Hugo Comes Home

| February 19, 2013

According to Reuters, Hugo Chavez has returned to Venezuela.

He returned yesterday.  He is now hospitalized at a military hospital in Caracas.

Chavez’s supporters are overjoyed at his return.  However, that might be a bit premature on their part.

Chavez is still in grave condition.  There appears to be no timetable for his returning to duty as President of Venezuela. It’s unknown when – or even if – he will be released from the hospital. Indeed, there is some speculation that Chavez may have returned to effect an orderly transition of power.

No one knows at this point. But since controlling information is much more difficult in Venezuela than in Cuba, I’m guessing we’ll know more soon.

Perhaps it would be a good idea for Hugo to get his personal affairs in order – just in case.

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  1. MAJMike says:

    Well now. We’ll just see how wonderful that Cuban state medical system is.

  2. A Proud Infidel says:

    I’m certain that the quality of care that Chavez received is absolutely unavailable to the everyday Cuban or Venezuelan.

  3. PintoNag says:

    Hugo Chavez is dead.
    No he is not.
    Yes he is.
    No he’s not.
    Is too.
    Is not.