Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the “Ruthers”

| February 5, 2013

That is to say the Ron Paul Truthers.  The ones who suspect that the Twitter page of one “Ron Paul” is not done by “Ron Paul.”

Ron Paul Twitter Account

Is it Ron actually running this? Because this last tweet is pretty offensive…

That is really odd.

The ‘lives by the sword dies by the sword’ seems very un-Ron-ish, under the circumstances, but the frustration at taking a guy with PTSD to a firing range could be a doctor thing.

I’m thinking not.

He seems to have some people who insert leftist cultural stuff into his things (read the immigration chapter in Liberty Defined, and I am not talking about the policy position, but they ‘they have a better work standard’ gratuitous slap in the face stuff’) I don’t like leftist red meat any more than rightist red meat, and Ron doesn’t typically use ANY. So, I don’t know.

I think it’s someone Ron trusts (and therefore doesn’t keep an eye on) trying to discredit Ron and make Rand the face of the “liberty movement”.

Go and enjoy the meltdown at the Ron Paul Forums.

If you decide you want to get thoroughly pissed off instead, after the jump I give you stuff to be pissed about from other Paulians regarding Chris Kyle.

I warn you in the absolute strongest terms that what you will read after the jump will incense you beyond belief. I mean that people. If you are in a fragile place, do not read the rest.

“Pro Libertate” says:

If Kyle had been a warrior, rather than a bully, he would have admired the authentic courage displayed by the smaller, unarmed man who fought to protect the ship and cargo entrusted to him.

How would he act if the roles were reversed – if he were the over-matched man trying to defend private property from a group of state-licensed pirates claiming “authority” from a UN mandate? We’ll never know the answer to that question, because Kyle’s “courage” is of the sort that only manifests itself in the service of power, and in the company of those enjoying a prohibitive advantage over their victims.

Not vile enough for you? Then I give you Kent’s “Hooligan Libertarian” Blog :

A murderous parasitic puppet of The State, who enjoyed murdering people and profited from his offenses, has paid the piper. Unfortunately, others were also also destroyed simply by associating with him too closely. That is the tragedy. The lesson is to shun murderers.

And I notice his death shines a light on the “liberty” movement that exposes a huge rift.

Those who love liberty, yet find it comforting to worship liberty’s greatest enemy- the government’s military- are upset that those who don’t maintain that particular inconsistency are not mourning the death of Kyle.

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  1. Bam Bam says:

    Yikes. Just ignore this turd burglar. Clearly his handlers released him too early for the real world.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hmm. That’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen someone publicly disown his own parent.

  3. Lucky says:

    That anyone would say or do anything to denigrate such a man as Chris, who died attempting to turn a bad seed from the wrong path, to bring him forth into the light, is a serious stain on the current state of America. Paul and his tin foil hat wearing idiots need to just shut the hell up, or go live on an island way the hell out somewhere where nobody can bother them. Let The Lord of the Flies shit take over.

  4. UpNorth says:

    Eagle Keeper says “If you would step down off the name-calling high-horse and actually engage in discussion”. Really, we’re supposed to “engage in discussion” with people who say shit like “A murderous parasitic puppet of The State, who enjoyed murdering people and profited from his offenses, has paid the piper”?

  5. Eagle Keeper says:

    sanitation engineer … er, streetsweeper,

    I repeat: What news stories would you recommend/consider reliable re. the circumstances surrounding Kyle’s murder?

    You know, reportage. Something that tells us what facts in the case are known (or thought top be known) so far.

    Instead, you “begin and end with” an editorial comment — an opinion from Rand Paul re. the value and meaning of Kyle’s service that differs with his dad’s.

    Oooh, aren’t you just too clever?

    So, cutting the crap: Having not yet read an actual news story on this sad event, I’m sincerely trying to learn whatever things may be learned about it. (Knowing full well that 1. all news outlets have slants/agendas of one kind or another, and 2. the reported facts will probably change, as more is learned about the case.)

    I’ll go try to find a few stories from outlets that are generally known to have disparate slants.

    Meanwhile, would you mind trying again? I’d really appreciate your thoughts on what you consider to be a (more-or-less) trustworthy outlet.

  6. Eagle Keeper says:

    Example: Lucky (53) says “Chris … died attempting to turn a bad seed from the wrong path.”

    Do we actually know that’s what he was attempting? How? Who says?

    I figure that Routh murdered in one of two states of mind:

    Either in one that was severely and negatively altered/affected by whatever horrors of war he may have experienced (i.e., under mental duress) in the Middle East; or in that simple, plain old sinful mental state of the “classic” murderer motivated by the whatever the “classic” motivations for murder may be. (In this case, possibly to take another guy’s stuff.)

    If it was the former, then Ron Paul’s comment about living and dying by the sword — though neither gracious nor wise (because of their poor timing) — have bearing.

  7. Eagle Keeper says:

    Ex-PH2: “Hmm. That’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen someone publicly disown his own parent.”

    Hmm. You must have gotten a different story than I did. In the one I got, Breitbart quotes Rand thus:

    “Chris Kyle was a hero like all Americans who don the uniform to defend our country. Our prayers are with his family during this tragic time.”

    He publicly disagreed with his own parent. But “disowned”?

    Exaggerate much?

  8. Eagle Keeper says:

    One last for the night: Hondo (38): I realize, agree with and stipulate to all the differences you pointed out between the Bible’s use of the phrase, and Sobran’s use of it as a title for an essay.

    I was simply pointing out that Susan was overcome with the vapors simply because Sobran used the phrase as a title, without (I’d bet a week’s pay) having actually read his piece.


    To say nothing of her utterly meaningless appeal to an Army-psychiatrist-friend’s “diagnosis” of Ron Paul. “He was a friend of Paul’s! He’s an ex-Army shrink! And you should hear his DI-AG-NO-SIS!”

    I suppose she also receives pap smears by long-distance.

  9. Eagle Keeper says:

    Any beefs or caveats about this NY Times piece?

    Ex-Sniper Extended Hand to Troubled Marine Accused in His Death
    Published: February 4, 2013

  10. AW1 Tim says:


    What a crock saying you are an Eagle Keeper. Unless you are 100% American Indian, you can’t even touch an Eagle, let alone “keep” one.

    Goat fucker would suit you better, because you’re a flaming, rabid, goat-fuckling, anti-semitic sand monkey, a fetid boil on the body politic of these United states, whose mouth-breathing, gangrenous tongue is soiled with the excrement of the RonPaul anus you’ve been rimming to gain his blessing.

    Like all the Paultards, you cover the fever-swamp dreams of your shriveled brains by exhuming and posting the writings and ideas of better men and women than you will ever imagine in order to appear partially normal, but as soon as the gossamer-thin and stinking first level of that rotting onion of a brain of yours is peeled away, the putridness of your remaining tissues is exposed and it’s rancid effluvia set free to permeate the air about you, thus spoiling the world in the same manner as the muslim.

    But what else would you expect of the cultish and churlish followers of an addled and decrepit old man who spent his life staring into the exposed lady parts of untold thousands of unfortunate women, living his aqualung dreams as the pervert he is and has always been the drool dripping from his lips as he relives those images.

    That is your racist-Jeebus, Eaglekeeper, a soiled, perverted and thoroughly discredited wrinkled old bloodbag, holding forth in his Temple of Insanity, while all you jackboot-licking, skinned knee, puss-dripping followers beg for his attention and pray for a drop of his infection to fall upon you and bless your efforts at creating an American Constitutional Heresy.

  11. Eagle Keeper says:

    AW1 Tim: “What a crock saying you are an Eagle Keeper. Unless you are 100% American Indian, you can’t even touch an Eagle, let alone ‘keep’ one.”

    Clue. Get one.

    You can’t even comprehend the possible meanings of a simple, English, two-word phrase. “Unless you’re a hunnert percent Amerricun Injun DUUUUUUUHHHH …”

    Why should I give a fig about the English you attempt to write?

    Go wipe the drool off your chin, miltard.

  12. Eagle Keeper says:

    AW1 Tim: You strike me as somebody who could really use TWO clues

  13. TheTrueAnalyst says:

    EK, you pretend to want a reasonable discussion, but then you just lost it with your “Miltard” reply. It’s utterly astounding how horribly one word can delegitimize, through honest exposure, an entirely falsely professed stance. Sad, for I possessed such immense hope of you.

  14. Lucky says:

    Eagle Keeper, I made that deduction, yes, I actually have school training in that type of thing. If you read Chris’ book, American Sniper, he talks about picking up heavy drinking after leaving the Navy and wrecking a truck driving after imbibing too much. The murderers mom asked Chris to try and help her boy, Chris must have seen a little of himself post military in that jerk off and his acting out with narcotics and alcohol. It’s not too hard to figure that shit out from Chris’ own words, witness statements, and what evidence has been released. As for news organs, the investigation is ongoing, so not much more will be released until trial. Then we will have do examination of the evidence. Until then chill the hell out, take the tin foil hat off and go the fuck away, please!

  15. Lucky says:

    AW1 Tim: Ohhhh, the Effluvia!! Lol, away with this Caviling! He is but a Cowan and eavesdropper and should be dealt with in the Morgan method, that is to say, moderated the hell away, grown ups are talking….

  16. AW1 Tim says:

    Give him to the Tiler and let’s get on with business. 🙂

  17. Lucky says:

    Agreed! But not after a Deacon or two staffs him…

  18. Ex-PH2 says:

    @AW1Tim, I admire your restraint.

  19. AW1 Tim says:

    Thanks. I’ve worked hard at it. It was a bad night, and I admit to losing my cool. I should never respond to trolls, but that one just pissed me off. It was the final straw, as some may say.

  20. Ex-PH2 says:

    I thought it was eloquently done. The depth of vocabulary, accompanying an almost poetic cadence, was well done indeed. I have been enlightened as to how vehemently one may use the art of rebuttal ice-cold rhetoric, yet seldom using the “F” word (except as it referred to goats).

    You are a true artist. I bow to your skill.

  21. Lucky says:

    Tim, you are a master of Verbal Judo

  22. UpNorth says:

    “Miltard” says the guy who says ” If you would step down off the name-calling high-horse and actually engage in discussion”? Hypocrisy, thy name is Eagle Keeper.

  23. Eagle Keeper says:

    #63 True Analyst: “It’s utterly astounding how horribly one word can delegitimize, through honest exposure, an entirely falsely professed stance.”

    But I’m supposed to sit here and eat “Paultard” and “Paulbot” &c. all day long?

    Sorry, but after his billious rant, I simply called it as I saw it.

    I’m not perfect, by any means. So please, hope on.

  24. Eagle Keeper says:

    UpNorth (72):

    Scroll back through the thread. In re. to name-calling, I have exercised tremendous retsraint, compared to the regulars.

  25. Eagle Keeper says:

    Lucky (71): You mis-spelled “Masturbation.”

  26. Lucky says:

    Actually I meant he was a Master at Verbal Judo, just as the Gracie family are Masters of Brazilian Jou Jitsu. You are a master of fuckery or was that buggery, you like sheep right?

  27. Smitty says:

    EK, i say he was there to help the kid. i had the privalage to serve with Chris in 04 in iraq and to call him a friend for many years after. All he ever wanted to do in life was help others.

    How chris would respond if the roles had been reversed? he would always fight for what he believed in, but would not hold local families hostage and force the father of a family to blow himself up. he wouldnt hide behind innocent people that just wanted to stay out of the fighting. above all, he wouldnt kill women and children that he was fighting for indiscriminantly

  28. Make Mine Moxie says:

    @ 37; No offense taken, but I am not a proprietor of any sort of news agency…just an E-5 in the Air Force. Who is a fan of Moxie.