Ike Densmore’s last bid for fame

| February 5, 2013

So the final chapter of Ike Densmore has been written and TAH is written into that chapter by Luke Ramseth of the Eureka Times-Standard;

Jonn Lilyea, a retired infantry platoon sergeant in the U.S. Army and blogger at the military blog This Ain’t Hell, said over the years he has helped to uncover 96 people that faked military credentials and awards, including more recently Densmore.

Lilyea’s friend Don Shipley — a former SEAL himself, featured in the ABC 7 report — first told Lilyea of his suspicions about Densmore.

The West Virginia resident said he has about 7,000 hits a day on his blog, and it’s his readers who usually tip him off about people who might be posing.

”I guess it’s pretty common to run into,” he said. “We (veterans) kind of know each other.”

Lilyea has been following the Densmore case closely on his blog.

”While we grieve for the family Ike left behind, we’re still secure in our decision to bust him out,” reads the latest post about Densmore on the blog.

I wish I knew more details of how Densmore tried to coverup his suicide, but no one is talking. To me, at least.

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  1. cannoncocker says:

    Cyber Bully: “Ah, I see you’re a badass, I’m pretty badass myself, I took Tae Bo for 8 months. I mean, that means I impregnated Linda Lee practically right? Oh, did I mention I would TOTALLY kick your ass at some WoW? Cause I would. My +5 Shield of PURE AWESOMENESS totally beats your Call of Duty head shots any day. I am such a badass my smile breaks mirrors and shit!”

  2. cannoncocker says:

    Cyber Bully, here’s a website I dare you to troll:


    And here’s an email address I dare you to troll:


    I’m calling you out. You don’t have a single hair on your ass until you send your tripe to that address, and CC to us too will ya?

  3. NHSparky says:

    They’re so cute at that age, aren’t they? FWIW, CB, the job I currently have pays in the 6-figure range, not including OT. While I have a degree, it was not that which enabled me to land the job I’ve had going on seven years now. Care to guess which qualities those might be?

  4. Hondo says:

    Well, let’s see. Since I quit monitoring last night, Cyber Bully has shown that he

    1. Doesn’t know the difference between an IP address and a general geographical location;
    2. Doesn’t realize that the SCOTUS explicitly endorsed exposure and publication of phony military claims as the proper remedy for such false claims;
    3. Doesn’t realize that said truthful exposure and publication does not qualify as criminal harassment and thus in general cannot be prosecuted as a criminal offense; and
    4. Doesn’t realize that truth is virtually always a successful defense in a civil proceeding for defamation.

    That’s an impressive collection of ignorance. He’s demonstrated technical illiteracy, legal confusion, and gross ignorance of current events in just a few comments. Plus a hugely bad attitude and an entitlement mentality to boot.

    But that’s frankly about what I expected from him on reading his first asinine comment above.

    With those qualifications, he’d best hope he gets a job in his dad’s business. Otherwise I’m guessing he might want to put those “crappy service industry jobs” back on his post-graduation job search radar.

  5. A Proud Infidel says:

    CB, I have black belts in Yakimandu and Egg Foo Yung, and I’m working on my advanced Chop Suey training, and you wouldn’t know what hit you if you went against me. Vets like who you’re talking trash about know that pukes like you aren’t worth going to jail over!

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Isn’t Tae Bo some kind of dance form, or something like that?

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Billy Blanks was the man…


  8. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Yo Cyber Bully … you took Tae Bo for 8 months … and you believe you can take on a US military veteran … all of which are required to be at least proficient enough in hand to hand in order to kill an aggressor.

    Well listen here you putrid rotting mollusk … I take your challenge and will match your “Tae Bo for 8 months” with 32 years of US Navy Enginnering and put my boondocker straight up your overboard discharge pipe!

    In addition, I am an expert Speachóireacht, Bataireacht, and Coraíocht, so you sir can Kiss My Royal Irish Ass!

  9. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    Give this one some time, he’ll be shitting on police cars and hitting up the rape tents once reality pops the bubble of college life.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    If possible, I would like to get past the blast of nastiness by the trolls, and say that it’s a pity that Densmore, who seemed to have had some kind of ability to persuade people — basically, good at making sales pitches — could not have done something positive with it to give himself the kind of life he daydreamed about.
    Most people do lead quiet lives, and are content with them. It’s a pity that Densmore was unable to grasp that simple concept. This is no way to be remembered.

  11. C2/2000AF says:

    PH2, you mean he should have went into the salesman business? Would have been a good sales contractor.

    Cyber bully came to troll hard it looks like. How very anti vetish of him.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    @62 – Sales jobs pay well if you are focused and know your customer list, so why not? I had a friend who got a job in sales. I saw her six months after she started and asked her how she was doing, because her wardrobe had gone considerably upscale. She said she was having the best year of her life.

    I think Densmore just didn’t like himself very much, but was unwilling to make a real effort to be what he wanted to be, so he chose the shortcut of falsehood and it backfired on him.

  13. Ali says:

    Mr. Densmore attempted to cover up what was a suicide by putting zip ties on himself.
    This according to the local fire department and officers on scene.
    How or why he chose our beautiful, very rural beach is beyond me.
    I don’t mean to sound cold about this, but if he’d only looked around he would have realized that all he had to do to make it look like a real accident is stand near the cliffs for more than a few minutes. Something would have collapsed on him. If he had used his shotgun to fire at the cliffs instead of himself he could have sped up the cliff falling on your head scenario to RIGHT NOW.
    Sadly, for him, he proved right to the end he was no Navy Seal. A real Seal would have noted his surroundings and used that info.

  14. Ali says:

    And Cyber Bully?
    If it wasn’t for the guys on here that you love to run down you wouldn’t have the luxery of running your ignorant mouth.
    You’re a student…of what? Too much free time and idiocy?
    Don’t you have anything better to do? Like, I don’t know…running a telethon for the ” killer cop”?
    Because THAT guy is right up your alley…

  15. Scott Platts says:

    Cyber bully is just mad because he couldn’t make in the military and has nothing better to do then bash us veterans. I say cyber bully just remember your freedom to say what you want comes at our expense and I hope one day that god pass’s judgment on you for what you say about the people that provide the very freedom you take for granted every day you breath. To me you are not even worth the dirt on my shoes for the freedom that provided you with 23 years of service to MY COUNTRY that you are a guest in

  16. Every response but one has addressed Cyber Bully as male. I didn’t see anything masculine in any of HER comments. I see her as a little college twit, unsure of her future, unsure of her sexuality, unsure of her choices, but very sure that what she decides on will be the right thing.
    She is pure, unadulterated LOSER.

  17. Grunt_Life says:

    Most Americans these days are major supporters of our troops, and I guarantee if this twat were to say this kind of shit in a public setting I, along with the group of veterans I hang out with, wouldn’t have to say a word because every true-blooded American would step up and deal with this clown. I’ve seen it happen too, when a drunken idiot threw beer on me when I was walking into a bar with my blues on during the Ball, some old timer who never served put him in a headlock and proceeded to literally throw his ass onto the street corner and spit on him. That is why I simply shrug off comments made by pieces of shit like CB. Oh, and fuck you by the way. I joined to better myself, and I have learned more about who I am then I ever could have. What have you done with your life CB that makes you better then us?

  18. Z says:

    “To me you are not even worth the dirt on my shoes for the freedom that provided you with 23 years of service to MY COUNTRY that you are a guest in”

    Some of the most pathetic shit I ever read.