Fifteen year old Hadiya Pendleton dies in Chicago shooting.

| February 2, 2013

So it seems that fifteen year old aspiring singer Hadiya Pendleton was the latest victim from gun violence in Chicago. What makes this shooting stand out from other shootings is that Hadiya Pendleton took part in the inauguration festivities.

Pendleton was an honor student, volleyball player, and majorette at King College Prep, according to CBS 2 in Chicago. She was a member of the school’s marching band that traveled to Washington to perform during the inauguration festivities last week. She had also been preparing to travel to Paris with her school, according to the Tribune.

So now with President Obama making his case for additional gun laws, restrictions and possible bans on certain fire arms will he respond to this murder? If he is going to make the case that shootings like the ones we have seen in the past might have been prevented in the past from the gun laws similar to Chicago then he should explain how shootings like this are still happening. Also if one view that guns will manage to slip through to the wrong hands despite the laws is not viewed as a acceptable answer for shootings like Sandy Hook then why should it be viewed as a acceptable answer here?

Local Police is asking for anyone with information in this case to come forward to help bring this killer to justice.

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  1. streetsweeper says:

    A cold beer says Obama will not saying a word about this.

  2. rb325th says:

    @1, doubtful he will it happened days ago and not a peep from The One about it, he has been too busy staging a skeet shoot photo….

  3. cannoncocker says:

    @ streetsweeper, neither will Joe.

  4. MAJMike says:

    How can this happen!?! Chicago has some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the nation!!

    Snark aside, this is, indeed, a shame. She seemed like a young lady who had things figured out.

  5. Common Sense says:

    Their excuse is that the guns come from outside the Chicago area and that they can’t control gun crime until EVERYONE has the same restrictive laws.

    I saw a map a couple of days ago that shows where guns, confiscated from a crime scene, come from. Most are from the surrounding counties and states.

  6. Sporkmaster says:

    So would that mean that regardless of if we put the entire Country on these type of laws that it would not reduce gun violence due to the fact that we cannot control gun laws of other countries?

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    According to the news reports, Hadiya was with a bunch of other girls playing volleyball in a southside city park. It was raining, and they were huddling together under a shelter there.

    Some guy jumped the fence and shot at the girls, and Hadiyah was the one who was hit. The first reports from the police were that it was mistaken identity, gang-related, etc., etc.

    Considering that she was the only kid in the group that was hit, I don’t (IMHO) think it was mistaken identity, I think it was intentional and she was looked for and recognized by the shooter. If not, why weren’t any of the other girls hit? Why only her?

    The result of this is a reward for finding the shooter, but the CPD is also planning to add 200 police officers to the ‘beat’ patrols from desk jobs, or that’s the latest talk.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    And, no, so far BO has not made a peep.

  9. streetsweeper says:

    @ #6: So would that mean that regardless of if we put the entire Country on these type of laws that it would not reduce gun violence due to the fact that we cannot control gun laws of other countries?

    Are you tossing the question out there for more discussion or expressing support for new gun laws on top of those the government appears to be unable to enforce? Just wondering because that is how I interpret it. However, I have been known to be wrong. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Sporkmaster says:

    That is me playing devils advocate in regards to people bring up that claim in future comments. That I want to know how they are going to bell the cat in the sense of these new laws that certain people want to be put on the books when we are having trouble enforcing the ones we have now.

  11. MAJMike says:

    @10 — Its never stopped the Lib-Cong before.