Is “Shooter” a Liberal Composite like Obama’s Girlfriends?

| February 12, 2013

I just read the full seven pages of Bronstein’s very disjointed Esquire article and my conclusion is that it’s most likely partially true that the author had contact with someone(s) from the actual mission but that the protagonist, “Shooter,” is most likely a composite character (like Obama’s girlfriends) created by the liberal Bronstein to provide the literary license to over-dramatize the situation and give the military a black eye.

I agree with others here that it makes no sense for “Shooter” to jump at sixteen years when we all know that the Navy would give a stud like this a non-combat job in a heartbeat if he wasn’t otherwise a screw-up. Bronstein does hint at “Shooter” having problems with his fellow team members as well as higher ups.

If I wanted to be generous to Bronstein, I might consider that he used a composite character to provide anonymity and protect the SEAL’s who provided him with mission information. But knowing what a lib Bronstein is, I don’t. As is usually true with liberal reporting about the military, we’re probably getting a bit of the real deal slathered with a whole lot of anti-military BS, a partially true fabrication written to support a liberal viewpoint. And it would have been very easy for Bronstein to fact-check the medical benefits angle to determine the truth, which he obviously did not, most likely because it would have derailed his anti-military narrative.

It would be interesting to hear what Capt. Larry Bailey has to opine. Jonn?

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  1. DefendUSA says:

    You know, I may be wrong in what I am about to say so anyone here can correct me. Of all the Navy SEALs I have met, not one of them has ever pounded their chest and said, “*I* was a Navy SEAL.” In fact, there was an almost intentional attempt to guide the conversations away from what they did.

    These guys never seem to act as if they are owed anything…so I scratch my head that the shooter is complaining of being screwed in such a way that he played no part at all?

    It doesn’t add up. And I resent that I find people sticking up for him with all of “us” throwing the bullshit flag.

    If the idea was to say that the transition from Active duty status and medical coverage or disability ratings process was a shit pile, fine. It is and we all know it.

    But if it was to chest puff and say That “*I* killed Bin Laden and all I got was a lousy t-shirt”–well, it honors no code a SEAL lives and dies by –at least not in my world.

  2. A Proud Infidel says:

    @D-USA, BINGO!! I’ve met real-life Spec Ops Operators, and NONE of them pound their chests and brag about what they’ve done in the past either. This article flashes “BOGUS” to me like a casino sign on the Las Vegas strip!

  3. NR Pax says:

    @1: The few I met had about the same reaction: Basically a shrug, an admission that they were in and then we went on chatting.

  4. Isnala says:

    Only three reasons to get out @ 16 vice staying another 4 for a full 20:

    1. Medical, in which case they would be getting benifits.
    2. Dishonerable, i.e. you really messed up.
    3. Screw an Ex spouse out of benefits/retirement pay. Even then you go reserve.


  5. mike says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read the whole article, is it even out on the stands yet? The bits and pieces I’ve seen seem to suggest this guy got out without a plan on what he’d do afterwards. Don’t SPECOPS at that level basically plan contigencies for contingencies of contingencies and rehearse them until it’s muscle memory before acting if they have any chance at all?

    And complaining about the lack of benefits? They started telling me from day one of MEPS, if it isn’t in writing it doesn’t exist when it comes to benefits, and I got that lecture again at out processing from active duty. After I joined the Guard I get variations on that at every demob brief after deployments.

    I can’t throw the BS flag on this guy because I don’t know that community anywhere near that well, but just as a service member some of it rings untrue. Maybe when I get a chance to read the whole article I’ll reassess.

  6. NHSparky says:

    Defend–bingo. Walking through Coronado, the easiest way to find the phony SEALs over at McP’s, etc?

    They were wearing SEAL or BUD/S t-shirts.

  7. MSGRetired says:

    Sounds like he has watched the movie a few times, that’s the same as being there and doing that, isn’t it ?

  8. Eric says:

    I just saw Fox news this morning and the writer of the article was doing an interview. He’s got that aura about him of “I’m upset because this guy is getting screwed” going on during the whole thing.

    He tries to explain certain things, but I call shenanigans as well.

    Over the last decade so many groups, briefings, meetings, transition blocks to check during outprocessing have all increased substantially to help vets because they are getting out. Even the fact that this guy has a TS clearance makes mouths water at hundreds of companies.

    At this point speculating about the “he could do…” just makes me roll my eyes even more.

    The mere point that this article writer is suddenly getting news interviews makes me roll my eyes so much, I’m getting a headache.

    What’s real news? SSG Romesha receiving the MoH.

  9. AW1 Tim says:

    I’m now down to saying that there are two scenarios here.

    1.) The “shooter” is a poser who strung together a bunch of stories he heard and read, enough so that he sounded credible to a gullible leftist hack. Since the story fits the agenda of the hack, there’s no need to do any actual fact checking.

    2.) The hack who wrote this piece made it up entirely. He also strung together a bunch of stories he heard and read, enough so that it sounded credible to a gullible leftist readership. Since the story fits the agenda of the audience, there’s no need for them to do any actual fact checking.

    As of this morning, I’m leaning towards the story being entirely fabricated by the author. If I’m wrong, I’m happy to post a mea culpa, but I don’t think that’s going to be happening.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    I think it is a fabrication. There are too many holes in it.

  11. Hondo says:

    I dunno either way. Doesn’t sound like those few in the Special Operations community I’ve served with, either. But I’ve also seen folks who felt they got screwed do stupid things without thinking, or to get revenge. And I’ve seen people get burned out and do shortsighted things, too – to include leaving Active Duty with 10+ years and nothing lined up.

    I’ll reserve judgement until we know more – if we ever do.

  12. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:



    Men, how many times must we tell, warn, and or politely ask you not to speak to the press.

    Each time one does so, it diminishes what we do.

    Recently, you may have heard about a guy claiming to be the “Shooter” on the surface some may say in was an innocent article. But I say it was a violation of trust.

    We will probably find out in the coming days that this individual was diciplined for several infractions which included a NJP(s). This would have certainly had a profound effect on his ability to advance as a Chief Petty Officer. His untimely departure is like the last one … questionable and not in keeping with the ETHOS of NSW.

    That is all, Department Heads, LIBERTY CALL!

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    This story was on WGN just now. I’m curious as to why no one in the media is bothering to interview active duty or ex-military before running a story like this, simply to get correct information on VA benefits and the termination process.

  14. CC Senor says:

    “And it would have been very easy for Bronstein to fact-check the medical benefits angle to determine the truth, which he obviously did not, most likely because it would have derailed his anti-military narrative.”

    According to Stars and Stripes, Bronstein says “Shooter” was denied because no one told him about the benefits and the facts had no place in the present article.

  15. ComancheDoc says:

    @14 Calling BS on that; not only has the MSM covered the mandatory acap classes but any nco worth their pay grade knows about VA benefits and someone who has allegedly spent 16 years in definately knows about acap because they would have seen more than one joe leave service in that time.

  16. CC Senor says:

    @15 My point was that Bronstein was shameless, not blameless. He knew the truth about the medical benefits, but “saved it for another day” because it would have derailed his current story line.