Robert Patrick Lewis: Love Me When I’m Gone, a book review

| February 18, 2013

A few weeks ago, Robert Lewis asked me to review his book, Love Me When I’m Gone about his career with Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, you know me, the first thing I did was ask him for a copy of his DD214, and after he sent it, his wife loaned me her copy of the book on Kindle.

The story s a perfect mix of war stories, soldiers’ friendly banter, and it gives a great look at the training and personal dedication of all soldiers, not just Special Forces soldiers. And through out the book, Robert tries to maintain a relationship with a young actress.

There are some white-knuckle combat for those of you who want to get a sense of what goes through a soldier’s head while he’s engaged with the enemy. The writing is so good that I could feel my own heart increase it’s beat rate.

It also gave me a feeling for what my son experienced while he was deployed to a hospital in the theater. So, I’m grateful for that. But, you should read this book, if you have any interest in the war against terror and what influences young people go off to that war.

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