Ike Densmore’s last bid for fame

| February 5, 2013

So the final chapter of Ike Densmore has been written and TAH is written into that chapter by Luke Ramseth of the Eureka Times-Standard;

Jonn Lilyea, a retired infantry platoon sergeant in the U.S. Army and blogger at the military blog This Ain’t Hell, said over the years he has helped to uncover 96 people that faked military credentials and awards, including more recently Densmore.

Lilyea’s friend Don Shipley — a former SEAL himself, featured in the ABC 7 report — first told Lilyea of his suspicions about Densmore.

The West Virginia resident said he has about 7,000 hits a day on his blog, and it’s his readers who usually tip him off about people who might be posing.

”I guess it’s pretty common to run into,” he said. “We (veterans) kind of know each other.”

Lilyea has been following the Densmore case closely on his blog.

”While we grieve for the family Ike left behind, we’re still secure in our decision to bust him out,” reads the latest post about Densmore on the blog.

I wish I knew more details of how Densmore tried to coverup his suicide, but no one is talking. To me, at least.

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  1. SGT Kane says:

    I wrote out a satirical reply about how it wasn’t suicide it was vigilante justice brought on by you and some vet with PTSD trying to reclaim his honor, but deleted when I realized it wasn’t very funny, and more frightening that someone out there would believe it.

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, SGT Kane, I already get blamed for IVAW changing their name because of a Duffel Blog piece.

  3. Flagwaver says:

    Remember, it is a God-given right for some Americans to be idiots. We fought and had our blood shed so they can stay happily uninformed. However, when we do try to inform them, we get demonized. You, my brother, more than most because you have a louder voice with this blog. Just know that we stand beside you.

  4. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Experts weigh in on Ike Densmore case; Military blogger who helped reveal him said he doesn’t feel responsible

    Densmore tired to decieve police as to the cause of death …

    Coward to the end = Densmore!

    I feel bad for his family!

  5. FatCircles0311 says:

    Ike was forever haunted by the glory that is Don’s mane that he couldn’t take it any longer. Police were baffled when they came upon the scene of numerous hair wigs and pictures of Don’s epic hair with the word “ruined” written on the photos. Ike was never able to recreate authentic Navy SEAL hair to reclaim his lost valor he tried so hard to steal for so many years. When asked for comment from Don’s hair reporters weren’t able to get a reply, but a source inside the police department said their exchange with the hair in question was short and blunt.

    “***K that poser. Hair like me can only be earned, not stolen.”

  6. Twist says:

    He was probably trying to implicate one of the people that outed him in his “murder”.

  7. SFC Holland says:

    John, I appreciate you brother. You have my respect.

  8. Cyber Bully. says:

    Thats what you guys are, no more no less, a bunch of old, cyber bullies.

    And I actually enjoy coming to this site, it gives the average civilian great insight into what you Military cock suckers really are like.

    Youre the douchebags in highschool that picked on everyone, and made peoples lives hell, and loved it.
    Even though this guy Ike died, you guys still continue to make your tasteless jokes and cyber bully him and send his family and friends on Facebook mocking messages.

    Fuck every single one of you, Thank God for Dead Soldiers.

    • Hondo says:

      The dipstick posting as “Cyber Bully” is posting from a host belonging to Insight Communications in Louisville, KY. I’d guess he’s a snot-nosed leftist spoiled brat attending University of Louisville who’s never done a damn thing noteworthy in his life other than drain his Mom and Dad’s bank accounts.

      Of course, the Westboro Baptist Church did protest in Louisville in 2011. Maybe this tool is just too stupid to realize all his friends left town close to two years ago.

  9. streetsweeper says:

    I seriously doubt anybody associated with this blog is conducting themselves in any such manner towards Mr. Densmore’s family there little cyber scooter. Learn how to read and comprehend, *twit*.

  10. FatCircles0311 says:

    @8: My only regret is that I cannot “cyber bully” into the afterlife. With your words of encouragement I hope to find a way. Thank you for your support.

    – Best wishes. From the guy that stole your girlfriend, knocked up your sister, and beat up your dad for your lunch money.

  11. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    Looks like #8 is bringing a little slice of the Westboro Baptist Church to TAH, since he’s using their favorite little tag line.

  12. Gruntling says:

    You know, guy’s like #8 remind me of when I was in high school. I wasn’t the ‘beat you up ‘n take your lunch money RAAARGHROIDRAGE’ guy. I was the guy on the receiving end.

    Looking back….Yeah, I was a little pathetic.

    My point? I love it when people say that exact line about the military, especially the Infantry. Living proof that some people are just too stupid for there own good.

  13. GruntSgt says:

    Really “Cyber Bully”, that’s the best you can do. You might consider giving up huffing the skid marks in your skivvies and get out of that dank, moldy basement you call a crib and get some air….barring that, fuck off!

  14. Cyber Bully. says:

    Lol at pointing out my IP address, Hondo, proving my point that you guys are a bunch of old Cyber Bullies, that try to use intimidation and harrasment to scare people.

    I’ve received screen shots, and Facebook harrasment reports proving you assholes are harassing this guys friends and family.
    And yes, I am a student, I would never sign up for your jack booted military.

    Go on and keep posting my IP address and harassing me, you stupid bastard, you retards don’t scare me in the least.

  15. O-4E says:


    We can wear jack boots again?

  16. Cyber Bully. says:

    Forget it, you jerks continue to cyber harass people, and enjoy it while it lasts, until inevitably, someone prosecutes you douchebags.

  17. O-4E says:


    We will wait for prosecution…

    Many, many have threatened..none have yet tried

    Wonder why?

    Little advice for you..after you graduate college

    Don’t hang on the coat tails of turds and don’t defend the indefensible

    In the real adult world those things are frowned upon

  18. Mommy says:

    Whatsa matter, CB? Somebody piss in your Grapenuts this morning?

  19. Cyber Bully. says:

    No one has pressed charges yet, that’s your saving grace.
    I’ve been studying you guys for a while, I see the pattern, you shame these guys into fucking suicide, for your own egos.
    And all you idiots ever did was ” serve” in the most corrupt military in the world, no one gives a shit.

    All it’s going to take is a person to get that ball rolling, keep posting my ip information and DARE make any sort of threat against me and il happily do it.

    Cyber Bully Chuck SHAMtag s valor fiend wife got the right idea by taking her names of posers list down, I personally report all military blogspots that shame veterans to google, since harrasment is against their tos, etc.

    You guys are glory seeking bullies, idgaf if you insult me til kidom come, I’m not defending the indefensible, I’m helping victims of needless harrasment.

  20. Gruntling says:

    Love how all of a sudden college and military service are mutually exclusive.

    Totally NOT the one career path where most people enter with a HS Diploma/GED and leave with either a degree(s) or to go to college.

    Nope. Not one bit.

  21. Redacted1775 says:

    He seems pretty stupid for a college kid. Oh, wait….

  22. Cyber Bully. says:

    Lol implying military kid killers are smart for being suckered into becoming drones for government that is actively working against them.

  23. Mommy says:

    CB, no one is interested enough in your brainfarts to cyberbully you. You’re posting so much bile that your liver must be about to explode. And pounding the keyboard as hard as you’re banging on it is like hitting a window with a sledgehammer — it’ll break if you keep it up.

    Isn’t it past your bedtime? Oh, wait, is it THAT time of the month again? You want some Midol or something?

  24. O-4E says:

    @Cyber Bully

    The Shatags took their site down because it was too much for two of them to manage.

    There are DOZENS of other sites that do the same thing…from various organizations.

    See…most people find it abhorrent that you can lie about military srvice and valor awards.

    Yet you take exception to us using the one venue we have available to rectify the situation. Strange.

    Your buddy Densmore was given more than one opportunity to come clean. And chose the opposite path.

    So please do bring suit…let us know what any lawyer says..after he laughs you out of the office

  25. Redacted1775 says:

    Let me know how that worthless piece of paper is working out for you when you graduate and still can’t find a job. You’ve been had son, and you have the debt to prove it.

  26. O-4E says:

    Jerk offs like Ike Densmore used false military credentials to take jobs from jack asses like you…

    Why is that OK?

    Or the phony Vet that steals money from charity? Why is that ok with you?

    Or the phony that marries and leaves multiple ladies in a mound of debt. Somehow that is ok with you

    But us using a website to expose it is somehow sinister and evil?

  27. Cyber Bully. says:

    I see your point o4e.

  28. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    Wow, this one is like a shit rollup of Westboro, Occupy and Wittgenfeldian nonsense in a flailing little package. I shudder to think of what it could be a student of…

  29. Joe Williams says:

    Jonn, I will not stand behind you. I will stand beside you or in front of you. #8 showing his yellow streak and finding in his eyes that he is less of a man for not joining . So he makes up for his self precieved lesser manhood by coming here and talking tough.Throwing threats and acting big and no orginal throught of his.Go away little boy. Joe

  30. Redacted1775 says:

    SHIT! You said his name. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing from the flying assclown shortly…Why PPR? WHY?!

  31. O-4E says:

    @Cyber Bully

    You should really look at the people this site, and sites like this, expose.

    It isn’t the old guy bellying up for a beer at the VFW and polishing up his exploits from Korea

    There are some bad, bad characters and flat out criminals.

    And as you have shown..the vast majority of Americans don’t give two shits about the military..or military service.

    Some of us do. And it is left to us to expose them for what they are. Else they prey on the sheep (people like you) who don’t know any better.

  32. Cyber Bully. says:

    Joe, you’re an idiot. Inno way do I feel like I’m less than a man for not joining the military, what a fucking ridiculous propaganda led notion, lol.

    I actually feel sorry for veterans in my age group, seeing them flip burgers and deal with PTSD while getting my pizza delivered to me under thirty minutes cause the y fell for that shit.

    And as an aside, my girlfriend was in the army, and she said it was the biggest mistake she’s ever made, and agrees that you guys are a bunch of old, dried up crusty bullies.

  33. Hack Stone says:

    Well if your girlfriend said it….. She also lied when she said you were the best fuck she ever had.

  34. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    From seeing #33, maybe this is OG’s fabled SF/Starship Trooper significant other.

    I love how it claims to hate the military and everyone who was in it, but is somehow motivated by the “shaming” of veterans. That’s a pretty large bit of inconsistency.

  35. Cyber Bully. says:

    Ppr I can’t hear you over the sound of your stupidity.

    Don’t worry, bullies, in two years when I’m making more than any of you while laying in a beach surrounded by others like me who don’t give two shits about your poor life choices and government whoring, I’m sure il think of you right before a beer fart, il let out a little ” oh yeah ” whilst giggling and farting again.

  36. Redacted1775 says:

    Yeah, cause a college degree means all that is just going to land in your lap right? You really aren’t that smart are you? I think what you really mean is in two years when you join the occupy movement and defecate on police cruisers for sport you’ll rethink your decisions in life.

    Or maybe you should practice saying: “Would you like fries with that”?

  37. ComancheDoc says:

    Lol! This is a riot; dont feed the trolls guys…

  38. Green Thumb says:

    Ike “No More” Densmore.

    Time to move on.

  39. Anonymous says:

    “I wish I knew more details of how Densmore tried to coverup his suicide, but no one is talking.” I hate to say it, but I almost suspect the scene may have been made up to look like a murder, as if to implicate something more sinister.

  40. Gruntling says:

    In all seriousness, no insult/mockery intended, do you even know what you are talking about right now CB? Do you realize who the people you’re insulting are, and what they’ve accomplished (this goes for all veterans/current servicemember)? Why do you think that we are somehow less than you for wanting to do what we do? Why do you think it is alright to mock and belittle us for volunteering to serve and protect others, yourself included? Why do you think that the risks we take, the sacrifices we make, and the things we face make us less than you?

    And who are you to tell these people that they have wasted their lives? What have you done that is so worthwhile, that lets YOU think you can pity us?

    You depress me, simply because you really don’t know what you are talking about. And before you start rambling on about how I need to shut up, I’m just a drone, I’m a relic, yadda yadda yadda, I can guarantee you I’m most likely younger than you are, and that I am a student, same as you.

    A college education doesn’t make us ‘special’, despite what you may have been told. What you do with it does.

  41. Cyber Bully. says:

    Lol,no, redacted,all the crappy fast food jobs and service industry low wage monkey work will be used up by the poor souls who were stupid enough to sign up for war.

    If its any consolation, the guy who makes my Quiznos sub is a vet, I make sure simile as smugly as I can whilst passing up the tip jar wearing my Pro Peace shirt.
    The look of rage I get is awesome.

    But he’s a bully, so he’ll never do anything, besides i took Tae Bo for 8 months, he’d be in a world of hurt.

  42. Green Thumb says:


    I have a college degree. A couple no less.

    It still does not change the fact that I would love to mastrubate in your face and then push my foot down your throat to make sure my load gets through.

    Turd .

  43. O-4E says:

    @42…and many of the hiring people in the jobs you apply for as well as the executives will be Vets also…

    The average new college grad in the US makes about $36,000.00 per year right now. Which is pretty much what a young Sergeant/E-5 in the military makes.

    Me? I make about 5 times that. Not to mention a BS in Engineering, MS in Biology and MA in History.

    So not only am I a Vet. I make more than you will likely ever earn and I am much better educated.

  44. FatCircles0311 says:

    CB is just angry his parents already paid in full for my bachelors degree while he’s racking up debt. I saw this type of attitude a lot while in school actually.

  45. Redacted1775 says:

    Yeah, occutards had the same mindset, look how far it got them. All the bitching and moaning and crime and property damage, still just a bunch of unemployed idiots with college degrees that believed the hype. So how do you plan to make money sitting on a beach? With that childish outlook on the future I have a feeling you’ve already failed son.

    Would-you-like-fries-with-that? Get used to saying it.

  46. Green Thumb says:

    @44, 45 and 46.

    See it everyday here in the Great NW.

  47. Mikey's Mommy says:

    Gee whiz, some mean-spirited little twig posting under the name “Cyber Bully” complaining about other people doing cyber bullying, but when all is said and done, where is the bullying coming from?

    Why, from CyberBully itself, some pseudo-intellectual sprout going for a useless degree in humanities or liberal arts or (dare I say it?) hotel management. Yeah, you know what kind of job you can get with that? “Busboy!! Clear the tables!”

    The reality is the all the crappy fast food jobs and low wage monkey service industry jobs are taken up by undocumented immigrants, otherwise known as illegal aliens or in the slang, ‘wetbacks’. That includes meat packing, shelf stocking, changing tires and oil, clearing tables in greasy spoon restaurants, lawn maintenance, furniture moving, janitorial work in office buildings, flipping burgers at McD’s and emptying those outside trash bins.

    Oh, yeah, getting a job with a municipality doing things like emptying garbage cans and driving buses requires knowing the RIGHT people in municipal government. And those jobs do pay quite well as long as the city isn’t broke, but you have to join the unions, too.

    So much for the post-baccalaureate real-world working life.

  48. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    Definitely a pure troll. The Tae-Bo part clinches it.

  49. cannoncocker says:

    Hey Cyber Bully, I’m close to Louisville. Actually, I’m in Nashville. I’m also a full time student, and a veteran of Afghanistan. I would encourage you to take a drive down here and say all that shit to my face. I’ll even offer to meet you in the middle, say, Bowling Green? Can’t wait to hear form you!!! xoxoxoxox

  50. Joe Williams says:

    CB< your loud ingorant ranting says opposite of what you are saying.As the SE Asain war ended a majority of the protesters changed their ideas about everything. They are now sorry for the actions of thier youth. The ones that have really looked at themselfes ambit the fear of being wounded or killed. As for your manly Tae Bo,I hope that was a joke or you are in for a painful wake up.