This Time it’s Clearly One of Theirs

| February 8, 2013

A rogue cop in California has gone on a killing streak, publishing a manifesto declaring himself a supporter of virtually everything liberal in America but outside the law. This renegade officer used a firearm to kill two innocent humans because of their collateral relationship to his own career failures. These were killings of retribution to get back at the parent of one of the victims who apparently had insufficiently represented the killer in a police competency hearing. The killer subsequently killed a cop who was pursuing him.

So will we hear cries from the left to disarm the potential perpetrators of such mindless mayhem? Will we hear op-ed pieces as to why all these cops are allowed to go armed amongst a helpless civilian population? Two things come to mind with the first being that the perp has published his manifesto in which he condemns every aspect of conservatism while effusively praising virtually everything liberal including the networks who should, if they were honest, be disclosing all this, but in reality won’t because this time, it’s undeniably a perp of the left doing the killing.

The left won’t use these particular killings to further their gun control campaign because it would belie their conventional wisdom that all such madmen are conservatives. Even they know in their heart of hearts that it makes no sense to disarm American citizens who increasingly are faced with the prospect of physically defending themselves against violence because the cops simply can’t get there in time. It is a reality that a liberal, generally coastal and urban minority in this country, will continue to deny for no other reason than that it makes them somehow feel morally superior to those of us with the common sense, presence of mind to keep a loaded handgun ready on the bed side stand. And fools that they are, they are the ones who fall victims to violence far more frequently than we who are armed.

And so, we will hear no strident reactions in the mainstream media because this time there is no denying this killer is one of theirs, a liberal rogue cop who advocates gun control while praising the president who seeks to disarm the American people. That this killer is black further lends to the muted response of the major networks for that is an inconvenient truth: a black man who, according to his own writings, is a huge supporter of everything liberal in this country, including the mainstream news outlets that should be reporting the truth of his mindless rampage.

It will never happen…

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  1. USMCE8Ret says:

    @50 – (NHSparky) Yeah, I know. That’s sorta what I was fishing for – a good laugh. Hope you and yours faired OK with the weather up there.

  2. NHSparky says:

    25 inches when all was said and done. And NO, nobody had to tell us to stay off the roads, and our highways were nice and clean just one day after the fact. Go figure.