scroll down to the link for California Corporations Code to familiarize yourself with relevant state code which are much like the vehicle code, if that helps. Anything you might need help with, feel free to leave a comment here or contact me “streetsweeper95b” at gmail.com.

  22. Hondo says:

    Yep, nothing says “combat badass” like frequenting high-end sushi bars in Vegas and West Hollywood.

    For what it’s worth: the redacted 15-6 can be found here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0f4HwJ6J5oTT0gtVmhCYlNSU1E/edit

    That link is on Anthony’s site, but putting it here explicitly makes it easier for folks reading TAH to find. Hope my posting the link here is OK, Anthony (smile)

  23. SGT Kane says:

    Thats why I think I know him. He’s was PSYOP (well he’s not worthy of that title, MISO is far more fitting for him). Let’s see, 2010 was a pretty rough year for the 14th Psychological Operations Battalion. We had a couple of companies deployed to Iraq, and things weren’t going well at all. We’d had 1sg’s relieved for cause at RTC in train up for the deployment. We had company commanders getting letters of repramand put in their files. Senior NCO’s were caught inflating their rank and history and the battalion commander was releived about midway through the deployment.

    Now granted had this been World War II odds are, the battalion commander wouldn’t have been relieved. He was a soliders commander, tower of power type (honestly earned), and lived a little too large for the PC enviroment we operate in today. But that doesn’t change the fact that things were pretty messed up and CAPOC was cleaning us up with a big fucking broom.

    It also goes a long way to explaining how this guy slipped through. There was just so much going on, so many 15-6’s that it was easier to just to let him get out.

    Which doesn’t make it right. I hope they do bring him back and fry his ass.

    Are 15-6’s covered under the FOIA? How do you go about requesting them?

  24. Beretverde says:

    Fucking leg.

  25. Beretverde says:

    Meant to say that at least he isn’t an e’ffing leg. Eff the poser delux.

  26. SIGO says:

    Is he still in the Reserves? He doesn’t need to be called to Active Duty to be court-martialed.

  27. Hondo says:

    SIGO: in the actual 15-6, more of the DD214 is shown. It indicates he’s retired.

    SGT Kane: I’m pretty sure you request a copy through the organization/command that did the FOIA (or through their parent command, if they’re small). You’ll need to have enough info to specifically identify the 15-6 in question – e.g., the specific individual being investigated and/or the investigation date/number.

    I haven’t yet gone through the process of requesting an 15-6 ROI via FOIA. However, my impression is that it can indeed take a while. You might also get charged a substantial reproduction fee if it’s a voluminous report. And some parts may well be withheld or heavily redacted – the FOIA allows both under the correct circumstances. Not sure if they can withhold the entire ROI, but that may also be possible under select circumstances.

  28. OWB says:

    Is this the same unit, or related to it, that we looked at an attorney gal a year or so ago who was claiming misleading stuff on her civilian website? She was from the same area of CA, iirc.

    (Just asking in case anyone remembers it easily. Not sure even where to start looking for it.)

  29. Fritz says:

    @28 OWB- Kelly Murphy Gamble was 445th CA


    SSG Larry Marquez (16 yr old in Cambodia) was 425th CA


  30. KP32 says:

    @28 OWB- This site is not accepting links from me, however, do a search on Kelly Murphy Gamble 445th CA and SSG Larry Marquez, 425th CA

  31. Hondo says:

    I believe that’s this article, OWB: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=26652

    Can’t really tell from the info available if both were in the same unit, OWB – but that would be my guess. Quick research indicates the only Army Civil Affairs (CA) units in the Bay Area seem to be the 445th CA Bn (Mountain View) and the 351st CA Command’s HQ (also at Mountain View). 445th CA Bn is a subordinate unit under the 351st CA Cmd.

  32. martinjmpr says:

    My question would be about the issue of him not being “awarded” a USASOC combat patch.

    For those not in the Army, the issue of the “combat patch” (offficial term is “Former Wartime Service Shoulder Sleeve Insignia” or FWTS-SSI for short) is a contentious issue that one could write paragraphs about, but the cliff’s notes version is this: Everybody in the Army wears a patch on their left sleeve to indicate their current unit of assignment, and those who have been assigned to designated combat zones wear the shoulder sleeve insignia of the unit they were in the combat zone with on their right shoulder for the rest of their career.

    I believe the tradition started after WW1 but in any case, the requirements have always been somewhat murky – there are no “orders” that I am aware of like there are for other awards, only guidelines written in the regulations but even those are as clear as mud on some issues. (For example, are National Guardsmen who are deployed with their units entitled to wear their National Guard patch as their combat patch? In most cases the answer is “no” but it really depends on what kind of unit they deployed with, whether the individual members were assigned to other units or the unit was deployed as a whole, the organization to which they were assigned or attached, etc.)

    The criteria for combat patches isn’t even consistent – for example, combat patches were authorized for those who deployed to Kuwait in 1994 during the “show of force” against Saddam, who had rushed a bunch of troops to the Iraq/Kuwait border, even though no “combat” took place and no shots were fired. OTOH, those of us who deployed to Haiti at the same time for Operation Uphold Democracy did not qualify for combat patches even though there were at least a couple of skirmishes with Haitian military/police forces and at least one US Soldier was KIA (SFC Greg Cardott, 3rd SF Group, KIA 12 Jan 1995 in Gonaives.)

    After I returned from Afghanistan with the 5/19th SFG I wore the electric butterknife (SF patch) on my right sleeve even though no “orders” were ever cut. I figured my DD-214 showing Afghanistan service and assignment to 5/19th was all I needed.

    When my (WY) NG unit deployed to Kuwait in 2004 for OIF, about halfway through our deployment we held a cheesy “Patching” ceremony where everyone was issued a computer-printed certificate ‘authorizing’ the brigade’s combat patch. But I don’t think any of us ever considered that to be anything other than what it was – a meaningless gesture by our command and one that had no “official” consequence either way (although it seemed like everybody rushed over to the post tailor shop to get their combat patches sewed on as soon as they could.)

    The issue of the combat patch is that with no official “orders” that I am aware of, it can be unclear which patch a soldier is allowed to wear. For example, if a soldier who is assigned to the 4th Pysops Group (4th POG) is assigned to an SF Group HQs, does he wear the 4th POG patch, or the SF patch? If he is assigned to the 160th SOAR (who wear the USASOC patch) does he wear 4th POG or USASOC?

    This guy was in Afghanistan, so he’s entitled to wear something on his right sleeve, even if all he did was put cover sheets on the TPS reports at Bagram Airfield.

  33. Hondo says:

    martinjmpr: rules for wearing the combat patch (formally the Shoulder Sleeve Insignia – Former Wartime Service, or SSI-FWTS) are defined in ALARACT MESSAGE 055-2007. From the ALARACT (all caps and typos in original):


    If this guy was formally (a) attached to, (b) cross-leveled to, or (c) augmenting an SF Group while deployed, he’d rate their combat patch. If he deployed as a part of a his CA unit, he would wear the CA patch. The guy f-ed up, but without a whole lot of more info I’m not ready to hammer him on that issue.

  34. Dirt Dart says:

    @ 20 Anthony Alfidi –
    Dutch wings are placed with a gold star on the bottom of the canopy for Senior Parachutist- IE for Paratroopers on jump status durring awarding.

    IRA Green has them in their inventory- And i take them all my forigen wings that they do not have in their inventory. I’ve had the privilage of Dutch wings and jumped with them in Market Garden for the last 2 years – so stick it to this clown!

  35. martinjmpr says:

    @34: FWIW I retired at the end of 2005, so my knowledge is somewhat dated. Seems like the Army tried to clear up some of the confusion in 2007 but did they ever start to issue orders?

    The message you quoted leads me to believe that members of a State NG unit would indeed wear their state patch as their combat patch, which is different from when I was in. Ditto for Reservists who presumably would now wear their Reserve Command’s SSI as their combat patch.

    Formal orders would clear up the matter, and if not, the only way you’d know which patch someone was authorized would be to look at the record of assignments on their 2-1.

  36. SIGO says:

    @Hondo: Isn’t it odd that they are investigating a retiree? Seems out of their purview.

  37. Hondo says:

    martinjmpr: no on the orders part as far as I can tell. I certainly never received any. Did get a rather cheesy cert and a memo from my unit that the 1 ended up submitting into iPERMS, though. (HQ was giving the certs out at 30 days and ignoring the “no time in theater requirement” part of the ALARACT. Thankfully I was forward and didn’t have to worry about playing those piddling games.) Like most other service/campaign medals, I’d guess they’re awarded administratively w/o orders based on a review of documentation in your records that shows you qualify.

    Regarding a ARNG or USAR soldier – the patch depends on whether they deployed as a member of a unit of Co size or larger, as a smaller element supporting a deployed unit, or were formally attached/augmenting/OPCON. In some cases, they’d wear their own patch. In others, they’d wear the patch of the unit to which they were attached/augmenting/OPCON. In a few corner cases, they’d wear the patch of the senior army element in-theater.

    We had a few folks who wanted desperately to wear someone else’s patch. I guess they thought it made them look more “hooah”. But by the reg, they were required to wear our unit’s.

  38. Hondo says:

    SIGO: yes it is. However, per the log at the end of the 15-6 summary Anthony posted, it appears that the 15-6 was initiated before he was medically retired.

    I’d have to check 15-6, but I don’t think anything in there that prohibits investigation of a departed member of a unit if there’s evidence of potential wrongdoing by that individual.

  39. OWB says:

    Thanks, guys, for the assist. It was Kelly Gamble that I was thinking of, and then only because it might fit with a pattern of something within the unit. Whether that might be simply some sort of sloppiness or something more sinister – I dunno.

    Some years back, we discovered a systemic sloppiness within several CA ANG units. Not sure if any criminal charges were ever filed, but it was very serious at the time with potential statewide implications within the National Guard. Units were shut down. We inherited some of the aircraft, and they were horrendously maintained.

    Not that it matters, really, but was pondering if this might be some of the fallout from that era. Probably not – likely just the usual scumbag who needed no cooperation from higher.

  40. SIGO says:

    Anyone can terminate the 15-6 at any time. Someone just decided to follow through. It’s all a moot point. Army screwed up. They should have held his medical retirement.

  41. SIGO says:

    Martin, case in point, my units patch was not deployable. We were task organized under a State headquarters. We wore the unit patch of our cognizant higher hq that was deployable.

  42. Green Thumb says:


  43. beretverde says:

    @33…Electric Butterknife? Were you S qualed?

  44. Hondo says:

    SIGO: yep. This guy should have been flagged when the 15-6 was initiated. Someone in the CA ARNG fornicated Fido on that count.

  45. George X. Pulikkathara says:

    Special thanks to LTC Anthony Alfidi and his task force for getting the truth on Gerold out here. I had forgotten about Gerold for a while until I saw this on the http://www.thisainthell.us website.

    I’ve served with this clown in Afghanistan for a short while. He’s former CPT Michael J. Gerold. I served with him in the 315th PSYOP Company as a fellow detachment Commander during our deployment to Afghanistan. At one point when I first met him at JRTC (November 2005), Gerold told me he was an US Army Infantry officer, and an investment banker in the civilian world. Then he told me he did marketing for his civilian job. He’s not an infantry officer, and he’s not an investment banker. I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of his mouth anymore.

    I was a 1LT serving in a Captain’s role as a Detachment Commander. I was deployed to Afghanistan with the 315th PSYOP Company, and served from February 22, 2006 to April 5, 2007, OPCON to Task Force Spartan, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team /10th Mountain, in RC-East, Eastern Afghanistan, FOB Salerno, Khost Province.

    Gerold was in Afghanistan with us for a few months, before he was to be relieved of command for dereliction of his duty as a detachment Commander by the PSYOP Task Force Battalion Commander and our PSYOP Company Commander. Gerold claimed medical issues so he was placed on medical hold and sent to Germany. He WAS NOT medevac’d. Turns out that there no injuries sustained by him while he was in Afghanistan, and he was claiming a prior injury to get VA benefits illegally. The rest of us served the full year. My detachment was with the division main effort in Khost Province in RC-East with Task Force Spartan, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team /10th Mountain. My detachment and I were responsible for 27,700 square miles of battle space adjacent to 560 miles of Pakistan border.

    Some of our officers, including me, and a few of our enlisted Soldiers on that deployment, have had a few run-ins with Gerold as well. He does not represent the entire Army officer corps, just for the record. Every day, our service men and women try to do the right thing. I’ve witnessed a lot of our Soldiers’ selfless service in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and it’s very humbling. A lot of what our Soldiers do goes unnoticed and unrewarded. My brother, CPT Romeo Pulikkathara, has done 5 tours of duty in a combat zone. CPT Romeo Pulikkathara has done a great job and served his country selflessly, but has yet to get the recognition he deserves, and he doesn’t care. I know a lot of Soldiers like my brother during that last tour of duty in Afghanistan. They deserved to be recognized for a CAB, and some for a Bronze Star Medal, but were downgraded or turned down by the command for various reasons. There is no shame in this. Gerold somehow decided unilaterally that he was going to just wear a Bronze Star Medal and a Purple Heart Medal, and lie about it for his own personal gain. I’m not sure where Gerold or his co-conspirators think where they get that authority to do so.
    In June 2009, while on my second combat tour in Mosul, Iraq I was approached by a fellow officer who told me that there were photos on a blog site, of a CPT Gerold wearing a Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, and a Combat Action Badge while in Class A uniforms and in his US Army evening mess uniform. At the time I was a Captain, serving as a PSYOP Detachment Commander for TPD 1280, with 3/1 CAV at FOB Marez, in Mosul, Iraq. I was pretty busy with conducting operations on the ground, and didn’t really have time for this, but I went to the blog site and was very surprised with what I saw. As a detachment commander on the previous rotation, was kept very well informed by the 12th PSYOP Battalion Commander, my NCOIC, as well as 315th Company HQ on what was the situation with Gerold. At that time I kept quiet, as I wanted to focus on my mission and my Soldiers.

    This time around, I had to respond on the blog, because this was a clear violation of US Army regulations, and because I knew of the character of Gerold’s service in Afghanistan, I knew that those awards were potentially false. I didn’t go looking for trouble, but I wasn’t going to step out of its way either.

    A few days later, Gerold responded to my comments on the blog post informing me that he had all the documentation for these awards, that he is more than happy to show them to me, and that he won’t sue me if post a retraction. He never showed me the documentation for wearing fraudulent awards, because he didn’t have them. That was in July 2009. If you read the full 15-6, you’ll see where they lied and said that Gerold stopped wearing the awards in January 2009, which conflicts what he emailed me in July 2009, saying that he has the full documentation for the Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart Medal. I have those emails saved for a rainy day.

    A few days later, Gerold’s fellow co-conspirator and side kick in the American Legion Post 911, Sergeant First Class (SFC) Teo Seeger, also emailed me and told me that Gerold has this documentation, and that if I didn’t back off, they would “destroy” and “slander” my reputation. I have all these emails saved as well. I’d don’t know where SFC Seeger thinks he gets the authority to threaten a Captain, but I was deployed to Mosul, Iraq and he was living large in San Francisco, California, so he probably felt safe doing so. I responded and told him that I wasn’t backing off and that Gerold need to produce that documentation now. I didn’t back off, and since then I’ve been defamed by SFC Teo Seeger and SFC Jana Cambria. I’ve saved those email and blog correspondences from both NCOS.

    The AR 15-6 investigation on CPT Michael J. Gerold potentially wearing falsified awards to include a Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, and a Combat Action Badge was completed by 7th PSYOP Group in May, 2010. Gerold has confessed as much to the FBI and to the US Army when they finally officially questioned him. However, Gerold told them that he stopped wearing them when he found out in January 2009, which is a lie as he emailed me in July 2009, telling me that he has all the documentation for his Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart Medal I have all this documentation saved, backed up and waiting.

    The US Army found that CPT Michael Gerold absolutely DID NOT earn a Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, or a Combat Action Badge, and that he knowingly falsified claims that he had earned them and lied to others about this in order to achieve personal gain for his political aspirations. They recommended bring Gerold up on charges and full prosecution. Visit http://www.michaelgerold.com for more details on Michael Gerold’s political aspirations.

    If CPT Gerold has simply told everyone the truth about the situation at the very beginning, the US Army, the American Legion, and I would have tried to help him do the right thing. Michael J. Gerold is not interested in doing the right thing. He has no problems with stolen valor, embezzling funds, or doing immoral things for his own benefit. He is not a moral man, and I openly question the judgment and intentions and those who choose to willingly associate with Gerold. Gerold is a liar, a cheat, and a con-man. I want nothing to with him, and I’ve told him on more than two occasions, to stay away from my Soldiers.

    The decision to press charges rests with the US Army and the FBI. If the Army is to press charges, I’m told that the Secretary of the Army has to approve bringing Gerold back onto military, before they can prosecute him. LTC Alfidi, has created a White House petition to ask the Obama Administration to recall Michael Gerold to active duty for court-martial:

    Please sign it, so we can bring Gerold to justice, have him serve his jail time and we can finally put this to rest.

    If anyone wished to contact me about CPT Gerold, I’m happy to discuss. I can be reached at georgeo.pulikkathara@us.army.mil. I’ve confirmed with 7th PSYOP Group the results of the investigation and it is officially on file with the US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (USACAPOC). If anyone wishes to get more information on the AR 15-6 investigation, or to confirm my statements made in this blog, you can submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA ) request, or you can simply ask Michael Gerold directly to his face.

    Very Respectfully,
    Georgeo X. Pulikkathara
    Major, US Army Reserves
    361st Psychological Operations Company

  46. so it seems we have 2 peas in a pod.

    1 thats doing time:


    And look who the one thats doing time has done business with


    You can only avoid the law for so long and from the looks of it Michael Gerold has been dodging the law for a long time:


    Remember Michael…the internet is written in pen not pencil

  47. Indeed, Jack Climer and Michael Gerold are business partners in American Veterans Laboratory Network. Neither of them have professional experience in employee drug screening so I cannot understand the purpose of that business. Perhaps Jack can explain things once he’s out of jail.

    I noticed these two URL’s point to the same site:

    Michael is trying to re-brand himself as something other than a Stolen Valor liar.

  48. Oh look, it’s Michael Gerold’s “We Do For The Troops” front organization again:


    Actually, the URL points to the same self-promoting blog as http://www.lisagerold.com. I want Michael to explain in court why he created a separate front organization to mask the donations he solicited on behalf of American Legion Post 911.

  49. I would also like to note these publicly available court records confirming Michael’s unwilligness to pay his bills.

    Go to this link: http://www.sfsuperiorcourt.org
    Click on “Online Services” at the top.
    Click on “Name Search Query.”
    Type in “Gerold.” Click the FIND button.
    The Case Name Search results page shows a link for “Gerold, Michael.” Click it.
    Click case link CGC-10-500824.

    Chase Bank won a $6,542.87 judgment against Michael Gerold for unpaid credit card bills. I want to find other examples of Michael’s frauds against creditors.