Neighbors hold murderers for police with a gun

| February 2, 2013

UpNorth sends a link to an article about neighbors who caught two juvenile murderers/burglars after one of their crimes and held them for police at gun point in Missouri. The two had escaped from a ranch for wayward boys and murdered an elderly couple, Paul Brooks, 70, and his 69-year-old wife Margaret Brook.

Investigators believe the teens broke into an unoccupied home next door to the Brooks and stayed for several days, reports KY3, the NBC affiliate in Springfield, Missouri . Rader did not say how the couple died, nor how long they may have been dead.

Stone County deputies responded to a burglary call at 1720 Trace Hollow Road and found a neighbor holding the teens at gunpoint. Deputies then discovered the bodies.

Who knows how many others might have murdered if the neighbor hadn’t been armed.

The article says that the Brooks had moved to Missouri to escape the crime in Detroit.

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  1. Bam Bam says:

    But I don’t understand… Guns are BAD!… Right?

  2. Just an Old Dog says:

    Another bunch of gun nuts,,,, dont they understand thatthey could have simply held up a copy of Fienstien’s weapons banning bill and accomplished the same thing.