Saturday steaming bowl of Skeet (Updated)

| February 2, 2013

WH skeet photo

Old Trooper sent this photo from a link at Weekly Standard which says that the White House released this photo this morning. Is it just me, or is that a LOT of smoke coming out of the muzzle? And I’ve never seen a barrel ported that far back, or in that direction and the smoke coming out of the port doesn’t seem to correspond to the smoke coming out of the muzzle. He seems to be shooting a little low for a target that should be in the air, like a bird, not on the ground like Pauxatauny Phil.

But then someone sent us a picture that might explain it;


I’ve never shot a shotgun that cost a few thousand dollars or one that was designed for skeet shooting – all of mine were tools made for doing a job. So, I’m asking.

UPDATE: Here’s a screen shot of a guy shooting at target with the Browning Citori, the same weapon the president is using;

browning citori

I took it from this video – I don’t see the amount of smoke pouring out of the muzzle like the President’s. I also see some recoil in the video that I don’t see in the picture of the President. So, either the picture of the President is photo shopped or he’s using blanks. In my considered opinion.

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  1. Chris says:

    Got that hog a little high up on the shoulder there don’t he?

  2. EODMAN says:

    Hmmm……Didn’t know he was a Lefty……Imean, left-handed.

  3. 68W58 says:

    “I am Barrack H. Obama, millionaire, I own a mansion and a yacht.”


  4. Flagwaver says:

    The White House has released a shot of Obama shooting skeet, like he does “all the time.” The only problem is that I have seen a better staged picture in a middle school play.

    1) His shirt is too properly tucked in. When shooting skeet, you keep your rifle targeted on them. Look at the bottom of his shirt. He hasn’t lifted the rifle above that height. If he had, it would be loose.

    2) His finger is wrapped around the trigger. When you shoot, you stroke the trigger. Only people who know nothing about properly targeting and shooting wrap their finger fully around the trigger.

    3) The rifle is not elevated enough. Skeet shooting involves shooting the skeet in the air. The way he is holding the rifle and has it elevated, he is shooting a static target, not a flying disk.

    4) Wrong grip style for non-static shooting. When you shoot a static target, you grip in the rear and balance on the front. When you are shooting a moving target with a rifle, you keep a firm grip on the front and hold the rifle tight against your shoulder (your rear hand is only used for pulling the trigger).

    5) No recoil stress. If he were firing an actual round out of the rifle, he would be showing the stresses of recoil in his arms and against his shoulder. Also, his cheek would be pulled back slightly as the rifle moved backwards with the shot.

    6) Too much smoke. Modern firearms rounds use a smokeless powder. Especially when shooting skeet, you don’t want a great deal of smoke to obscure your view of your next shot.

    And finally,

    7) When was this picture taken? The W.H. says it was taken on August, 4th. During the President’s birthday trip to Camp David… so why are they waiting until now to post it? He was golfing with friends for six hours according to the official press reports. So, that would place this picture at approximately 4-6 PM… but the light is high over the President’s left shoulder and is cloud-shaded (it was a clear day according to the NOAA).

    So, White House… Please, let your people know to at least simulate the correct lighting and have SOMEONE who knows what they are doing to post the President for the picture.

    Also, can anyone identify the specific type of weapon he is using?

  5. Just Nobody says:

    The long dissertation above is rendered null and void by the repeated use of the word, “rifle” when Skeet Shooting is done with a shotgun…

  6. ohio says:

    Looks kinda like my Browning BT-99. Mine is ported but I have neve seen that much smoke from a target load. even when three of us are on the line. Too high on the sholder and even a target load gives you a bump back.

  7. Flagwaver says:

    Sorry for the double post, but um… Anyone see a small discrepancy here?

    Look at his pooch and his hair. Okay. Now, here is a link from him boarding Marine-One on August 4th for his trip to Camp David…

    Is it just me or did his hair go gray at the temples (like it is now), he gained about fifteen pounds in the stomach, and he must also have a different watch for shooting.

  8. gunner3_4 says:

    When staging a photo you have to make sure to appease the masses, such as: if Obarry was to throw a grenade it would have to explode into a gigantic fireball.

  9. dnice says:

    Maybe it’s an old-fashioned steam rifle.

  10. Redacted1775 says:

    Bet he threw up after having his hands on that disgusting, icky shotgun before bathing in hand sanitizer.

  11. Just Plain Jason says:

    Damn you Jonn! I was thinking Duck season also.

  12. Sarge says:

    Odd; no motion blur on the gun or on the shooter… but the smoke is heavily motion-blurred.

    Physics says, “Huh?”

  13. Bruce says:

    OK, does the word photo-shop mean anything?

  14. OWB says:

    There is so much wrong with this photo release. It is just wriong, all wrong. My first question is simply “Why?”

  15. UpNorth says:

    Yeah, he went gray in a couple of hours just because he went to go “do skeet shooting”?
    My muzzle loader smokes almost that much, no shotgun I’ve ever fired does.

  16. rb325th says:

    I have found only one remotely similar photo online of someone shooting a shotgun where you can see a bit of “smoke”… nothing that heave and certainly not shooting out of the top of the barrel like that.
    That being said, it took them long enough to stage a photo shoot.

  17. Ex-PH2 says:

    Photoshopped, not a very good job. I bloomed that image up to 200%. The trigger hasn’t been pulled far enough, either. It’s a small detail, but it looks like the hammer is not forward enough and there is no sign of its release.

  18. SJ says:

    The quantity of smoke is puzzling and I have got me some skeets and traps in my time. That little poof to the side is especially something I have never seen, but maybe things have changed. Parallel to the ground would mean that the skeets are about to hit the dirt and break…they don’t taste good after hotting the ground.

  19. O-4E says:

    “I go out with my trusty 12-gauge double-barrel, crawl around on my stomach. I track and move and decoy and play games and try to outsmart them. You know, you kind of play the wind. That’s hunting.”

    John Kerry, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/5/04

  20. Anonymous says:

    @18: The poof to the side is from the ported barrel in this type of (trap) gun, I believe. You’d think a left-handed guy would have a port to the left, but while this is an actual picture of him shooting, I don’t think he does it often enough to care that much or have his own gun.

  21. SJ says:

    #20: thanks. Never heard of that…learn something every day. My old Remington Sportsman 58’s don’t have such a thing. The amount of smoke is something though.

  22. Ralojre says:

    One shot does not a shooter make.

  23. Poetrooper says:

    American Thinker just posted my short piece on the topic with a link to this site:

  24. Chris says:

    Obviously photoshopped. Barry only uses solar or windmill powered rifles.

  25. Paul of Alexandria says:

    * It’s a break-action over-under shotgun. That thing on the top isn’t a hammer, it’s the break-lever.

  26. Paul of Alexandria says:

    Lousy form, though.

  27. Redacted1775 says:

    The comments on puffho are ridiculous, the WH can wheel out a picture of BHO piloting a fuggin’ UFO and they’d believe it without question. I also noticed on the updated photo there’s no smoke shooting skyward like in the BHO photoshop.

  28. NHSparky says:

    I haven’t seen a Photoshop hack job this bad since Steve Jordan was in his mom’s back yard (whoops: Baghdad) with the brass being ejected OVER the ejection port of his Airsoft rifle.

  29. COB6 says:

    I have a Browning Citori 725 (Clearly I also have a very generous wife :-)) I have terrorized everything from skeet to quail with this thing and I have to say that this photo’s top-right jet of smoke mystifies me.

    Someone above mentioned the ported barrel. It is important to note however that if that is in fact a Citori (and it looks like one), that blast of smoke is very unlikely. Citoris come from the factory with invector plus choke tubes. Whether you are firing with a full choke or a modified cylinder that smoke escape is almost entirely blocked and the gas escapes from the end of the barrel.

    Which leads to the huge amount of smoke produced from a shotgun firing a target load? I can reproduce both effects you see above fairly simply.

    Replace the trap barrel assembly with slug barrels (no choke) and fire either a slug or 00-Buckshot which require significantly more powder than target shot.

    Although that much power given his stance would probably put him on his skinny ass. You would certaily see severe recoil withdrawal.

    So, after all of this, I have no idea.

    I’m voting photoshop because I don’t believe anything that comes from this crowd.

  30. Blackfive says:

    It looks like the “shotgun” is actually a “Choom Gang” bowl that he’s smoking…

  31. COB6 says:

    I Matt has hit it on the head!

  32. Common Sense says:

    I’ve taken dozens of photos of my guys shooting clay and there is barely any smoke visible.

    Emailed a couple of photos from when we visited my son at Sheppard AFB in Oct.

  33. MAJMike says:

    Can’t be real. THE WON would crap his pants if he even heard the report of a shotgun.

  34. SFC Holland says:

    i agree that it is obvious photoshop, but some of the comments, sheesh!

  35. charles w says:

    Everyone knows its rabbit season.

  36. Ex-PH2 says:

    There are birther truthers. Now there is a skeet shooting congresswoman truther. I kid you not!

  37. OWB says:

    And I really don’t give a flying fig whether he has ever shot a gun at all, and resent that he is trying to make me.

  38. Whiskey Bravo says:

    From a AA and Master Class NSCA shooter friend of mine:

    “Dear Mr. Pres, please stick to golf. That picture of you shooting the shotgun is embarrassing. I’m trying to convince my AA and Master Class NSCA peers to stop rolling in the floor laughing. The way you got it mounted, (bet your shoulder hurts)…can’t see the target can you? Receivers and Barrels are not transparent. What you got in that 425 or maybe it’s a 525 piece of crap, a paper cased, black powder cartridge? Target guns don’t smoke like that, so the only explanation is a special reload of stinky stuff just for show. What happened to the choke in the bottom barrel? Forget to tighten it up and now it’s laying out on the range somewhere? That’s OK, I’ve seen it happen to people who have shot even more than once or twice.”

  39. jonp says:

    I could maybe believe the smoke if he was using reloads with some of the dirtier powder. Some of my reloads can be a little messy but I doubt the POTUS is using reloads so the smoke?…I’m throwing a flag on this as well as him not exhibiting any signs of recoil.

  40. Quincy P says:

    if he turned his face away from the muzzle it would look like an old revolutionary war recreation of someone shooting a musket

  41. NSOM says:

    I don’t know if the President ever shoots skeet. Frankly, I don’t give a shit. I know what type of guy he is and whether or not he picked up skeet shooting at Camp David has no bearing on that. He’s still a morally adrift, intellectually pretentious, anti-American, Progressive politician.

    That said, the picture shown above, if it’s undoctored, is likely of him shooting Trap, not Skeet. His shotgun is too low and there’s no Skeet house or launcher behind him which is almost necessitated by the angle of the picture. Does this matter? Probably not. That the White House PR and/or the President doesn’t know the difference between the two doesn’t much matter, we all ready know they’re that sort of crowd. They just wanted to put out a picture of him being all “sportsmen” like, with a gun.

    Nobody is changing sides over this bullshit.

  42. Kid says:

    Is there -anything- from this guy that isn’t fake.

  43. OWB says:

    Saw that earlier, Hack. My first reaction was, “Or what?”

    Then contemplated buying Photoshop just to play around with the pic, but finally decided that he isn’t worth the expense. Besides, there are other options on this computer, so even if it got manipulated there would be the excuse,”You said not to Photoshop it. I didn’t.”

  44. Redacted1775 says:

    Don’t photoshop it, only the WH can do that. How dare ANYONE question our gunfighter/”President”?! ๐Ÿ˜›

  45. JeffT says:

    Obama is so thin skinned. Instead of just letting the issue die, as the press would allow it to, he has to release a photo proving he is a man. We all know better. We’ve seen himn throw a baseball and ride a dorky bike. This photo changes nothing establlished by the two other photos.

  46. Green Thumb says:

    Well, at least he has ear protection….

  47. Ex-PH2 says:

    He should not have a gun, for the same reason as this:

    Got no idea what he’s doing.

  48. smoothboreshooter says:

    #41 Mr Quincy P. An “old revolutionary war” musket shooter would not be turing their head. Colonial troops were taught to “take aim at a target in the distance” when they fired their muskets. The other myth I can disabuse you of is that colonial troops hid behind trees as a matter of course. The Continental Army met the best army in the world toe to toe playing by the conventional rules of the day and beat them enough of the times that they went home. Sorry to be off topic. Just had to get that out.