Dorner in shootout with cops

| February 12, 2013

The LA Times is reporting that the police are telling them that they’re locked in a gun battle with Dorner at Big Bear Lake;

The six-day manhunt for accused killer Christopher Dorner took a dramatic turn Tuesday when the suspect got into a shootout with authorities, according to law enforcement sources.

Details were sketchy. But the sources said that Dorner burglarized a home in the Big Bear area, tied up a couple and stole their car.

During the gun battle, two police officers were wounded. Their conditions are unknown. A state fish and game official was shot at, sources said.

It was published a few minutes ago so…

An earlier article at LA Times said he’d burglarized and terrorized residents of Big Bear;

The shooting occurred after Dorner burglarized a home, tied up a couple and stole their car, the source said.

It was not immediately clear whether Dorner was in custody.

A second source said there was an active crime scene but did not have details.

Law enforcement officials were swarming the area.

Live video;

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  1. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    It’s being reported that the SBC deputy killed was a brand new father. The murderous piece of garbage who killed him just had to ruin more lives before he met his fiery end. I hope he’s burning hotter in hell as we speak.

  2. John11b says:

    USMCE8Ret,He was San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy. He was one of my instructors in the Academy and a family friend The wounded Deputy was also SBSD and went to the Academy with me.

  3. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    No doubt burning in hell!

  4. NHSparky says:

    Dorner is alive and medium well. May all his “supporters” soon join him in hell.

  5. Powerpoint Ranger says:


    My deepest sorrow and condolences to all of your friend’s loved ones. I was a Deputy in northern GA for several years, and still thankful every day that I didn’t lose any friends like this. I wish them all the best in such an awful time.

  6. YatYas says:

    Well spoken John11b. Prayers for the deputies and their families at SBSO as well as the officers and their families of RPD.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Latest word is Dorner is dead, but no body has been found yet.

  8. John11b says:

    Thank you all for your support and comments. Sadly the Riverside officer who was killed went to high school with my brother so this entire tragedy is very close to me. Thanks again.

  9. Rob says:

    Latest reports say a body was found in the burned-out cabin, but no ID on it yet.

  10. OWB says:

    John11b: It really doesn’t even need to be said among those of a kindred spirit, but today I need to express it – many of us here have lost collegues in the line of duty. We really do feel your pain, and reflect upon our own losses when something like this happens.

    For myself – this week has brought back the memories of entirely too many lost. Each one was needless and I am proud to have known every one of them. Just as you are.

    Peace, brother.

  11. YatYas says:

    John11B, our color guard will be at Mike Crain’s memorial service tomorrow and will sadly have another to attend.

  12. Redacted1775 says:

    LAPD just reported the fire is too hot to investigate what’s left of the cabin. No body has been ID’d, no body has been found.

  13. Mitch says:

    It’s possible that he made it out unoticed. I once heard of a fugitive who was holed up in his house in a stand off with police for seven hours before they discovered he was really behind them shouting to give himself up. Dorner could have watched the whole thing from the trees, he could have been in the cabin, or it may have been someone else for all we know. Until it is proved otherwise, he is still a danger

  14. Redacted1775 says:

    Just had a San Bernadino Sheriff’s Spokeswoman on saying the same thing as the LAPD spokesman. No one has gone into the cabin yet.

  15. MAJMike says:

    My deepest sympathies to the victims and their families. I cannot summon any forgiveness for the misbegotten soul of Dorner.

    Any injustice he may have suffered at the hands of the LAPD or the USNR in no way justifies the murder of innocents who had no part in any possible maltreatment he may feel that he suffered. May he burn in Hell and may his victims rest peacefully in the arms of the Lord.

  16. Devtun says:

    Yeah, forkin media chomping at the bit to be the first to report a body…

  17. Redacted1775 says:

    There’s conflicting reports, I think both agencies are doing what they can to get the correct info out.

  18. Hondo says:

    For what it’s worth: Fox is now reporting the recovery of human remains from the burned-out cabin.

  19. A Proud Infidel says:

    I hope Dorner is the “crispy critter” they say is in what’s left of the cabin, but it could be someone he murdered before running again, I pray I’m wrong about that! As for being anywhere near that scene, I wouldn’t want to even be 20 miles away in an ice cream truck, the CA Keystone Kops are still in full paranoid mode!!

  20. Twist on staff duty says:

    According to the LAPD press release they had some kind of equipment that was tearing the walls down one by one. They then heard a single gun shot and then the fire started.

  21. USMCE8Ret says:

    @John11b – My sincere condolences to the loss of your friend. If there is some sort of donation I can make to the family of the officer, please post a link in your response. I will look for it. I am confident you and your colleagues will celebrate the life of your friend in order to find comfort in his commitment and sacrifice to the community.

  22. SIGO says:

    I don’t support this Dorner guy at all, but it’s pretty bad when the LAPD is allowed to set fire to the cabin and get away with it.

  23. Old Trooper says:

    @78: Yep. Why did they set fire to the cabin? None of the media outlets said anything about it. They just reported that it was on fire. No reason as to why, just that it was. Also, they allowed it to burn to the ground; why? At this point, I don’t trust law enforcement or the media to tell us the truth.

  24. Joe Williams says:

    The tear gas the LEOs shot into the cabin was most likely the flameable type. Think Waco . The reports I have read reported a single gunshot then the fire.

  25. SIGO says:

    @80: Joe, there is audio going around the Internet from the police scanners that show that the police set fire intentionally with burners.

  26. SIGO says:

    I should say that burners is slang for tear gas which is correct Joe but malice intent was there.

  27. C2/2000AF says:

    79 – They probably spoke with the homeowner and asked about insurance, etc. If nobody was at home in the cabin. Probably got permission to take it down. But who knows, all speculation.

  28. Gumshoe says:

    Those cops are dirty…

  29. Al T. says:

    Don’t forget folks, he had the option of surrendering. He wants to stay in a burning house, his call.

  30. Rob says:

    @83, even if they spoke with the homeowner, the insurance company is going to go after the PD that set fire to it.

  31. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I read somewhere yesterday that the homeowner saw her cabin on the news and called the police, so she had some input in regards to her property.

  32. Hondo says:

    LA Times is reporting that the authorities were using a “demolition vehicle” to dismantle the cabin had reached “the last wall.” At that point, they reportedly heard a single gunshot and fire then broke out.

    Dunno how accurate this report is – for all I know it may be the truth, may be complete disinformation, or some mix of the two. But IF the article is accurate it would be consistent with Dorner offing himself after starting the fire (perhaps to provide a funeral pyre) because he didn’t want to risk either death by multiple gunshots or capture.

    Or police tear gas could have started the fire and the timing of the visible flames could be a coincidence.

  33. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    OK. Stop.

    “Burn it down” … so what.


    The means by which the act occurs is irrelevant.

    You can use a hammer, punch in the throat, a gun, a blodozer, you can “fuck*n burn it down.”

    If it was your wife and 7 year old kid there as incident commander and all they had was a gallon of gas and a Bic lighter as resources … what would you suggest?

    This POS and his intentions were clear.

    I would have shot him dead on sight or flushed him out … with smoke, fire, snakes, dogs, or barage of bullets!

    END OF STORY. He is in hell now. The burning house was just a preview!

  34. PintoNag says:

    Messy. Very messy. But effective. At least we won’t have to support him in prison for the next 40 years, or go through the nonsense of a capital sentence with 50 appeals.

  35. MGySgtRet. says:

    First of all, glad that POS is gone. Hope it was painful. Also praying that all of those scumbags who cheered him on suffer the same fate.
    Finally, prayers to the families of those law enforcement officers who lost their lives taking that piece of garbage to the trash.

  36. CC Senor says:

    @78 & 79 I appreciate your point, but rebuilding the cabin is probably cheaper than a trial. Also, I don’t think I’m ready for a repeat of Maj Hassan or OJ.

  37. Twist on staff duty says:

    I’m going to wait until it is confirmed that he is dead before I break out the bubbly.

  38. Hondo says:

    Twist: maybe you should wait until you’re off staff duty, too. (smile)

  39. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @89 or in Philly you can drop a bomb from a helicopter and burn down the whole block.

    I sincerely believe Dorner got exactly what was coming to him, and my deepest sympathies extend to the families of the victims of Dorner’s murder spree.

  40. rb325th says:

    I care less if he burned to death or died as a result of a self inflicted gunshot wound.
    Sounds like the police (and it was not the LAPD folks, they were not involved in the takedown) were trying to force him outside of the house by pulling it down from around him and by using tear gas. Fire started, oh well… so sad for the homeowner who lost their home (seriously).
    Did they intend to burn him up or burn him out? I am betting it was intent to flush him out as they were not going in after him. I am further betting that he killed himself as the fires were starting and when the fire spread the decision was it was too unsafe to enter the building to retrieve his corpse.

  41. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @78. Once the place started burning, I wouldn’t have gone near it until the last embers were cold. If indeed it was Dorner, he might have had the place booby trapped and any remaining rounds would likely cook off. The best thing that can be done now is to wipe his name from the memory banks and bury him in an unmarked grave.

  42. PintoNag says:

    @97 Agree with what you said, AirCav. Particularly the last sentence.

  43. Hondo says:

    PintoNag/2-17 Air Cav: works for me. But burial at sea leaves fewer traces and no possibility of later discovery of the location.

  44. Mitch says:

    Wasn’t someone else besides Dorner supposed to be in that cabin at the time?

  45. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @97 The wiping from memory won’t happen as we all know, even if it would be beneficial,as there is a large number of people in LA who absolutely believe Dorner’s reasoning for why he was terminated.

    The nature of the LAPD over the last 20 years, while improved, is still one with officers being imprisoned, and an entire division shut down for corruption, dozens of officers terminated for inappropriate actions. The LAPD does not engender trust in a large component of the population it is designed to serve and protect.

    No doubt that includes some who are a criminal element but when your police department engenders tweets applauding someone who is murdering your personnel it’s clear that some sort of disconnect between your citizenry and your police force exists. That will need some careful work to repair, if at this stage it even can be ever fully repaired. I believe the reason they are reopening Dorner’s complaint is to keep the minority community satisfied that the right reasons were involved with Dorner’s dismissal instead of whistleblowing black man being sh1tcanned by a bunch of white racist police officials. It should be interesting to see how transparent the investigation appears to the public as well as if anyone it is intended to placate believes the results.

  46. Ex-PH2 says:

    I will not say I’m glad that Dorner is dead, because I’m not happy when anyone passes, especially this way, EVEN THOUGH he brought it on himself.

    Howevre, with the internet the way it is, VOV is right — it won’t be allowed to fade from memory for some time to come because of the dissonance between minorities and the LAPD. I’m really waiting for someone out in LaLaLand, not connected to the police, to start playing the race card and bring up Rodney King again but neglecting to mention the white truck driver who was pulled out of his cab and beaten by a mob.

  47. Mitch says:

    I just thought of something. They said that they found a wallet with Dorner’s ID in the cabin. But they found his wallet last week, didn’t they?