Former Marine fakes injury to bilk charities

| February 20, 2013

The Dallas News tells the story of Michael Campbell, a former Marine who had served from 2000-2004 and had never deployed, who concocted a blast injury in order to defraud some local charities and to get into the PGA;

He said members of his unit died in the explosion “and that he awoke from his serious injuries months later stateside at Walter Reed Army Hospital,” court documents state.

Campbell also told people he couldn’t speak and that when his speech returned, he stuttered. He also claimed to have short-term memory loss from this brain injury.

He concocted the story to “get financial help to obtain his dream of playing golf on the PGA Tour,” documents state. He told people one of his doctors suggested he take up golf to help with his rehabilitation. He created a website and used a promotional video as part of his scheme.

His story was convincing enough that he was flown back to the ‘scene’ of his injury for a “Proper Exit” from the Iraq war. Like Punk Lewis, he convinced journalists to write about his journey back from his injury. Although the article doesn’t go into detail, it looks like he’s facing a federal court. Apparently, he pleaded out to one count of mail fraud, despite the numerous instances of fraud, but he faces 20 years in the federal pound.

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  1. Hondo says:

    A second faker who’s also a pro golf wannabee? Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice!

  2. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Sounds like a bunch of losers are ending up on the links lately … wink!

  3. Twist says:

    It’s always got to be a catastrophic loss with these turds “injuries”. If these dipsticks want to have a concussion from an IED blast so bad, I will gladly give them mine.

  4. AndyFMF says:

    We could each give him one…until he has the exact symptoms that he lied about.

  5. Tx gunner says:

    A serious ass whipping and changing is discharge status to BCD would set a nice example for anyone else who is thinking about pulling some bull shit like this in the future. That’s my 2 cents.

  6. pete says:

    these scumbags are like cockroaches,,they just keep coming

  7. Hack.Stone says:

    It’s always been my dream to become a professional pinball player. While serving in Okinawa, I suffered a TDI (Traumatic Drinking Incident), and woke up in my BEQ two days later, with no idea how I got there. Can someone please give me some money now?

    I just hope this latest ass-wipe wasn’t a comm guy, we already have enough dirtbags soiling our reputation.

  8. HMCS(FMF) Ret. says:

    Bubba J. is gonna get himself some luvin’ from the turd Ex-Marine when he shows up at the Fed lock-up. $40K to play golf? Dude probably can’t shoot below 100 at the local putt-putt course (windmill probably kicks his ass all of the time).

  9. CWO5USMC says:

    @7….. Hack, I agree with you. I think I might have been along with you on the TDI injury. Buster probably drove us home, he was always a loyal to a fault.

    Jury’s out on wether or not he was a Comm guy, but let’s hope not.

  10. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if WWP is sponsoring this fool too?

  11. Old Tanker says:

    #5 Tx

    I’m with you….give this turd a Big Chicken Dinner and see who wants to follow in hid footsteps…

  12. rb325th says:

    @ 8, I will have you know, that Windmill is a real bitch man… Now can you all pony up some coinage here, cuz I landed on my head once or twice during airborne operations from the Space Shuttle and I am trying to get onto the PGA Tour myself.

    They could actually have their own tour, the NWFA… NonWounded Fake (or expletive) Tour. Orange Jumpsuits required.

  13. Twist says:

    I twisted my ankle once while putting my boot in a Private’s. Can I get some money?

  14. Old Tanker says:

    Not that I want to speak for any Marines here, but I’m guessing this guy is now an ex-Marine?

  15. 509thBob says:

    Even if he was only convicted of one count of mail fraud, 18 USC 1341, his federal sentencing recommendation range is imprisonment between 87 and 108 months.

  16. FatCircles0311 says:

    How the hell do you never deploy in the Marine Corps? My 4 consisted of 3 overseas deployments with an extension that doubled it’s initial length to nearly a year.

    God damn it, Marine Corps.

  17. A Proud Infidel says:

    HEY, I,. uhhmm,… stubbed my toe while I was deployed, and,… I THINK I saw a Taliban dude when I did,… can i have some money, too? OH, I had a hangnail while that happened, too, can i have an extra Purple Heart for that? (*WHOOPS*, substitute VC or NVA with Taliban, and that sounds like John Kerry!)

    I hope that poser ends up like this one in story:
    A new inmate was brought to his cell, and his cellmate was a very large muscular man who had obviously been there for a while. As soon as the cell door slammed shut, the big guy asked “How long you here for?” The newbie said “15 years.” The big guy said “15 years? That’s like being married, ain’t it? What do you want to be, the husband or the wife?” The newbie replied “Husband!’ The big guy replied “OK, fine by me, now GET OVER HERE and suck your wife’s d**k!”.

    It ought to happen to EVERY poser!

  18. NR Pax says:

    How the hell do you never deploy in the Marine Corps?

    I was in the Reserves and never got deployed. The closest I got was being on standby to go to Djibouti and that fell through at the last minute.

  19. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He actually “RETURNED” to Iraq as part of the healing process. Can you imagine? He stood among a small group of Veterans, some missing an arm or a leg,and spoke of his experience and injury. Good people donate money and time to the Troops First Foundation and its Operation Proper Exit. It’s designed chiefly for troops who left Iraq on a Medevac and who are recovered sufficiently to return to leave walking out on their own. This SOB took a seat belonging to one of these troops. Words fail me on this. It is a betrayal of a special sort.

  20. Twist says:

    @16, I was green with envy with your guys’ 6 month tours. Don’t feel bad, the Army has got people with 15 years in that have never deployed.

  21. Hack.Stone says:

    CWO5USMC@9, you need a new handle. The vast left wing conspiracy may be able to pin you down. May I suggest that you go by Frank Stallone, or perhaps Frank St. Allone? Or, if you have the patience, I will bequesth the name Hack Stone to you in my will. That’s all I will be able to give you, as my realtives are probably all ready to divy up what little I have. I said it before, and i’ll say it again. Sorbet ens me.

  22. FatCircles0311 says:

    @20: If we deployed with the big PX nobody would mind 12 month deployments. I envy army deployments because you guys bring everything, including taco bell. 🙂

  23. Green Thumb says:


    Yeah, this turd is low.

  24. Twist says:

    @22, That is the Fobits, us grunts lived in the middle of nowhere on COPs with nothing.

  25. B Woodman says:

    Sooooo. . .
    Did he have an attack of Teh Conscience? (how likely is that?)
    Or did someone do their their homework and “out” this turd??

    FLUSH HIM DOWN THE PUNCH BOWL. But only after delivering him his well deserved punches.

  26. streetsweeper says:

    Haul him before the USMC, re-activate his phony damn ass then give him a DHD after he does a lengthy tour of duty in the military pound me in the ass at Leavenworth. Frack him…

  27. NHSparky says:

    It just amazes me that in this information-based age, that these dipshits think they can get away with this shit forever.

    Yeah, they might be able to get over for a little while, but SOMEONE out there knows the truth, and damned if that little “inconvenience” doesn’t bite these losers square in their lying asses eventually.

  28. Dano says:

    There are alot of them out there, young and old. They are out there. They want and crave attention. To pay back what they have been given or recieved by defrauding thier company’s and individual’s would be nice. However it will not happen but it would be a start. To garnish someones pension to repay what they dfrauded would be a start.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sitting in prison is not punishment enough for people like this turd. Part of his sentence should be that he needs to leave the prison every day, go to Walter Reed and empty the bed pans of the real heros that were injured in the service of their country. A daily dose of shame and humiliation would do him a world of good.

  30. Fucking holy shit, what a piece of garbage. Stealing a real wounded warriors seat on that trip is below low. Shit.

  31. Having just finished SEAL CPO Chris Kyle’s book, “American Sniper”, this morning, in his honor I have a new level of distaste for these phony bastards. What a bunch of calloused knee ball swabbers.

  32. A Proud Infidel says:

    Like the Squids say, “Lower than whale shit” because that’s found at the bottom of the ocean! He out to be force fed the contents of every bedpan in Walter Reed every day!

  33. TacticalTrunkMonkey says:

    HOLY FUCK!!! Campbell was one of my best friends! We played golf everyday for a year, we hung out all the time…and he NEVER told me how he got the stutter, (yes, he really did stutter)…offered for me to come be his caddy if I got out of the Corps.

    Well, Shit, I KNEW he never went to Iraq…just never knew he went this far batshit crazy after he got out (I haven’t spoken to him in years).

    Sad ending to our “friendship”…

  34. Ex-PH2 says:

    People like this do more damage than you can count.

    So many of them are defrauding the general public, people who mean well and want to support the real troops, that eventually no one will give a damn about the real troops.

    How much suspicion about the real wounded is going to come up now when people see stuff like this? Lots.

    Mail fraud carries a penalty up to 30 years and $1,000,000 in fines, depending on how bad the fraud is. I think the judge should give this jackass the max.

  35. TacticalTrunkMonkey says:


    yep…totally agree. The more I sit and think about this guy…I remember him telling me a year or so back that he was doing contractor work, and that’s why he was going back to Iraq.

    what a worthless POS…I am ashamed that I even know him.

  36. 11BScottie says:

    FatCircles0311, “extended” to a year eh? My last deployment was 18 months. 😉

    On a serious note, fuck this guy.

  37. 11BScottie says:

    At least he got to “go to Iraq” out of the deal, even though he never served there. So now I bet he shows people pictures of him there in uniform as proof he was “deployed to iraq”

    Besides, what the fuck is up with “operation proper exit” anyway? Who the fuck wants to go back to where they were blown the fuck up. That’s some of the most retarded shit I’ve heard of.

  38. Green Thumb says:


    I agree.

  39. ItAllFades says:

    I can’t even get the VA to finish my claim (been almost 3 years) for some of the same shit this guy was faking, and there are people scamming charities out of money and sponsorships? Man, that’s getting old having to read about.