The Snake is 80

| February 17, 2013

A MOH recipient is still with us.

Bruce Crandall

Thanks Hondo for reminding me.  I honesty figured the MOH was enough but I was way wrong.

TAH has told the story.

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  1. Hondo says:

    In case anyone is wondering what Zero is talking about with the “snake” reference:

    Happy birthday, COL Crandall.

  2. SJ says:

    Good ole white name tapes. Makes me geeze. Happy birthday COL…many more.

  3. Bam Bam says:

    Great guy! Served as his escort here at Benning and he was awesome. Took me to breakfast and full of great stories!

  4. Joe Williams says:

    Was the same air crew with him the whole time? Were they awarded if so what medal or medals. In my squadron the crew chief stayed with his helo, we would change everybody but the c/c.Does the Army assign their C?C to a helo or a set of pilots?

  5. streetsweeper says:

    Happy birthday, Bruce.

  6. Bam Bam says:

    His wingman, “Too Tall” was awarded the Medal a couple years before him. The rest of his crew, I’m not sure what they got but not the Medal.

  7. Old Trooper says:

    Happy birthday Colonel!

  8. kp32 says:

    I thought you were talking about Kenny Stabler. He’s only 67 BTW.

  9. Nucsnipe says:

    Had the privilege of meeting Col Crandall, our post hosted a dinner in his honor after he received the MOH.