Blue America does not Back the Blue

| February 15, 2013

Oh, the irony. A few days after the Obama administration parades police officers sympathetic to their gun grab, we have the same liberals who support gun control effusively supporting a cop killer. From social media to mainstream we find those who supposedly want firearms removed from society celebrating their use when it comes to killing cops in California. From Facebook to Twitter to Chris Matthews and NBC, there comes an outpouring of sympathy and support for a rogue cop who has murdered other cops as well as total innocents, and vowed to murder more before he was taken out by those he targeted.

An obviously disturbed ex-cop and recently discharged naval reserve officer goes on a rampage of resentment with a declared intent of murdering police officers and the Blue liberals of this country align themselves with him, effectively saying they approve of killing serving police officers. This should really be no surprise as liberals have been supporting cop killers since the 1970’s when the good buddy of our commander-in-chief, Bill Ayres, found police personnel and police facilities legitimate targets for his domestic terror campaign. That this murderous thug is not in prison for life is a travesty. That he’s a confidante of an American president is a disgrace.

So, I would ask all those officers in that not-so-Long Blue Line who lined up to be smartly-uniformed, photo-shoot mannequins for Obama’s gun-control pitch, how do you like being in bed with those who celebrate and revel in seeing you and your kind dead? Consider for a moment that you were paraded before the cameras as useful idiots by a political movement that ultimately bears you no good will. You should ask yourselves which Americans immerse themselves in the cop-killing lyrics of rap and the celebration of anarchy. Are those the folks who typically would be called conservatives who want to preserve the freedoms guaranteed them by the constitution? Of course they aren’t. Are they the keyboard-pounding lefties supporting a cop-killing misfit in California? Well just look at the Internet and the answer becomes obvious.

Law-abiding Americans who want to keep and bear arms, even so-called assault rifles, are not the enemies of the police. We are your most solid supporters. We’re not the ones who call you pigs. It is the same Left who wants to disarm Americans who also bears a deep burning resentment and hatred of those of you who protect and serve. That anti-police animus goes back to the birth of communism in czarist Russia and it hasn’t weakened a bit in the intervening years. They hate you, purely and simply, but they have no compunctions against enlisting you in their cause when it suits and serves them, as Obama just did. The rallying of the Left and the mainstream media to this California cop-killer should be a wake-up call for those of you who have been seduced into serving their gun control efforts. Law enforcement officers around this country allowing themselves to be used by Obama need to wake up and realize the truth:

Blue America does not Back the Blue; sadly they do, however, celebrate your killers.

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  1. UpNorth says:

    Poetrooper, you should send this to that idiot Chief in Emeryville, Ca. First, of course, find someone in his department to explain the big words to him, and make sure that he comprehends what you said.

  2. PintoNag says:

    Very true, Poetrooper.

  3. Al T. says:

    Notice Obama has said nothing about the fallen officers and victims of the maniac in SoCal. That’s disturbing. Maybe it was just workplace violence.

  4. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I’m still wonderinh why obama didn’t invite Dorner to the White House for a beer. Or perhaps he did but they kep this one hush hush.

  5. © Sponge says:

    I really need a scientific body to do an in depth study of the liberal mind. There’s something inherently wrong with a thought process that glorifies murderous thugs as heroes but denounces heroes as murderous thugs.

  6. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    The Left will use whatever convenient methods present themselves to draw power to their views. Fooling some police chiefs into thinking they care, or showcasing some dead white kids in Newtown while ignoring the daily slaughter elsewhere in the nation, nothing is too reprehensible if it advances the retention of power. The Left always likes to talk about responsibility, one only needs to look at Ted Kennedy taking responsibility for his actions, or Barney Frank, or Janet Reno, or Hillary Clinton to realize responsibility is a meaningless word to these people in much the same fashion as caring is a meaningless word when applied to anyone but themselves.

    When an entire segment of a society feels that the police are as much an enemy to them as the local criminal element that segment will feel very differently about the police being killed than those who believe the police are a universal force for good and societies protectors. The Left will exploit that disconnect in this segment of the society for its own purposes, the sad part is that if anyone in this community thinks for one minute about the policies of the Left and what they have done to the black community of the last 40 years they might reconsider aligning themselves with a group that has done more to destroy the black family than anything the KKK could have come up with in the same time period.

    The Left ignores the daily slaughter of blacks and hispanics in the large metropolitan areas of the US because it doesn’t suit their purpose to have a dialogue that will reveal how useless most of their policies have been in creating a livable, viable life for poverty stricken, undereducated youths. It’s easier to capitalize on dead kindergarteners than it is to discuss a series of legislative efforts from the left that have isolated, undereducated, fragmented, and effectively imprisoned poverty stricken minorities and whites in these areas.

    Nothing about using Dorner as a folk hero surprises me, if you can suggest that my possession of an AR-15 is the reason a madman killed 20 kids and 6 of their teachers it’s not difficult to suggest that the man who killed a young woman and her fiance because he was p1ssed off at her dad and then went on to kill police officers has a legitimate gripe within the system.

  7. Tpk says:

    Comon, turning this issue into a conservative-liberal thing is crap. There are assholes that support this sociopath on both sides of the aisle (mostly on both extremes of the spectrum), but I think just about everyone sane agrees that he’s a piece of shit.
    The problem is, especially in southern California, the fact is many individual officers are very brutal, unaccountable and corrupt, which makes people desperate to find some kind of symbol, so much that some deluded themselves into thinking Dorner was a hero or something.

  8. Fen says:

    Really Tpk? I don’t see any right-wing facebook pages lauding Dorner, they’re all Leftists.

  9. Fen says:

    @5: “I really need a scientific body to do an in depth study of the liberal mind. There’s something inherently wrong with a thought process that glorifies murderous thugs as heroes but denounces heroes as murderous thugs.”

    I think its similar to White Guilt and the Limousine Liberal mentality. Leftists are all about selfish appetites. So they need to create some kind of “balance” for their self-image.

    “Sure, I made a pass at the babysitter, but I BELIEVE! in World Peace so I can’t be all that bad”

    Sums them up.

  10. A Proud Infidel says:

    It’s further evidence that liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

  11. LanceCooley says:

    I don’t in any way support what that psychopath did, let me just start by saying that. However, I don’t think the left are the only ones that view police as an “enemy.” I, for one, see them as an extension of the regime in Washington that wants to destroy everything America was and was intended to be. I’m not an extremist by any means, and I may be wrong in holding an entity as large as the LEOs of this country guilty by association, but I don’t think for a moment that there are many -not all- who will bend the knee to whatever order is given, unconstitutional or no. Not all of them are inherently power-hungry, but there are those who would, just as the article pointed out, side with a tyrannical gubmint.

    Fault me for it, or talk me down out off of the ledge, but I don’t see all police as having our best interests in mind as citizens. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    Do any of you guys ever think that maybe in some places like CA, the cops could actually go rogue on the populace?

    Can’t happen?

    1968, Hizzoner John Daley orders the police to ‘shoot to kill’ protesters at the Democratic convention.

    Personally, as obnoxious and disruptive as the Occupy people were in Chicago summer of 2012, I have to say I would not blame the police if they did turn on the crowd.

  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @11 I did not take this post to mean that we should offer unrestricted support for the police. I certainly don’t advocate that position by a long shot.

    I took this to be yet another example of how disingenuous the left is in using different groups and events to claim additional political capital for its’ agendas. Just as there was no outcry for 4 years regarding the daily murder of 40 Americans throughout the nation, there was no support visible for the police chiefs in the 4 years leading up to using some of them as added weight to garner political capital for gun control legislation. That’s how this post spoke to me.

    Without speaking for anyone else on the site, some of my posts are clearly critical of the police methods used in major metropolitan areas with respect to actually reducing and controlling crime ridden areas. Again this is my view I would never purport to add others to my voice.

    Not sure if that helps at all, but I did wish to illuminate my point more clearly if possible.

  14. LanceCooley says:

    I see the intent now, sir. Perhaps Poetrooper was presenting more of a plea to consider us right-wing nuts their allies should they remain within the confines of the law as opposed to those who would disingenuously represent their “support” for LEOs whilst wishing for their downfall, whereas we would support them genuinely.

  15. jordan says:

    Police unions entered into a political marriage of convenience with the Democrat left, but don’t mistake union bosses and politicos with the rank and file. In Madison, Wisconsin, during the governor’s recall election and the occupation of the state capitol, the police clearly sided with the leftist protesters. Still, I think most police officers recognize the difference between the average citizen and the left-wing protesters who have decried the “pigs” since the 1960’s, even while they feign brotherhood on some issues.

    An unprovoked attack on a police officer is an attack on the very notion of ordered liberty, which makes our peaceful, secure lives possible. When cops aren’t safe, WE’RE not safe. I’m glad it’s over.

  16. Poetrooper says:

    As someone who has personally felt the physical wrath of the very aggressive LAPD back in my beatnik days, I am by no means so naive as to believe that all cops are calm, kindly, well-intentioned benefactors of the common man. As a former combat MP in the 101st Airborne, I served with some mean sadistic bastards who delighted in bringing grief to the troops. So I’m all too aware that there are plenty of bad cops. But to distrust ALL law enforcement because of the bad apples is misguided thinking in my opinion.

    I have been a supporter of law enforcement at the local and state level all my life. Like others here, I have some problems with the far-too-powerful and aggressive federal police organizations. My belief is that most law enforcement should take place in the community, performed by those who live in that community. Too many big-city police officers, such as in Los Angeles, live many miles outside the jurisdictions they police, just to be able to get away from the crime and the dirt-bags when they are off duty. That separation may account for the “them versus all civilians” attitude so prevalent in many big city police departments.

    I’m also no fan of the constantly increasing militarization of local police and sheriffs’ departments. The swat concept has gotten far out of hand in far too many communities. They get called out when even the slightest reason to use them arises, even domestic disturbances. And while it’s essentially insignificant, nothing chaps this old soldier’s ass more than some full-of-himself police chief or sheriff parading before the cameras wearing the four stars of a full general or admiral. Talk about puffed up pride. Whatever Don Knotts wannabee started that trend ought to have his ass kicked up between his eyeballs.

    However, far more people in this country self-identify as conservative than liberal and those are the folks I’m referring to as being supportive of law enforcement. And those folks are the majority of law-abiding gun owners as well. True, there are extreme right-wingers who hate all law enforcement but they are a tiny cohort compared to the liberal left who control our media and our educational institutions.

    And while I did see some anti-police comments by conservatives in blog comments, I didn’t see any prominent conservative spokesman publicly cheering on this latest cop-killer. But I sure did see widespread support from liberal talking heads in the media and academia.

    What seems to have been missed here was the major point of my piece about police organizations allowing themselves to be cluelessly played by the Left as useful idiots. Truth is, some of them are just whoring for federal Justice Department law enforcement grants. There is evidence out there that those chiefs who go along with the administration are indeed the one’s who get big political payouts for training and equipment.

    Imagine that…

  17. 11BScottie says:

    10, funny you say that. Wont surprise me once the left gains complete control, they will declare conservatism a mental disorder, and strip conservatives of firearm rights due to mental ilness. Accordibg to a lib shrink, any american can walk off ge street and be diagnosed with some “mental disorder” these days.

  18. Boxrdadd says:

    Excellent post, Poetrooper. As a retired LEO who will always bleed blue, I cringe every time I see Uniforms lined up behind POTUS.

  19. Twist says:

    My brother and sister are both State Police. The whole “kill the pigs” thing going on makes me ill

  20. YatYas says:

    Good grief imagine that, some cops are liberals and other do the wrong thing or break the law. Geez, maybe they should be like the military because there are no liberals or douchebags there. This is becoming too much like reading some type of extreme left wing website were they try to use some idiots demonize a group.

  21. DaveO says:

    First question cops COULD ask: How ’bout Mumia Abu Jamal?

    If they hesitate, start looking for an answer, the cop should know he’s in the company of a person who wants the cop dead.

    There’s two philosophies to policing. One is rather high-minded – to protect and serve the populace, very much the sheepdog, low pay is fine because the cop gets the satisfaction of protecting and serving.

    The other is the cop-as-enforcer of his leaders’ will. It’s the philosophy we more commonly associate with the IRS. The cop-as-enforcer doesn’t care about anyone other than him or herself. The partner is just a tool for protection. The leader (union shop steward, mayor) is just a tool to give top cover protection. The citizen or illegal under the cop’s baton exists to be beaten, threatened, coerced into doing as bidden.

    Both philosophies exist in the US of A, and exist in every police force. Question being – is the cop-as-enforcer a necessary evil?

  22. streetsweeper says:

    You know better than that, YatYas. You are one of us just like any other veteran or you’d have left this here joint a long time ago. Stand to, tighten up Marine.

  23. Some Guy in Wisconsin says:

    Outstanding points. This should be printed up and given to all the cops in your individual cities. Make ’em think a bit before becoming pawns of the left.

  24. Ol Tanker says:

    I seem to recall seeing quite a few news bites involving troops in various parts of the world all in conjunction with presidential speeches. Some were in the sand box, others were Conus. Since those involved obama and even during the campaign period I suppose those troops, ordered to stand in formation as a backdrop to the potus are also all liberal blue minions of the administration. HHHmmm should they be brought up on charges for using their position as a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or even Coastie with their uniform on as a political statement? IIRC that IS a violation of the UCMJ isn’t it?

    What is the real situation here? Can we have one set of behaviors like that is OK if it involves troops and not OK if it involves LEOs?

    What is the real reason or basis for those photos / videos of folks in the backdrop of the potus speech? Are they there because they are all true blue liberal supporters of the administration or because some one in their chain of command ordered them there?

    As for me I think some folks have a hard time determining what the difference is between political statements by real supporters of the political statement ie politicians and political theater at the instruction of the Commander in Chief, a politician and his politician supporters IE chiefs of police.