Long suffering Kansas strippers now qualify for unemployment benefits

| February 7, 2013

I heard this on Mike and Mike of all places, and it actually is somewhat interesting.

Strippers are employees of the club they work at, not independent contractors, says the Kansas Supreme Court. This important distinction means strippers are eligible for unemployment.

This line from the opinion had me howling though:

The officer concluded that, despite Milano’s’ “creative assertion that a gentlemen’s club is merely a place with good atmosphere, good lighting and good food,” the facts reflected that the atmosphere of Club Orleans was largely derived from the presence of its semi-nude dancers.

Wait, so dudes DON’T go to Nuddy bars for the food? Seriously, who knew? What about Crystal City Restaurant? I always heard they have the best steaks in Alexandria.

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  1. Mr Wolf, non-Esq. says:

    Best steak dinner in Denver has always been Diamond Caberet in downtown. Funny thing, it’s right next door to the Denver Press Club building.

    I heard they had a secret tunnel between them…

  2. Claymore says:

    “…the all-you-can eat hot dog buffet at Swinging Richards, remains strangely unknown here in metro-Atlanta.”

  3. bman says:

    The Kansas Supreme Court is made up of Sebelius’s appointees.
    The present legislature is attempting to change the selection process that favores the Kansas BAR association and progressives. Interesting time in Kansas.

  4. SJ says:

    Wonder of the Crystal City Restaurant and Titty Bar is still open since they moved so many DOD offices to Shirley Highway area?

    Never mind…Google is my friend and, why yes, it is: http://www.crystalcityrestaurant.com/ It is now called “Crystal City Gentleman’s Club and Restaurant” It says it “was opened in 1963 by William Bayne Sr. He founded the establishment with the intention of providing quality hot meals to the Arlington area.”

    Not that I ever went there.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    Of course they go for the food! What other reason could there possibly be?

  6. Twist says:

    They serve food in nudie bars?

  7. TSO says:

    I kid you not, I always heard that CCR had the best steak around. I can’t testify that it is, only that I heard it is.

  8. NR Pax says:

    OK, someone really needs to research CCR and determine the food quality. Who do we know that is willing to risk this?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not to split hairs, but CCR is in Arlington.

  10. TSO says:

    @9, you are right. I always viewed it as more Alex only because of proximity to Old Town, as opposed to say Clarendon and Ballston area. But you are right of course.

  11. Hondo says:

    Unemployment comp for “exotic dancers”, eh? Certainly gives a new meaning to the phrase “your tax dollars at work.”

  12. Country Singer says:

    @5 “Best coffee in town” – Pep Streebek

  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Nice to see appropriate action from the authorities, scumbag owners tried to avoid paying employee benefits as mandated by law by reclassifying employees as independents without any actual independent status.

    I’ve run into this with companies trying to reclassify workers as salaried-exempt from OT as opposed to hourly non-exempt from OT while still forcing the employee to punch a clock…that also typically results in a finding against the employer.

  14. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @11 Maybe they could dance the poles at the Unemployment Office to keep the morale high for the other folks not finding work under our booming economics policies enacted by our current fearless leaders.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They are also open on easter morning uhh …I heard …I mean someone told me….

  16. Just an Old Dog says:

    Strip clubs are for the most part ran and owned by total vermin. It’s all about getting the customers to shovel over the cash to the girls, that taking huge chunks out of the so called “tips”. I will lay odds that a good 75% of what the club takes in is not reported as Income. Some clubs actually charge the strippers for working there!!( that may be where the independent contractor comes from) So they go from being a employee to an expense. The club gets a good portion of tips, lap dances and “lady’s drinks” too. In clubs in SoCal the chicks get minimum wage. 30% of drinks and 50% of tips and lap dances. ,,,,, yeah I spent a lot of time talking to strippers and ex-strippers.Luckily I never was dumb enough to marry one.

  17. PhillyandBCEagles says:

    The Cafe Risque on I-95 about 20-30 minutes north of Bragg has pretty decent chicken fingers. Uh, I’ve heard.

    #17, that’s pretty common for the girls to pay $50 or so a night to the club to dance plus another $5-10 for a lap dance. They get to keep tips and the rest of the lap dance price though….they’re generally getting $500+ a night.

  18. TSO says:

    I actually saw in one place where the dancers were treated like exhibitors at a swap meet. That the dodge was they actually rented space from teh club owner, and paid him/her for that opportunity. But the court held in this case that that wasn’t exactly what was happening. (At least at this club in Kansas.) Apparently the club had too much control over the girls for them to be considered contractors or whatever.

  19. JoekNYC says:

    The stake I had at CCR while waiting for a buddies flight to arrive, (what? it was there or the rather tasty shawarma stand around the corner)… was just ok. But it was cheap at around $12. I guess you are supposed to spend money on something else….

  20. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Help me out with this one.

    I am not always quick to understand.

    So we are talking about Kansas (a place that I have never been nor do I have any plans on travelling there).

    Therefore, if Dorthy all dreesed up in her ruby shoes and her dog Toto were employed at strip club (as strippers) and they were injured and lost their jobs because of let’s say … ah … a large tornado … they would recieve unemployment and possibly workman’s compensation benefits?

    WOW simply brilliant!

    “Yes – let the joyous news be spread!”

  21. OWB says:

    Yes, MCPO, that is my understanding. Makes no dif if Dorothy is working in a bar or a widget factory. Now, the potential vet bill for Toto and the payoff to PETA for exposing him to the danger…

  22. malclave says:


    Thanks for the nightmares. Imagining Dorothy and Toto stripping morphed into the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys.