Terry Achane Wins permanent custody of his Daughter.

| February 13, 2013

I know that I am late reporting this but I wanted to let everyone know who is not or not. On February 11th it was announced on Facebook that the Frei family has withdrawn their appeal to the Utah Supreme Court. This means that the legal battle is over and Terry Achane has permanent custody of his daughter.

“After considerable thought and reflection under heart-wrenching circumstances, the Freis have decided not to pursue their appeal of this contested adoption. Although the Freis remain convinced that the district court committed significant legal errors in this case, they believe that it would be best for the child to drop their appeal now that she has been transferred into the custody of Mr. Achane. The Freis are committed to working with Mr. Achane to assist the child in making a successful transition. Because the Freis love the child deeply and want her to succeed in life, they are willing to put her needs before their own hopes and desires and would rather drop the appeal than risk the child suffering potential psychological and emotional consequences resulting from her either not making a successful transition or transitioning to caregivers multiple times in this critical stage of her development.”

That is the good news. The bad news is that Terry Achane has a considerable legal bill. The Facebook page Support Terry Achane is requesting assistance in helping pay for his legal fees. The link for more information on how to help is provided here.

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  1. NR Pax says:

    About Flipping Time. It’s a shame that the Freis can’t be forced to pay his bills for their part in this.

  2. Rob says:

    ^^^ Maybe not the Freis, but the adoption agency that did the shady adoption should pay.

  3. Hondo says:

    Very good news.

    I personally hope state and Federal authorities go after the adoption agency, and possibly the birth mother as well. I’m not positive, but at the very least this would seem to constitute interstate fraud due to use of falsified documents.

  4. jaggirl47 says:

    @Rob, the adoption agency has a long line of lawsuits right now as well as default judgments for failure to pay on lawsuits they lost. SSG Achane will never see a dime from them.

    @Hondo, the agency is still working under a suspended license and if they do not lose the license, the lawsuits they already have will cause them to close up. However, the owner of the agency has reopened it under 5 different names, the latest the one SSG Achane has had to deal with.

    As far as the mother facing charges, Utah laws are actually written to allow fraud by the birth mother. It specifically states that fraud cannot be used as the reason to fight the adoptions. It’s truly disgusting. On top of that, she moved to Utah a month before the baby was born so there is no interstate fraud. Utah covers birth mothers as residents when they spend at least 24 hours in the state.

    Anyone willing to donate, please do. All the admins are asking for is a $5 donation per person and to share the info. 5,000 people giving a $5 donation would completely handle all of his legal fees which are currently at $25,000.