Michael Joseph Gerold; Phony & Grifter

| January 31, 2013

20071016 Gerold, CPT Michael

Anthony has done all of the hard work on this case of Michael Joseph Gerold, a former California Reserve Army Civil Affairs Captain who, by all accounts should have been awarded some of the medals he wore, but he never went through the process to rectify that – he just pinned them on;

20080909 WineCountryMarinesBall

The Army conducted a 15-6 investigation on Gerold in regards to his violation of article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice – conduct unbecoming an officer. The investigating officer wrote;

Gerold 15-6 awards

The reviewing authority agreed;

Gerold 15-6 legal review

In the meantime, before the 15-6 investigation began, Gerold started American Legion Post 911 in San Francisco which lasted over a year until the American Legion discovered that he was looting their treasury mostly to his own benefit in the Legion organization, so they shut down his post and ran him off.

The City of San Francisco even investigated Gerold for ripping the funds which they donated to the Legion post – and Gerold wouldn’t give up his financial records to anyone, neither the City’s veterans office or the Legion, so you know that stuff wasn’t right.

Among the charges that stuck to him with the American Legion was the fact that he wore a Bronze Star, a Combat Action Badge and a Purple Heart that he wasn’t authorized. Here is his DD214;

Gerold DD214

Tony has started a petition to get Gerold recalled to active duty so the Army can court martial him. I don’t know how he slipped away between the 15-6 and his court martial – maybe some some of you JAG officers know.

Despite the preponderance of evidence against Gerold, he still has some tenacious supporters, and as we’ve witnessed here countless times, that’s pretty common among true sociopaths who are so slick they can convince you that your eyes are lying to you. Luckily, I’m impervious to that stuff – it’s my super power.

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  1. Green Thumb says:

    Loose stool this man is…

  2. Barracks Lawyer says:

    I’ll admit that I came across all of this purely by accident after browsing the page proper, but a lot of this information seems a bit spurious. I’m a lawyer and I served in the Army JAG Corps, so a lot of these issues appear to be conflated and overblown.

    A quick google search shows the same people saying the same thing again and again, kind of like an internet echo-chamber.

    Finally, from a perspective of my former JAG position: nobody is going to call someone back to the service to be prosecuted for being a “PX Ranger.” That was rarely prosecuted with regard to active soldiers. Besides, you all realize the Stolen Valor Act was overturned.

    May I suggest something? Focus on improving the future and benefiting those who currently serve or seek to. When you focus so heavily on one person that was “not prosecuted” (although by your own admission he was, though for a different issue), you look a little silly and vindictive/malicious. Those last two things are both childish and dangerous.

  3. Barracks Lawyer, the evidence presented in the 15-6 clearly shows that Captain Michael Gerold wore falsified decorations and lied about it for personal gain. That is prosecuted all the time in the active component. I reject your assertion that the concerns of honorable veterans who object to Stolen Valor are somehow silly, vindictive, malicious, childish, and dangerous.

    The only person in this case who is childish and dangerous is Michael Gerold for his continued lies and misconduct. Bringing him to justice in a court of law will definitely “improve and benefit those serve” because they won’t be ripped off by any more of his scams.

    Barracks Lawyer, why don’t you post using your real identity and contact information, as I have done? Are you really Michael Gerold or one of his brainwashed accomplices? If you’d like to sue me for slander, please send all legal correspondence to my address below.

    Anthony J. Alfidi
    335 Buckingham Way #903
    San Francisco, CA 94132
    Home: (415) 759-1937
    Cell: (415) 317-9005
    Email: tonyalfidi@msn.com

    See you in court, Michael.

  4. Hondo says:

    SVA would not apply, “Barracks Lawyer”. It’s irrelevant to Gerold’s case.

    The misconduct predates his discharge, so it’s a crime under the UCMJ vice the SVA. I believe that Article 134 is typically the one under which folks found to be wearing unauthorized decorations end up being prosecuted. He’d also potentially be in violation of Article 92 as well. If he made false statements in support of same, he could also be in trouble under Article 107.

    You may or may not be correct regarding the Army’s willingness to bring him back on active duty to try him. But it’s eminently within the Army’s authority to do so in cases where the misconduct in question predates the individual’s release from active or reserve status and the offense has no civilian equivalent. This is precisely such a case.

    I’m frankly surprised that a “former JAG” would make such an assertion as you did above.

  5. George X. Pulikkathara says:

    Agree with Hondo. I’m also surprised by a former JAG making that statement.

    “Barracks Lawyer”, sure you’re not really Michael Gerold or Teo Seeger, or Erin D. Harris or one of his other cronies trying to muddy the water?

  6. Green Thumb says:


  7. Here’s another public record on Michael Gerold from the court system.


    If that link doesn’t work, go to the website for the Superior Court of California for Contra Costa County. Find the record for case WS12-0270. Michael’s mother Adriana Gerold pursued an unlawful detainer action against him in 2012.

    Michael, I’d like to know why your mother filed this case against you. I’m especially curious given your public claims to be a successful real estate investor. Be sure you check with “Barracks Lawyer” for top-notch legal advice before you answer. *smirk*

    BTW, how was today’s San Francisco Prayer Breakfast at the City Club? http://sfpb.eventbrite.com I had to miss it due to a previous commitment but I’d love to know what you’ve told your fellow Christian supporters about your Stolen Valor fraud.

  8. George X. Pulikkathara says:

    Michael Gerold is no Christian. He’s pretending to be one so he can manipulate them and take advantage of their generosity.

  9. George X. Pulikkathara says:

    FYI – My email address, georgeo.pulikkathara@us.army.mil has been migrated over to georgeo.x.pulikkathara.mil@mail.mil. You can reach me there or georgeop@outlook.com, or my cell at (425) 749-2878.

    Please help us bring Gerold to justice.

    Very Respectfully,

    Georgeo X. Pulikkathara
    Major, US Army Reserves
    361st Psychological Operations Company

  10. I’ve been tracking the posts at Michael’s new site http://www.wedoforthetroops.com with amusement. Michael and whoever still believes his lies are posting old news articles about his founding of American Legion Post 911 before he was exposed as a Stolen Valor fraud. There’s even a link to Post 911’s Yelp review, but if you click on the “Filtered” link at the bottom of Yelp’s page and get past the CAPTCHA verification you’ll see the review I wrote that Michael’s allies tried to have removed. Michael has been a long-time Yelper, so perhaps he can explain how my factual review got flagged while his friends’ baloney positive reviews are visible.

    The real truth about American Legion Post 911’s lack of accomplishment is told in its membership statistics. Go to the American Legion’s Department of California site, find the Membership link, and click the latest report for District 8: http://www.calegion.org/report/d-8.pdf

    You’ll see that American Legion Post 911 has one of the lowest member totals in District 8 for San Francisco. Their claims of hundreds of members in 2008-2010 were totally fraudulent.

    Get your attorney, Michael. Sue me so you can go on record in court with your claims. Produce the names and contact information for the veterans you claim to have helped through Legion Post 911. I’m certain they are non-existent.

  11. Ed Perry says:

    Ass wipe poser. He wouldn’t make a pimple on a GOOD officer’s ass

  12. anonymous says:

    Gerold, Michael michaelgerold@gmail.com
    WeDofortheTroops & Legion Post 911
    3527 Mt Diablo Blvd
    Lafayette, CA 94549
    United States

  13. The liars behind American Legion Post 911 are trying to re-launch the Post, as seen in the latest version of the Post’s website:

    The front page states “Eighty four percent of Post 911?s membership is under 27 years old,” which I find laughable because they only have fifteen paid members as of March 14, 2013. It is my understanding that the Legion auxiliary for Post 911 was shut down some time ago, so the website’s statements about what their non-existent Auxiliary is doing are false.

    Post 911’s website also claims they are “non-partisan and non-denominational, not-for-profit veterans service organization.” That is total baloney. Michael Gerold and his allies such as Matthew Shea and Erin K. Harris-O’Loughlin used Legion Post 911 gratuitously in a partisan effort to build credibility among local conservative organizations such as the San Francisco Republican Assembly and Nob Hill Republican Women’s Club. I have documentation mentioning Post 911’s involvement from each of those groups. Michael Gerold and his allies duped those groups to raise money.

    For the record, I lean conservative in my own political orientation and have many friends and contacts in organizations aligned with the Republican Party. It is shameful to see Michael Gerold and his gang abuse the trust of honest conservatives who wanted to help veterans.

    I sincerely hope that appropriate law enforcement agencies have taken note of the names of the people supporting Michael Gerold and his fraudulent Legion Post 911. I have made myself available to relevant parties who continue to inquire about this Post’s misconduct, malfeasance, and fraud.

  14. I’d like to ask Michael Gerold what these websites are going to do once they’re launched:


    They’re connected to one “Michael Gerold” according to their Whois lookups:


    I’ve also wondered what Intelluce Direct Inc. is all about:


    I’m really intrigued now. I can’t wait to see what happens next. My goodness, I thought Michael was quite busy with We Do For The Troops, Ronin Systems, and American Veterans Laboratory Network. If any of you need some great ideas on how a real web-based business should look, feel free to check out my own business website.

  15. martinjmpr says:

    @44: Beretverde: Just came back to this thread after a few months and realized you asked me a question, was I “S” qualed. Yes, although if you are asking whether I was SF qual’d the answer is No.

    For those not familiar with Army Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs), the SQI is a single letter identifier that identifies a special skill, and is the 4th place in an MOS designation. For example, an Infantryman would be 11B, at skill level 3 (Staff Sergeant, E-6), the MOS would be 11B3O and if the soldier was Airborne qualified, the MOS would be 11B3P (P for Parachutist.)

    Before ~1985, when SF became its own branch (18 series Career Management Field) the Skills Qualification Identifier (SQI) of “S” was used to denote SF qualification. After the 18-series CMF was created there was no need for an S identifier as all people previously holding an S were convered to an 18-series MOS. For example, the Staff Sergeant demo/engineer expert went from being an 11B3S to 18C30.

    Anyway, in about 1993, the Army reinstated the S identifier for support personnel. The idea was to allow soldiers with experience in USASOC units to stay with USASOC by adding the S identifier. The requirements were something like 24 consecutive months with a USASOC unit or 2 deployments or exercises. You also had to be airborne qualified. Soldiers would make an individual application on a 4187 through their Chain of Command and I think the approving authority was the first O6 level (Group HQ for me.) I was in the MI Detachment of 3/3 SFG at Bragg when this policy went into effect.

    So, to answer your short question in a very long way, yes, I was a 96B3S when I was in Afghanistan in 2003. I was subsequently promoted to E-7 with a WYARNG Artillery Brigade HQ battery and since they didn’t know what an S identifier was, I think they put my MOS as 96B40. At that point I was less than two years from retirement so it really didn’t matter to me.

  16. 11M says:

    I lost it when he plfed out the bathroom window…..my god…hahahahha

  17. Airborne says:

    Who was the PSYOP Bn Commander that got relieved? Wasn’t he AGR with an eye for the ladies and a propencity for wearing awards he didn’t earn either?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mickey posted a photo on June 10, 2013 . . . or was it 2006?


    Who took the pic? Was this during your rogue CAB-hunting mission while you abandoned the Det.? Let’s hear from the SF Group surgeon.

  19. marine86wm says:

    @67 that was me sorry

  20. marine86wm says:

    Ok wrong post it’s lte

  21. Capt. Michael Gerold is not a wounded warrior. He was never wounded in Afghanistan. Not a single projectile ever pierced that man’s body.

    This guy was going around San Francisco for years claiming he couldn’t rotate one of his arms but the SFGate article shows him skydiving with arms fully extended. LIAR!

  22. I’m speaking out as a former member of Legion Post 911. These people have been connected to Michael Gerold and American Legion Post 911 since 2007.

    Jack Climer (convict)
    Lisa Knopf (now Lisa Gerold)
    Yon-Teo Seeger
    Matthew Shea
    Charity Castaneda (aka Carita Ronin)
    Steven Roesler
    Debra Roesler
    William Hyde Jr.
    William Hyde Sr.
    Erin Harris O’Loughlin (claimed former CIA/FBI agent)
    Richard O’Loughlin
    Barry Bradley (USMC)

    These two went to AYSO with Michael Gerold and Matt Shea:
    Claudia Cardenas and Jessica Toucoo

    Ask all of these people what Michael did with donations.

  23. I should have said “since at least 2007,” because some of them apparently met him after that year.

  24. Very nice blog post. I certainly appreciate this site. Keep it up!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I just sat and read this entire thread and decided to do a little research on this guy. Here’s what I’ve found in just 30 minutes with basic Google queries.

    Anthony mentioned a company named “Intelluce.” If you google his name and Intelluce, a few things pop up. Firstly, this: http://www.bizapedia.com/nv/INTELLUCE-DIRECT-INC.html
    – He appears to be registered in Nevada (Carson City)

    – Trademark application for Intelluce, which lists a Las Vegas address. This also mentions that he intends to sell “durable medical equipment to buyers.” Who will be the buyers?

    Another Google return shows him being mentioned on the “Buy Veterans” Facebook page. Go to (https://www.facebook.com/BuyVeteran) and scroll down a bit, or search for “Intelluce.”
    – His Buy Veteran site is linked to this: http://www.buyveteran.com/Profile.aspx?c=70797d1e-9dab-4d28-9480-28ac5d1a505f
    – His email address is michael@intelluce.com

    Following the link on his Buy Veteran page (link above), it shows http://www.intelluce.com as his website. Right on the front, it shows his company as being a “Small Disabled Veteran Owned Business.” This led me to Google it, and I found this: http://www.sba.gov/sdvosb
    – It looks like you get this certification if you want to sell to the “Federal contracting officers.” Is this guy trying to rip off the government again??
    – His website also states that Intelluce has been certified by “U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Center for Veterans Enterprise.” After reading this blog, I wonder if these people know what he has done in the past, and is likely to do in the future?
    – Apparently the business IS in Nevada. Has he moved? That’s probably a big question, particularly for tax purposes, I would think. Post #62 listed his address as still being in CA (Lafayette). That could be another scam.
    800 Shadow Lane
    Las Vegas, NV 89169
    Tel: (855) 983-4254
    Fax: (702) 993-4000

    I searched the CA secretary of state database for businesses, just to be sure. It showed “Nevada Jurisdiction,” but also some other interesting bits of info.
    – Go to: http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/ and search for “Intelluce” This appears to be his new project, but it is registered in somebody else’s name. It appears to be an attorney, since the registration address matches an address given for his name after a quick Google search (www.manta.com/c/mmpx47r/john-granucci-law-offices?)

    I’m going to stop here, but I’m sure I’ll get bored and start looking around again soon.

  26. Great work in comment #76, Anonymous. I was just running through the same discovery process on Intelluce Direct, Inc.: http://www.intelluce.com

    I called both phone numbers I could find for this business and got automated answering services both times. I called during daylight hours today. You’d think someone would be covering the phones live if this were an active business. BTW, the business name seems to have an Italian pronunciation, “in-tell-OOH-chay.” Man, that sure sounds like a pasta ingredient.

    My cell phone is still (415) 317-9005 and I answer it both day and night. 🙂

  27. Green Thumb says:


    “I called both phone numbers I could find for this business and got automated answering services both times. I called during daylight hours today. You’d think someone would be covering the phones live if this were an active business”

    That is how Phildo runs APL.

  28. mickeys no friend o'mine says:

    One would think that Michael would use an Egyptian pronunciation, his true heritage, not Italian. Maybe its left over from his days posting on yelp as mickey ronin the debonair southern italian.


  29. Anonymous says:

    The current commander of American Legion Post 911 is Yon-Teo Seeger, longtime friend and supporter of Michael Gerold. He is also involved with Intelluce according to his LinkedIn profile.


    email: teo@intelluce.com

    What’s the connection to Ronin Systems LLC?

  30. Anonymous says:

    It looks like Ronin Systems, LLC is still active and registered to William Hyde, Jr. Found him on linkedin. Looks like he’s a law student in Cambridge (Harvard), but it doesn’t say anything about Ronin Systems, LLC.

    It’s probably another one of Michael’s failed adventures, or this guy’s a puppet of his, given that it’s registered to 3527 MT DIABLO BLVD STE 273 (the address Post # 62 listed).

  31. Could one of you with knowledge of Post #62 identify its location and officers? Is it in the American Legion or another organization? I would like to send them some information on Michael Gerold. The American Legion expelled him in 2011 and he should not be using any other veterans organization as a base of support.

  32. D’oh, I get it, “Post #62” refers to COMMENT #62 in this comment stream and not some veterans’ organization post. For a while I was getting worried that some veterans out there still actually trusted Michael Gerold.

  33. Oh look! Michael Gerold’s Intelluce is on LinkedIn!


    There’s an email address for one “Gary” at Intelluce’s Markhound listing!


    Let’s hear what “Gary” at gary@intelluce.com has to say about this so-called business! Maybe he can also tell us whether Lisa Gerold’s Direct Supply is has anything to do with Michael Gerold’s Intelluce!


    Hey Lisa, just between us, we’d all like to hear what you think about Michael Gerold!

  34. Green Thumb says:


  35. Thomas Kinkade says:

    Mickey, does Lisa know about all of your “exploits” at 100’s of swingers’ parties all over the Bay Area for the past 12 years? Speaking of which, are you still keeping in touch with my widow?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Wow. This guy is a huge prick. Sounds like he’s a con-man as well. That being said, he probably dresses up his past in some ‘plausible explanation.’ The problem with that, is con-men keep conning, and after awhile things catch up with them. You can only lie so much before people catch on to the BS.

    There’s one of these clowns in every unit. PX Ranger trash. I always wondered where they went after they flunked out of the military. Apparently they just keep lying on their resumes and starting bogus companies. How does this guy afford to keep opening “companies”? I don’t see any actual job experience on his resume, other than the military.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Holy hell ! This guy served FOUR YEARS as an officer in the Army and he only came out with an Army Achievement Medal (reserved solely for junior enlisted and junior officers)? That’s a serious kick in the pants. He must have been hated by his command to have never received anything else/better than that.

    I’ve seen privates with more awards than this guy! That DD 214 is all the proof I need to know this guy failed his country and his soldiers.

  38. Geen Thumb says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    Does he have any disabled veteran government contracts yet?

  40. TheCloser says:

    @88- He actually has over 13 years combined active/inactive time according to his DD-214.

  41. Barry Bradley says:

    So, I see the the attack on Cpt. Gerold continues. Seems to me all of you should be putting more of your time and energy into helping needy, and homeless vets. Say what you will about this man, and I still haven’t seen enough official proof of anything, he was a great help to me when I was a down and out , homeless vet in San Francisco !

  42. Green Thumb says:


    Then you probably would not recognize a foot as it kicked you in the suck.


  43. This is for Barry Bradley in comment #92 above.

    Read the gall-darn Article 15-6 investigation, for Pete’s sake. It is hard proof that Michael Gerold deserved a court-martial.

    Re-read the large amount of evidence I sent you quite some time ago that describes how he abused his authority within the American Legion.

    I continue to be amazed at the lack of interest Michael’s supporters show in the facts. I can only wonder how many of them are implicated in his frauds. I will have a front row seat in court when Michael and all of his accomplices face justice.

  44. mickeys no friend o'mine says:

    Saw this last night and couldnt help but think of mickey ronin..i mean michael gerold, minus the murder and kidnapping but plenty of deception. Oh and he gravitated towards the church going crowd as a way to get into the community.


  45. Mickey Mouse is a Louse says:

    The blonde was an escort — though he claimed they were engaged. Volumes could be written about her alone. Scam artist herself. He is also a major drug addict — talked a lot to me about how heavily “medicated” he was. And drank scotch heavily on top of it! Openly talked about his use of oxycontin saying, of course, that it was because of the great pain he was in as a result of the wounds he received in battle. All lies. Went out with him and his coterie, the two guys who always hung with him and at 8:30 in a restaurant he was absolutely nuts and when he went to the restroom, his mates said “oh, er…he gets like that at night…) Also told me how his shoulder had shattered in a parachute jump…and had to be completely rebuilt. But he took his shirt off for an event and — how surprising to see NO SCARS AT ALL not a mark, on either shoulder. Lot of other things. Not just a con artist — I’d say truly unstable and I’d advise anyone to consider that he could be quite dangerous if “cornered” in his lies.

  46. Mickey Mouse is a Louse says:

    P.S. When he was in AZ, he was brought up on rape charges. A comment to an article on him in the Univ of San Francisco newspaper provided the link to the article in the local paper. I looked it up. Shortly after it was printed, the link disappeared and I could never find the article again. Gerold is very smart — he could have kicked up a fuss and figured out how to have it taken down. (Might still be on deep links…I haven’t tried) I asked him about it once and he went off the charts BALLISTIC said that it was all lies. I said I’d read the article and he said nothing was ever proved. All true. But he was in the Army in an Army town…and we all know how the cards would be stacked against the woman who said he raped her. I just know that, from behavior I’ve seen, I’d say it would not be difficult to believe.

  47. Green Thumb says:


  48. Mickey Mouse is a Louse says:

    The blonde was an shill– a woman who has a history of being a professional “girlfriend” — though he claimed they were engaged. A pair of scam artists. He said to me — and in groups where others were present — about the vast quantity of “medication” he took (which he would also drink heavily while taking — he specifically mentioned oxycontin, saying the injuries he had sustained in battle caused him so much pain he could hardly get through the day, had to take all kinds of stuff for the pain. Went with him and Teo and Matt Shea to a restaurant once, he’d been drinking scotch heavily before, and at 8:30 in a restaurant he was full of energy but loud and babbling and when he went to the restroom, I expressed my concern (hesitantly, these were his mates, after all) and they said “oh, er…yeah, he gets like that at night…) “Mickey” also told me how his shoulder had shattered in a parachute jump…and had to be completely rebuilt. But he took his shirt off at a gym and I was really surprised when I didn’t see any scars at ALL on either shoulder. I commented on it and he whirled around and spat out “yeah, RIGHT! NO scars?! hah!” But there weren’t ANY. Think someone should mention that he is quite unstable — between the drugs, his temper, and the manufactured grandiose persona. I would expect that he could be dangerous if “cornered” in his lies, so take that under advisement.

  49. mickeys no friend o'mine says:

    Mickey Mouse, check post #47 above if you want to read up on the article on the alleged rape charges. Mickey Ronin might pose a verbal threat but thats about as danger as he would pose to anyone. I like that the comments as still active on this article almost a year later.