Jason Conley; the phony Ranger medic

| February 8, 2013

Jason Conley

Scotty sends us a link to his latest bust – one Jason Conley, who claimed that he is a Ranger-qualified medic – that his MOS reads more like a Vehicle Identification Number than a Military Occupational Specialty; 91wM6VW1. And, oh, he has three deployments;

Jason Conley 1

Jason Conley 3

But, according to his DD214, the only deployment he made was to Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sam Houston, TX;

Jason Conley DD214

Yeah, there was discipline problems, too, which caused him to get kicked out of the Vermont National Guard. Stuff like drugs and not showing up for drill and missing the make up day for drill. He lasted less than a year in the VTNG;

Jason Conley 2

So, Scotty has a bunch of other stupid crap he did posted over there at his place, so you should read it all to get a full picture of the dude.

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  1. ComancheDoc says:

    What a fuckstick, those are real MOS codes but wtf, a fake medic?? you have to have legit NREMT numbers to be a medic, let alone a m6 (LPN) which requires a state exam. Dumb ass fuck could have killed someone if he were placed on the spot. GodDaamnit!!

  2. ItAllFades says:

    Flunking out of the Vermont National Guard? How pathetic.

  3. 68W58 says:

    But he really does have PTSD-post training (at) Sam dipshittery.

    I’m telling you, the trips to the riverwalk, the favorable female:male ratio-Ft Sam is not for the weak of heart.

  4. Tman says:

    they just keep coming.

    One would think in this internet day and age the wanna be’s would be smarter but this just goes to show that their arrogance and need for ego gratification overrides all common sense.

  5. ComancheDoc says:

    not to mention they serve beer at the hoecienda according to my then new soldiers. beer, games and girls…life’s rougher than sandhill during a heat wave

  6. FatCircles0311 says:

    Somebody punch this turd in the dick, please.

  7. Green Thumb says:


  8. I’d guess he didn’t get his “Drill Attendance Ribbon”

  9. 11B vet says:

    The 506th reference was a red flag for me. When they were reactivated they were 82nd airborne. Not 101st like Band of Brothers.

  10. MCPO SNOW USN (Ret.) says:

    The most valuable man on a ship is your Independant Duty Corpsman (IDC). One man, one department, he did it all.

    Although we called him the “pecker checker” back then, well because we only had peckers onboard, he was typically the go to guy for mind, body and soul.

    I look at this creep and thank God that most who took the oath to “do no harm” … took that oath seriously!

  11. melle1228 says:

    I don’t understand people who fake military service, but I understand those that have military service and mythologically build themselves up even less. I mean you are already more special than 95% of the population because you served.

  12. MCPO SNOW USN (Ret.) says:


    The last time anyone was thrown out of the Vermont National Guard … ah … well never!

    Although in 1777 Ethan Allen, the commander of the Green Mountain Boys, did relieve Private William Dumbfuckskibergerwitz for accidentially kicking over a cast iron pot of boiled beans and allowing a chipmonk to live in his powder bag.


  13. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if the VNG are issued Birkenstocks?

  14. USMCE8Ret says:

    (Birkenstocks…. That’s funny!)

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    GT, et al. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    Another one bites the dust. I still say we need to have “National Beat a Poser Month”!

  17. Anonymous says:

    This POS lying Bastard was an admin on a major Military with PTSD page. They asked him to provide them with the paperwork to prove that he was a Combat Ranger Medic.. His excuse was & still is that it’s all @ his sisters locked up in a safe. His ex wife provided us with his dd-214 & separation orders. After being questioned by me & a couple others. He admitted that he was never a Ranger & that he did pop dirty on a piss test.. He is holding firm on his Medic claim though. Has yet to produce any paperwork.. A request has been submitted for his FOIA.. He is no longer an Admin on the PTSD page on F/B.

  18. Scotty says:

    Damn it.. Didn’t realize that I was commenting as Anonymous ..17 & 18 are my comments ..ding danit ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. ComancheDoc says:

    He can claim shit all he wants but a W1 is a graduate of the SOCM course(1year in length) and a M6 (another yearlong course) is a graduate of the army LPN course and state exam. His dd214 shown above states he had the mos 68W for 0yrs/0months. There is a ream of paperwork they give you when you graduate that course inlcuding feel good certificates/diplomas, along with the NREMT paperwork. To be honest, im curious if his EMT-B registration can be revoked by the NREMT because of his drug/patient problems.

  20. Ex-PH2 says:

    @20, I figured out what all that alphanumeric means in Conley’s case.

    91w is 91 degrees west – location of vehicle, somewhere in the vicinty of the Galapagos Islands.

    M6VW: M is for mobile or moving, which means he’s driving a 4-wheeled VW with a 2-wheeled cart hitched on behind it, ergo 6 wheels.

    1 means that it’s a unique vehicle, one of a kind.

  21. rb325th says:

    They are everywhere now…
    makes me want to puke.

  22. Green Thumb says:


  23. @9 11b Vet“The 506th reference was a red flag for me. When they were reactivated they were 82nd airborne. Not 101st like Band of Brothers.”
    Which reactivation? In 1956 they brought their colors to the 101st as it evolved from 11th. I was 1/506th ABG ’60- ’62.
    I see that there are 506th units in the 82nd now and I am quite sure that there are some who just left Ft. Campbell for Afghanistan.

  24. Green Thumb says:


    The 506th stands for the amount of individual cocks he has had varying levels of experience (and success) with (draw your own conclusions).

    Look at that facial expression. It tells the tale.


  25. Piglet says:

    No element of the 506th Infantry has ever been assigned to the 82d. Here you’ll find the lineage and honors statements for 1-506th and 2-506th:



    Those who think elements of the 506th were or are assigned to the 82d are probably confusing it with the 508th.

    As for the relationship between the 11th and 101st, the 11th departed Fort Campbell, KY, for southeastern West Germany in the late 1950s when the 101st was being reactivated at the post as a Pentomic (battle group) division using the assets of the 187th ARCT and the 508th ARCT. Its battle groups were 2-187th, 1-327th, 1-501st, 1-502d, and 1-506th. Other combat and support elements were also assigned. As for the 11th, it was active for only a short while in Germany before it was reorganized and reflagged as the 24th Infantry Division. Two battle groups (1-187th and 1-503d) remained on jump status but rotated back to CONUS to be assigned to the 82d and were replaced in the 24th by non-airborne battle groups. Concurrently, 1-504th and 1-505th left the 82d for assignment to the 8th Infantry Division at Lee Barracks in Mainz-Gonsenheim.

  26. USAFWX says:

    @9, Currently the 506 is the core of 4BCT 101 Airborne(AASLT), or Currahee. I worked as one of their SWO’s a while back at JRTC.

  27. Bob says:

    I see this guy all the time in Napa Ca. I’m glad I pulled this up. He has everyone believing all this B.S. His story will be brought to light. Sucks to be him.

  28. Green Thumb says:

    Extra pussy.

  29. Sporkmaster says:

    Sorry about coming late to this one, but as I was looking at the name and photos there is a very good chance that I was at AIT with him from Sept 2006 to Nov 2006 in Echo 232. I remember talking to someone looked like him same rank and the time periods match up. I cannot find my Basic year book.

    Also if this is the same guy, he was claiming that he was prior service Marine Recon. But he was not with the prior service claiming that his was waiting for his issues with his records to be resolved.

  30. RetSFCinME says:

    Did anybody else listen to the BlogTalkRadio bit? Holy crap! What a complete load of unbelievable horse crap! “That’s when I took out my .45…. my service pistol. I can still taste the metal in my mouth. But I had Facebook open and I found this site…” For fucking real? People believe this shit?

    Fuck it. I’m going to go get a rope and hang myself. Wait. Dr. Phil is on. Let’s see what he has to say today….

  31. CPT Martin says:

    Man! I’m just excited to see someone posing as a Currahee!! I thought that all the fakers forgot about us. I’ll let all the vets in the association, and the Red Currahee (1st BN) Voodoo medics know about this jack wad.

  32. Green Thumb says:

    A “Dildoliscious” Duse.

  33. Green Thumb says:

    Wow. Gotta fix this spell check. Anyway, substitute “Duse” for douche, dick, dude, dildo, dork, dipshit, dump, dirtbag, dumbass, delusional, daint or ass dumpster.

    Your pick; sky is the limit.

    If you have any new words or material, please post.

    Always looking for new lexicons, jargon or synonyms.

  34. Josh says:

    What’s funny about it, he claimed 3/75. I was a medic in 3/75 from Oct 2007 to Feb 2010. He was never there.

  35. blog says:

    Thanks Candie

  36. Zeek says:

    You mean we were supposed to show up for DRILL?!?!

  37. Green Thumb says:

    One of my personal favorites.

  38. CATM says:

    I have as much love for Ranger posers as Don Shipley has for SEAL posers. I was never a Ranger but my father WAS and our family lost several friends over the years. This POS can sit in the pits of hell and wait for my ass to show up and beat him for the rest of time.