Chris Kyle; RIP

| February 3, 2013

Since I knew about it before most people, you’d think I’d have dealt with it by now. But I haven’t. I’ve been staring at an empty screen for more than two hours wondering what I could write. I never met Chris Kyle, but after reading his book, you get a sense that you have met him.

But, last night, I got a call from someone who wanted us to help the police find Kyle’s killer. I was stunned when he gave me the news. I have no idea who it was that called, but he had access to police message traffic, so, you know, I can guess. So I called the sheriff’s department and they confirmed for me that the incident had indeed happened, but they wouldn’t confirm that Kyle was involved.

But, anyway, I guess they caught Eddie Routh, Kyle’s killer. According to some of our Marines with access to the Marines On Line database, Routh is a corporal and a unit armorer and currently in the Individual Ready Reserve – that status you do before you get out of the service.

According to Fox News, Routh was apprehended near Lancaster, TX at about 9:30 local time last night after shooting Kyle and his neighbor in the back and fleeing the scene in a pickup belonging to one of his victims, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Now, if you don’t want to get pissed off, you should stop reading here. I cruised over the Huffington Post and read some of the comments those tiny-brained morons were leaving and, of course, it’s all about gun control and veterans. And of course, they tell us that Kyle’s death was karma for killing more than 150 insurgents. Twitchy logged some of the “tweets” from the Leftist ghouls yesterday celebrating the death and standing on his body for their political agenda.

Here’s an example;

Kyle Tweets

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  1. Hondo says:

    MCPO: thanks – I think that’s it.

    Like an old, worn-out Onan generator, Joe just keeps coming here to blow smoke, belch filth, strike sparks, backfire – all while stroking that piston back and forth to keep things going.

    Guess everyone has a role in life, if nothing else than as a counterexample.

  2. ObamaGirl says:

    @249 shouldn’t you be stopping and frisking poor black and latinos instead of insulting me and removing all doubt to everyone that you’re an idiot.

  3. Sharky says:

    Joe and those like him say things like the above because in their heart they realize that they don’t amount to a pimple on the ass of a man like Chris Kyle. Chris did more good things on any single given day than they will do in their entire lives. When men like Chris die, our entire nation mourns, and he will never ever be forgotten. When Joe dies there will be a couple of paragraphs in the hometown obituary and within hours nobody will remember or care who he was or the fact that he is gone.

    So, for me at least, Joe and his ilk get a big fat YAAAAWN. Not even worthy of getting my blood pressure up.

    RIP Chris. You will be missed greatly brother.

  4. Maj Wood says:

    All I can say is this Hero was doing his job in the shit. All you heartless libtards need to be thankful for people like Chris he was there protecting your freedom. If you dont enjoy your freedom go live somewhere else you POS.

    Semper fi
    RIP Chris you will be missed

  5. Redacted1775 says:

    #252 is a perfect example of how OG is weak minded and can’t think for herself: She drops the race card at every opportunity, along with the “my husband is a grunt so that makes me a grunt” mindset. Definetly a dependapotamus.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Dependapotamus! Excellent!

  7. Hondo says:

    ObamaGirl: geez – are you a freaking 8th grade special ed student or something? Or are you simply so damn stupid you cannot comprehend written English that’s not of the “see Dick and Jane” style?

    Quit deliberately lying about what I said above.

    You’ve repeatedly claimed, falsely, that I wished terminal cancer on Joe. The fact that you’re lying has been repeatedly brought to your attention.

    Since you’re apparently too damn lazy to scroll up and re-read earlier comments, for your benefit here are verbatim quotes of my comments 9 and 20 above, in italics, with emphasis added:

    Comment 9:
    Kinda hard to protect oneself from getting shot in the back by someone, Joe. But you knew that, you sonofabitch.

    There’s only a short list of people on this earth on whom I’d wish terminal cancer. You’re working hard to get on that list.

    To anyone of low-normal intelligence or better, “working hard to get on” a list clearly means “not on the list yet”. You missed that. One possibility is that you’re a truly “special” idiot. If so, maybe you should get Mr. Smith, your kindly special ed teacher, to help you interpret comments here at TAH next time before you open your mouth and prove yourself an even bigger idiot. The other possibility is that you’re deliberately lying. My money’s on that option.

    Now, let’s look at comment 20:
    Joe: maybe that was Karma paying you back for dodging the draft and letting others do your dirty work during Vietnam while you stayed home fat, dumb, happy, and safe.

    Work on your reading comprehension, imbecile. I said you were getting close to me wishing you that demise. However, even a despicable dipshit like you hasn’t done quite enough to make it onto that list. Yet.

    But you’re getting real close.

    That should be explicit enough for even an idiot like you to understand, ObamaGirl. If it’s not – go get Mr. Smith to explain it to you.

    You claim you served in the FL ARNG in Iraq? Yeah, right. Ain’t buying it without proof.

    Why? You’ve proven yourself nothing but a shameless but unskilled liar in your comments above, ObamaGirl. You’re obviously willing to lie about trivial things – repeatedly – even when the proof you’re lying is obvious and you’ve been called on it multiple times.

    So you tell us: since you’ve already proven yourself to be a damned liar, why in the hell should we believe a single claim you make about any alleged military service without some kind of proof? Hell, after what I’ve seen from you I’m guessing you lie about the color of the sky just on general principle and to keep in practice.

  8. Old Trooper says:

    @252: Wishing death upon someone and saying “I want to kill you” are 2 totally different things, but you knew that.

  9. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @254 He wouldn’t have to stop and frisk them if they weren’t responsible for 90% of the murders in NYC last year….that’s not racist darlin, that’s an FBI factoid….being latino/black in NYC means you are 12 times more likely than a white or asian to be either a victim of a homicide or the perpetrator of a homicide. Stopping and frisking them at a rate 11 times higher than whites or asians would be sound police work just based on the statistics. Of course I am certain that won’t fit in well with our PC society so we will just continue not frisking them at a higher rate so they can continue committing their crimes.

  10. Hondo says:

    And right on cue, ObamaGirl again plays the “race card” by making a wild and unsubstantiated allegation (comment 254). It’s right out of the lefty argument playbook: “When you have no valid response – change the subject, preferably by attacking your opponent.”

    Oh, and trust me, ObamaGirl – you haven’t seen MCPO begin to insult you. Yet.

  11. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @249 Obama Girl

    Why would you suggest: “shouldn’t you be stopping and frisking poor black and latinos”.

    The improper, insensitive, and careless use of such demonyms clearly proves that you are a “Race Baiter” and a “Racist”.

    Personally, the use of such words is not in my lexicon.

    The idiot part is far fromm the truth! My educational accomplishments, stellar military career, and good standing in the my choosen profession and community would rather support the opposite of “idiot”.

    But thanks for trying!

  12. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    When one person claims to hear something that nobody else does, that smacks of paranoid delusion and not “dog whistling”.

  13. Robot Wrangler says:

    I can see it now “hmm they are using logic and I cannot defend against it”. Straining the two brain cells she does have she comes up with a brilliant idea…”You guys are racist.”

    Darlin it is a tired argument that wins you no points in a debate, it is the last bastion of those who have no argument. In my humble opinion it is the adult version of the uhh uhh no you argument kids use.

  14. Anonymous says:

    RIP Chris Kyle.

    He fought to preserve the First Amendment right of the leftists to say and be as stupid as they want to be, and they are well taking advantage of that right.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    @265, I think you’re giving the dimwit FAR too much credit. Only one cranial ganglion is firing.

  16. perhaps says:

    maybe if he wasn’t so happy taking lives of brown people this may not have happened

  17. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    0bamaGunk, you didn’t mention what unit, I’ve served overseas as part of 2nd ID and 53rd BCT, two tours with 53rd and one near the Korean DMZ as part of 2ID.

  18. Joe says:

    @260 – pretty fine distinction

  19. UpNorth says:

    Hey, Joey, you promised you were leaving, you can’t keep your word at all, can you?

  20. PintoNag says:

    #268 Be assured that every life he took is one that would have happily taken yours.

  21. Curt says:

    @268, I’m guessing you don’t understand the role he played…you know, shooting bad guys (you called them “brown people”, you racist prig) that were planting IED’s… Hell, I wasn’t a grunt, wasn’t there, and I know that.
    Raised a glass already, will again. RIP, Chris.

  22. Joe says:

    @ 271 – If you’d stop dissing me in absentia, I wouldn’t feel the need to come back.

  23. Glenn G. says:

    RIP Chris Kyle

    Peace to your family and friends!

  24. WkAvngr211 says:

    Hey Joe even when you are on here, you get dissed “in absentia”, with you being brainless and all. OG, again, please do not breed. There is enough stoopid in the world already.

  25. Cal says:

    Thanks Chris Kyle for the training military and police to be better fighters. Such training will make it easier for them to efforce the edicts of Obama.

  26. Jimmy says:

    Just to remind everyone freedom isn’t free. If it weren’t for our american hero’s like Chris Kyle and many others you would be either dead or speaking another language about now. Rest in Peace Chris any normal person knows the world mourns your passing. Joe move to Iraq and see if you fit in there, because you don’t here.

  27. Billy says:

    You cant be mad at that P.O.S. Joe, Its red blooded americans like myself and my fellow soldier bretheren that give people like him freedom to say crap like that. Just always remember Chris protected his right to speak another day and Joe or anyone else can deny that. Thanks Chris Kyle for protecting my rights, my families rights and my fellow soliers rights, we have your back and we will never forget.


  28. 68W58 says:

    OG-the thing about dog whistles is that if you can hear them, you’re the dog.

  29. Just Plain Jason says:

    I am going to do something that I find myself doing more and more often. I am going to break Kafabe and address Obama Girl as Jason DS as some people may know me here in real life. I get it you have your own stuff going on and you are wound up tight sometimes it is just best to walk away and let it go. I am quite familiar wit PTSD and different treatments, trust me I have tried them. Just recently I have discovered what many call “ballistic therapy” and believe it or not it helps for some people. Chris Kyle was helping other guys with troubles they were having and someone for whatever reason murdered him and Chris Littlefield. Getting pissed at everyone else over whatever is going on with you isn’t going to help with whatever is going on with you.

  30. mike says:

    R.I.P chief eight bells your watch is over may you find all you’ve hoped and struggled for you’ve done the navy proud and we’re all honored and thankful that you were here keeping all those near you safe.

  31. YatYas says:

    Obama Girl, Joe and the other jerk-offs running their pie holes; well aren’t you lucky this is a free country and you can sound off with your ignorant petty rants. However, being it is a free country; when you put yourselves on the skyline, other people have the right to verbally put fire on your dumb-ass. It’s because of supposed veterans like you, Obama Girl that I don’t automatically respect someone just because they served.

  32. Smitty says:

    i came here because i saw a post about a good friend of mine, now i see that somehow remembering him positively is linked to racism? can someone explain how anything in Chris’ life showed racism? blatant or masked? Chris cared for man kind, and did his best to eliminate the evil that threatened it.

    here is a little history lesson for those who wish to claim conservatism as racism.

    Democrats were pro-slavery, Republicans were opposed.

    Lincoln was a republican

    Democrats started the KKK

    Democrats attempted to filibuster the 1964 civil rights act

    Democrats openly admitted that abortion was a “solution to the black problem” (susan coleman)

    Chris never once voted democrat, didnt side with any of their racist view points, and did all he could and gave all he could to help anyone in need. he never once cared what color anyone was.

    also of note, the majority of insurgents in iraq are of persian decent. more often then not, they have bright blue eyes and light colored hair and skin

  33. Redacted1775 says:

    Smitty, that’s OG, the resident lunatic/attention whore. She’s dumb as a bag of hammers and is hardly worthy of speaking Chief Kyle’s name. Most just wish she’d go away.

  34. Smitty says:

    my personal invitation to her, bring your retarded oppinions to Chris’ funeral. ill be waiting. you can recognize my as the 6’2 “brown” guy wearing a tan berret. cant remember once that Chris ever cared what color i was, just gave me hell for being a Ranger

  35. Nathan says:

    Predictable and rehashed responses. I didn’t expect much else. Nazis, protection of freedom, defending our glorious nation…zzz

    The real question is who is going to protect the freedom of the ignorant troops and innocent civilians in the middle east from YOU? But wait, they are just savages and our way of thinking must be superior right? I mean after all there is no possible way that you could be the same as they are but merely on the opposite side? Your way of thinking and religious beliefs happen to magically be the true ones. What a coincidence!

    On a side note, I do own guns and I have used them. Not that it changes anything.

  36. NHSparky says:

    Nathan, GDIAF, pretty please.

    You have added nothing of value to the discussion, so poof–begone.

  37. Nathan says:

    So much violence on this board. For some it seems the only solution to problems is fighting and killing. Both in America and in the Middle East.

    As I said when I first posted and will repeat, disturbing.

  38. NHSparky says:

    Hey Nathan–you still do those monthly drills in Seoul? You remember, the ones where they sound the sirens cause the North is coming (again)?

  39. Nathan says:

    I’m not sure but just in case, we should go drop some bombs.

  40. NHSparky says:

    Congratulations on your complete and total inability to get the point, son.

  41. Nathan says:

    And yours as well.

    • Hondo says:

      You might want to keep the fact that you own weapons to yourself, Nathan. Firearms ownership or sales by private individuals in Korea is generally illegal. You might end up having to answer a few questions if the Seopul police read the comments here.

      But at least today you’re not pirating service from your employer to comment here.

  42. Nathan says:

    My guns as well as my citizenship current reside in the United States.

    I wasn’t pirating. Seoul has free Wifi internet all over.

  43. Putin says:

    Nathan says the truth. You fucking stupid yankees with your bomb drones are the big threat to peace in this world. You are all disgraced.

    • Hondo says:

      Someone commenting from France that claims to be “Putin”. I think that might be a first here at TAH.

      Does the phrase “dustbin of history” mean anything to you, “Putin”?

  44. Robot Wrangler says:

    Tell us Putin where do you hail from? I bet you money I could say your country of orign is a disgrace as well, people in glass houses and stones you know.

  45. Putin says:

    We would break you.

  46. Redacted1775 says:

    OK IVAN…Someone’s watched Rocky 4 one too many times…

  47. ObamaGirl says:

    @286 I never said Mr. Kyle was a racist, I was talking about the regular posters on this blog ie NHSparky, Old Trooper, Lilyea, Hondo and many more.

  48. Putin says:

    That is where stupid America and her corrupt allies would be if not for the heroic efforts of my people in the Great Patriotic War.

  49. UpNorth says:

    Joey boy? “Dissing” you would imply some degree of respect to begin with. Don’t worry, there’s no respect there, so, it’s not possible to disrespect you.
    Just go, boy, the adults are conversing, and take your alter egos with you.