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| February 6, 2013

I think the title of this spells out the situation sufficiently:

Women’s Unclean Breasts Cause Diarrhoea, Says Egypt Prime Minister Hisham Qandil

Pastrami also does that to me, leading me to question whether boobs aren’t made of pastrami.

And after all this time I finally know that it wasn’t the heavy drinking that left me permanently fluid during the early to mid ’90’s, it was the motorboating.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Seriously? (Falls down laughing, tries to get up, fails.)

    Oh, please — don’t get me started on this. 🙂

  2. Flagwaver says:

    This just goes to show that you shouldn’t love unclean women.

    In other news, it has recently been said that being a Democrat is the next best thing to a frontal lobotomy, but can be cured by the purchase of a firearm.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    News item this morning: Twitter now has a porn problem.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Beware pickpockets and loose (unclean) women.

    And here I thought it was just the germs from them not bathing since the 7th Century.

    Seriously, unwashed women and the trots? I thought that was a niche thing in Germany back in the 1980’s or something.

  5. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    This is true.

    I read about it in the “Jahidist’s 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation”.

    I think they borrowed the title from someone we all love and respect.


    Washington had copied out by hand, 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.

  6. OWB says:

    Uhhhmmm. Nope – can’t say that.

    Errrrr. WON’T say that.

    Better just stick with seconding what PH said up there in comment #1. (For now.)

  7. NHSparky says:

    Master Chief–doesn’t this fall under the basic rules of FSRA while in the PI?

    And yeah, I knew one guy who didn’t follow Rule #1, and got “gonk” of the throat. Nasty. Just nasty.

  8. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Too bad they seem unable to ascertain the cause of the unrelenting stupidity so prevalent in the Middle East these days.

  9. Nicki says:



    Thanks for that! I needed a chuckle this morning!

    Note to self: do not wash breasts when planning to sleep with an Egyptian.

  10. Hondo says:

    And I always thought that old song was titled “Walk Like an Egyptian . . . ” (smile)

  11. Just Plain Jason says:

    Now their views on goats and young boys…

  12. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Yo … whats wrong with goats?

  13. B Woodman says:

    The only thing wrong with the goats is how they walk afterwards. . . .

  14. Twist says:

    Hey, don’t forget, there are also no homosexuals in Iran.

  15. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    No homosexuals in Iran … I am cancelling my vacation!

  16. NHSparky says:

    “Shaheed, to love a goat is fine, but why in the name of Allah did you pick the ugliest one???”

  17. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 16 …. now that is FUNNY.

  18. GruntSgt says:

    I just don’t….know what to say, except that thank god my cup was empty. Unbelievably funny.

  19. pete says:

    i have a friend who has a goat tied up on her front lawn who will head-butt anything that invades his lawn! clean boobies or not,,that lil evil prick is gonna ram his head up yer ass if you step on his grass!! lol

  20. Joe Williams says:

    Now I have go to the VA,no warning. Safety belts were off and the floor just keeps on getting and down from the seat of my chair. Joe

  21. Lucky says:

    MCPO: no gays in Iran, because the government pays shitty doctors to change their sex so they are right in the name of Allah; if they do not submit to a sex change the gay in question is usually executed. Also, what kind of bee is best, especially around Halloween? Boo-bees!!! Haha ok ok I’ll stop!

  22. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Sex changes in Iran … vacation back on!

  23. Lucky says:

    Hahahaha that’s for people, not Goats, we know how you CPOs are… :p

  24. NHSparky says:

    Um, Master Chief? I’m thinking those “sex changes” aren’t of the cheap Thai variety that Yon likes so much, but more of the “chainsaw” variety.


  25. Curt says:

    Oh my Jeebus, I got the giggles again!

  26. Lucky says:

    Hahahahaha omg Sparky!

  27. Hondo says:

    Hmmmmmmm. Being from an Army background, I always wondered why they called the Chief’s Mess the “goat locker”. Oh well.

    Might explain the USNA’s mascot, too. (smile)

  28. Lucky says:

    OMFG Hondo!! Thank you!!!! I was thinking that for a while!

  29. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    OK … so now you know! HA!

  30. NHSparky says:

    Just remember, people…”BAAAAAAAA!!!” means “NO!”

  31. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @30 Unless it means yes….it’s all in the eyes.

  32. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’ve been out taking the car for its daily walk around the block. When I came back, prepared to put in a long haul at the keyboard, I (of course) went to the internet and came across this. I dedicate this photograph to MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) and all the rest of you from the goat locker. 🙂

  33. malclave says:

    This just goes to show that you shouldn’t love unclean women.

    Shower sex ftw!

  34. Flagwaver says:

    #33… AMEN!

  35. MAJMike says:

    Wowzers!! I’m sure glad the U.S. government doesn’t have a #2 guy who says such silly $hit. Oh, wait.