Chris Kyle; RIP

| February 3, 2013

Since I knew about it before most people, you’d think I’d have dealt with it by now. But I haven’t. I’ve been staring at an empty screen for more than two hours wondering what I could write. I never met Chris Kyle, but after reading his book, you get a sense that you have met him.

But, last night, I got a call from someone who wanted us to help the police find Kyle’s killer. I was stunned when he gave me the news. I have no idea who it was that called, but he had access to police message traffic, so, you know, I can guess. So I called the sheriff’s department and they confirmed for me that the incident had indeed happened, but they wouldn’t confirm that Kyle was involved.

But, anyway, I guess they caught Eddie Routh, Kyle’s killer. According to some of our Marines with access to the Marines On Line database, Routh is a corporal and a unit armorer and currently in the Individual Ready Reserve – that status you do before you get out of the service.

According to Fox News, Routh was apprehended near Lancaster, TX at about 9:30 local time last night after shooting Kyle and his neighbor in the back and fleeing the scene in a pickup belonging to one of his victims, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Now, if you don’t want to get pissed off, you should stop reading here. I cruised over the Huffington Post and read some of the comments those tiny-brained morons were leaving and, of course, it’s all about gun control and veterans. And of course, they tell us that Kyle’s death was karma for killing more than 150 insurgents. Twitchy logged some of the “tweets” from the Leftist ghouls yesterday celebrating the death and standing on his body for their political agenda.

Here’s an example;

Kyle Tweets

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  1. George P. says:

    Chris Kyle was a personal inspiration to me. It is very true how simply after reading his book it was if he was a friend of yours, when I heard the news I was devestated. Perhaps what infuriates me more than anything are sorry excuse for humans called leftists who are enjoying this. Frankly I hope they all go fuck themselves.

  2. pete says:

    RIP Chris Kyle

  3. streetsweeper says:

    RIP, Chief Kyle. Never knew him, but hearing and reading what little I did of his exploits on the battlefield earned him a spot real high on my respect list. John11B, “tryp” er tripe works quite well for describing the loony tunes because they have no type and class they can be fit in. Joe “troll”, since I know you won’t be staying away. I repeat, Fuck you, Joe. Seriously, Fuck you.

  4. Old Trooper says:

    @44: Very well said.

  5. kp32 says:

    Any idea of the motive? Billy the Kid syndrome?

  6. “Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!”

    RIP Chief.

  7. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    My deepest condolences to Chris’s family and other loved ones. I wish them all the best in such a terrible time.

    Deepest contempt, however, for the nutless, oxygen thieving sack of DNA leftovers who can’t stifle himself and muster up the class to not dance a jig on a grave that hasn’t even been dug yet, in order to make a nonsensical and fallacious political statement.

  8. Anonymous says:

    @51: As a ‘leftist’, I’m also saddened by his loss. Let’s not be stupid and make the loss of a decorated American soldier who did a lot of good on and off the battlefield about our political differences.

  9. NR Pax says:

    @50: I can multitask. It’s no big deal for me to remember Christ Kyle and to openly despise a worthless waste of sperm like Joe.

    @58: Fancy words but they don’t take away from the fact that your fellow leftists are crowing happily about his death. I’ve had enough of “know thy enemy” to last me for the rest of my life.

  10. The Dead Man says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to click over to Huffpo. I’m usually pretty decent at wading into the thick and stupid of it, but it’s just not worth the effort and neither is our resident troll. He can go wallow in his shallow, pathetic excuse of a life wasted.

  11. Just A Vet says:

    Rest In Peace Warrior! God Bless All Those Serving In Harm’s Way.

  12. George P. says:

    @58 I was speaking to the general group which are dancing upon his grave, the only thing that ties them together is the fact that they are all leftists (if you had read my comment I was speaking specifically to the ones that were enjoying it, if you didnā€™t enjoy it then the comment does not apply to you) I am merely responding to their disgusting behavior for they were the ones who started these attacks against him and frankly I am fucking tired of it.

  13. Richard says:

    I guess there are dirtbags in the world.

    I guess that Chris’ funeral will be in the Dallas area. If I can get time off from work, I’m going to pay my respects. A dead man is being criticized for doing his duty. Can anybody else make it to Dallas?

    All of this “noise” feels like traveling in uniform in 1972.

  14. RobertM says:

    The reason the “lodge” has a rifle and pistol ranges is because that is where his company CRAFT, trains and hold courses.

  15. BinhTuy66 says:

    I’m going to go to and buy “American Sniper.” I don’t know how I missed Chris’ book. A true American Hero. Proceeds from my purchase will hopefully benefit his family.

    Rest in peace, Chris and Chad.

  16. UpNorth says:

    Rest in Peace, Chris. As for Joey, what everyone else has said.

  17. Jacobite says:

    RIP Chief. šŸ™

  18. NHSparky says:

    Joey…remove yourself from the Internet and the gene pool. You aren’t fit to lick the ball sweat out of Chief Kyle’s jock, let alone spew your bullshit.

    GDIAF already. And stop posting from work.

  19. John11B says:

    Thank you, Old Trooper (#54).

  20. FatCircles0311 says:

    What a senseless tragedy. Not at all surprised by the hateful disgusting left in this country doing what they do best, but none the less it still angers me.

    Chris gave so much to his country and his fellow citizens it’s a shame that his family is now denied a father.

    He’s in a better place paling it up with his fallen brothers in arms and everyone else who fought the good fight.

  21. Old Trooper says:

    @50: I’m capable of guttural hatred for the remarks and actions of scumbags while honoring the memory and life of a true warrior at the same time. It’s called multi-tasking and I’ve been able to do it for many, many years.

  22. ObamaGirl says:

    @44 and what makes you an expert on PTSD? You have nothing to back up your statements other than your opinions and the other morons on this site.

  23. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    Ogurl, do you have ANY experience in the real world other than serving Kool-Aid at hippie infestations?

  24. cannoncocker says:

    ObamaGirl, do yourself a favor and remove yourself from this conversation before things get out of hand.

  25. Seadog says:

    @73… And what makes you an expert on anything remotely military, you mouth-breathing gutter whore? Go back to your John and leave the adults alone. Nobody wants what you’re spewing today.

  26. ObamaGirl says:

    Hondo you condemn Joe’s comments but then you wish terminal cancer on another human being? I lost my father to cancer when I was 9 years old and I can assure you it is a horrible thing to watch a loved one go through, you may hate Joe but think of his family members who would have to go through that..

    The only reasonable thing for you to do is apologize to Joe and this entire board for your inexcusable and disgusting comments.

  27. ObamaGirl says:

    @74 I served in Iraq for a year as an MP in the National Guard.

  28. Ex-PH2 says:

    You never miss an opportunity to let everyone here that you don’t have a decent bone in your body, do you? Between you and Joe, I could get a couple of boors without firing a shot.

    Chris Kyle was a good man. He was killed by someone he trusted who shot him in the back at point blank range.

    You and Joe are the lowest of your kind.

  29. cannoncocker says:

    #77 OG

    I bet you won’t offer an apology to Chris Kyle’s children and offer condolences that their daddy is dead.

  30. ObamaGirl says:

    @79 I didn’t say one bad word about Mr. Kyle he was obviously a good man.. But Hondos behavior is out of line and I am calling him on it.. If Joe had wished cancer on Hondo he would be ripped apart on this site.. Double standard much?

  31. ObamaGirl says:

    @80 Mr. Kyle was obviously a good man and I would offer my condolences to his family.

  32. ObamaGirl says:

    and EXPH2 who are you to insult me or anyone I served in a combat zone for this country, wtf did you do besides give out morale hand jobs at the px?

  33. Robot Wrangler says:

    @77 Joe deserves what he gets by coming in a thread about a fellow brother in arms who died and gloating. Your taking up for him doesn’t endear you to much of anyone on this board either.

    So you did a year in the sandbox, I did too back in 04 when shit was as nasty as it could be, our AO had some of the worst IED and VBIED makers in country and I was caught in one of those VBIED blast while at the front gate of FOB Warhorse, I still deal with PTSD and the injuries I recieved from that day so I am fully able to comment on PTSD. I have never thought about killing someone who was trying to help me through a rough time period, the guy who did the shooting is a worthless turd and he is going to use his illness as a crutch to excuse just what he did, backshooting a fellow vet who was trying to help his sorry ass.

    TLDR; Fuck you Ogirl, fuck you Joe as far as I’m concerned you can both eat a bag of dicks and choke.

    RIP Chris Kyle, fair winds and calm seas brother.

  34. cannoncocker says:

    #82 OG:

    Funny how your first instinct was to stick up for a traitor instead of offering condolences for an American Hero. You only admitted condolences grudgingly after I called you out. That is very telling…..

  35. YatYas says:

    God bless Chris and watch over his family.

  36. Ex-PH2 says:

    Wow, OG served one whole year in the National Guard.

    I have two full-time active duty hitches under my belt.

    Shut up, slut.

  37. ObamaGirl says:

    @87 I am sure your hand was tired when you got out skank.

  38. ObamaGirl says:

    Now leave me alone and let me watch the puppy bowl in peace.

  39. rb325th says:

    Umm OG, if you want to be left alone maybe you should not open your cock holster. Just sayin

  40. ObamaGirl says:

    my comment was directed at EXPH2 who felt the need to insult me when I was trying to talk to Hondo..

  41. Ex-PH2 says:

    @88 Not as tired as your lower jaw and your throat.

    See, my last duty station was the Naval Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA, near the Navy Yard. I did medical photography of things like men coming in from Vietnam with shrapnel wounds and arms and legs blown off by booby traps, getting prepped for surgery to repair those wounds so that they could at least have some semblance of a normal life. One of them told me he was just glad to be alive. He had a hole in his face where his nose used to be, so the surgeon was planning to give him a new nose.

    But you don’t get that, do you? It’s all about you and you don’t give a crap who you hurt.

  42. Ex-PH2 says:

    You still don’t have a decent bone in your body.

  43. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    As for me, I’ve got three overseas tours, and you 0girl, sound like someone that made coffee for the CO and threatened anyone trying to make you do real work with a Sexual Harassment complaint, if you ever even served! What unit did you serve with, you rant like the posers exposed on this site!

  44. Hondo says:

    ObamaGirl: you are obviously a brainless moron masquerading as a “PHd” student. You must have the reading comprehension level of a housefly.

    I specifically said I was close to wishing Joe a death from terminal cancer – but that he wasn’t there yet. Try re-reading comments 9 and 20 above, you ignorant twit. Have someone explain them to you if necessary.

    I owe no one an apology, ditz. And never presume to lie about what I said, petulant and naive child. You have neither the right to do so nor do you have my permission.

    And as for the terminal cancer angle: I’ve watched 5 relatives or close friends go that long slow way, one of whom was my own father. I know exactly how rough that way to the afterlife can be. That is probably the only reason I did NOT wish Joe that way out. As I clearly said above: there is only a short list of people on this planet I’d wish that on, and Joe’s not there – yet. But he’s getting close with crap like his first comment above.

    And, for the record: I don’t give a flying fornication at a rolling toroidal fried pastry about your opinion regarding anything. But I damn well care when someone invents and tells lies about me. And if you need me to translate the the first sentence of this paragraph for you, “oh miss highly intelligent PHd student”, I’ll be happy to do exactly that.

    You can now go fornicate yourself for all I care. That is all.

  45. Pete says:

    @89 Die in a fire.

  46. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, Pete, that’s a little harsh, isn’t it? @89 can’t help being obnoxious, small-minded, and mean — born that way.

  47. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    &89, I wonder, do liberals TRY to be as retarded as they can, or does it come to them naturally?

  48. SteveS says:

    @98: they’re born that way. If they TRY to be retarded, they get elected to Congress.

  49. Joe Williams says:

    Fair wind and following seas chief. May God grant Peace to his family. Joe