AJ Dicken; most decorated SEAL

| February 15, 2013


Our buddy, Dan Noyes, out in San Francisco’s ABC channel 7 reports on a fake SEAL, AJ Dicken, who he busted recently. Dicken claimed to have 35 years in special naval warfare operations, but it turns out that the Navy, nor any other branch of service can verify even a day of military service;

“My wife and I met AJ, we were at a sports bar in Lake Tahoe; he was a bartender,” Harry Vested said.

Unlike most real Navy SEALs the I-Team’s Dan Noyes has met, Vested says Dicken was quick to talk about his exploits and that he wore his credentials openly.

“He had on his, I’ll just call it his Navy SEAL hat, with a trident on the brim and a little identification button on the side with a rank,” Vested said.

Vested is a television producer who thought Dicken’s experience could make a good documentary.

Dicken closed the deal with a DD-214 — discharge papers saying he served 35 years in naval special warfare, 291 classified central intelligence operations, Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, awarded the bronze Star, Silver Star, Navy Cross, two Purple Hearts, six counter-terrorist service medals, and nine presidential citations.

I guess when Dicken claimed that he was the SEAL who shot bin Laden, Vested started getting over his infatuation with Dicken. But not before Dicken took him for $50,000. Noyes also finds other investors in Dicken’s venture to the tune of almost a $million. But stolen valor is a victimless crime.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Ex-PH2: at a minimum, I’m guessing an IRS audit or two is in this clown’s future.

  2. kp32 says:

    @51 was me… sorry.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hondo, the reason I asked is that anyone who receives funding as an investment in a business or sells the rights to something is receiving taxable income.

    In #27 above, MCPO posted: The diplomatic passport which Dicken carries, along with various forged documents, have been reported to be used in attempts to create international bank accounts and conceal funds.

    This is blatant tax evasion. It’s how the FBI got Al Capone and put him in jail. If you and I can’t get away with it, why should Dicksnot?

  4. Hondo says:

    I understand that, Ex-PH2. But that’s only true if he received the funds personally vice as an officer of a corporation for investment by that corporation. If it’s the latter, I’m pretty sure it’s the corporation that’s on the hook for the income and taxes. An IRS audit to see if/how he reported the income – or if it was reported at all – is a possible first step.

    Alternately, the FBI may feel they have enough to move directly – and get a warrant for his banking and tax records.

    Either way, I’m pretty sure this guy can bet on his finances getting scrutinized by both the IRS and LE.

  5. malclave says:

    By that extension, I am a WWII vet, because I grew up watching Hogan’s Heroes.

    I used to watch “Liberty’s Kids” while babysitting my nieces. I guess I’m a vet of the Revolutionary War.

    I also used to watch “Superfriends” as a kid, so I guess I’m a superhero… oh, crap, what do you mean I’m the boy Wondertwin?

  6. streetsweeper says:

    Then it is possibly a RICO charge which consists of two sides, civil and criminal.

  7. 91B - IraqVetX2 says:

    Anyone know when the second part will be shown? I went to Don Shipleys YouTube page and watched the rant he did on this guy…fricking hilarious!

  8. A Proud Infidel says:

    @58, yeah, I watched it again today, Chief Shipley shredded that ‘tard very handily.
    I used to do reenactments, so that makes me a Confederate AND Union Civil War Veteran!!

  9. OWB says:

    @ #57: Been awhile, but it sure seems that something in RICO would apply here. Maybe a few somethings. Awwww.

    Maybe an energetic young prosecutor could be persuaded to check it out. After all, there are plenty of pics of him with scary looking black guns!

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    I watched that again. I love Mrs. Mom Shipley. She’s the kind of mom every kid should have. And now you guys know where Don’s hair originates.

    But I just have one question: Is that a gay guy doing aerobics in a leotard in one segment in the right hand corner?

  11. OWB says:

    Watching the live feed from San Fran – Spneser Christian is doing weather for the local station?? Kinda good to see him again.

    (The Noyes report is still to come.)

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    @39-Jonn, the next part is at 11PM PST, if you can archive it somehow.


  13. OWB says:

    Oops. Part II will air during the 11pm local news. They replayed Part I at 6pm local.

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    Also, I found it ironic — nay, hysterically funny — that the home of Silicon Valley/computer/tech industry could not hire competent contractors to update/improve the state-owned software for things like the DMV, employee payroll, etc., resulting in a cost to taxpayers of several BILLION dollars.

    Man, that is REAL fiscal responsibility. (snark)

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    Saturday, 6PM CA time (Pacific standard time) Part II.

  16. Dan Noyes says:


  17. thebronze says:

    Hey Dan Noyes, nice hit-piece you did on Steve Darden.

    Yellow-journalism at its finest!!!

  18. A Proud Infidel says:

    Hit piece, MY A**, that clown’s been conning people for years, wake up, Junior!! OH, wait a second, is that you, Dickens, hiding behind one of your fake medals?

  19. A Proud Infidel says:

    Aw CRAP, that’s what I get for posting before I’ve drank my coffee, I didn’t notice you said Darden, not Dicken.

  20. C2/2000AF says:

    #69 – Are you serious? LOL The cop Darden was an idiot and so was the Robles guy. Hate dumbasses who use their branch (ex branch while at it) as a trump card. Thats just a fake tough stunt.

  21. streetsweeper says:

    Oh boy, I see we have a Steven er Stephen L. Darden “I was a Marine” supporter in our presence. Since you’ve showed up and mentioned him, keep coming back. You may be surprised and in for an education. 😉

  22. streetsweeper says:

    Very well done, Dan Noyes. Keep an eye on your inbox too.

  23. C2/2000AF says:

    LOL #73 – This guy came in with a cheap shot and left real quick. I find it hard to believe that anyone would support that moron for what he did. Worse is his second job as a rapper. He cant even do that right.

  24. C2/2000AF says:

    Awesome, Dan Noyes was here.

  25. thebronze says:

    Yeah, say what you want, but I used to work with him and he’s a solid cop. But talk is cheap, like a few here.

    Noyes did a slanted hit-piece on him that would make Stalin proud.

  26. thebronze says:

    @ #73 aka: Internet Tough-Guy

    NOTHING you could do/say will educate me.

  27. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @79. Talk about understatement. Nothing streetsweeper or ANYONE else does or says will educate you. So, I guess we can just revert to dealing with you as you deserve: By simply calling you names. So, how are you related to jerkweed, the international man of action and fighter extraodinaire?

  28. Hey now says:

    What a shit bag! That is why we MUST STOP shitbags like this!

  29. Bullshit proof says:

    @TSO: this is why we have to stop these fuckers! They are steeling! It’s theft by deception at least!

  30. Mr. GameAndShow Formerly C2 says:

    Bronzeboy: Darden is a moron and an incompetent cop by day, moonlighting as an idiotic rapper by night.

  31. TheGateKeeper/MrGandS says:

    Wonder if Dicken is in Jail.

  32. Green Thumb says:


    Probably sucking cock on third and main to keep up appearances.

  33. MrGameandShow says:

    @ GT

    LOL Well he does have a camper, he could do what German women were doing near Ramstein AB. Placed a blinking valetines heart in his passenger window for “special” services.

  34. ha! says:

    Still walking around a free man!!

  35. Brownwolf says:

    @87 ha!,

    HA! back to you and your loverboy “the bronze.”