Tuesdays with Claymore

| February 19, 2013

Going postal

Welcome to 2003

Guard your privates

I’m with the band.

DUer’s don’t like John McCain…does anyone?

No sandwiches were made that day.

Hey, maybe they’ll get a participation medal like at soccer!

What if we just outlawed drunk driving…

Romney would have ended habeas corpus? Really?

Crazy train

GOP wants sequester so it can ruin Obama…as if he needed help.

Arm your children well.

If he doesn’t deserve to be Secdef, then how does he deserve to be a Senator?

Copping an attitude.

Hating Corolla

Mile High Gun Grabbers

Clearly more gun control would have stopped this.

Rush is virtually destitute…destitute I tell ya!!!

Blocking potential Democrat voters…I mean illegals…same thing.

Hiking the minimum wage will help the economy, says those who have fucking clue how the economy works.

Disposable workers

Chicken Little Syndrome

Recessions are a conspiracy to hold down wages?

Banging one out.

Supremely bad

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  1. Just Plain Jason says:

    I don’t know how I missed all this joyus fun! I just love their comments on Sheila Jackson Lee. I would love to get someone who has actually been a slave to come before congress to look at that woman in the face and say really you were a freed slave? I really fucking hate people like her.