Navy’s Office of Hazing Prevention

| February 21, 2013

With sequestration looming on the horizon, cuts to Tricare, the Department of Defense raiding our Tricare surplus, the outgoing Defense Secretary calling for servicemember pay cuts, qualitative management severing heads, the Navy has decided to throw away more money on an “Office of Hazing Protection” according to the Navy Times;

The new office will be charged with issuing anti-hazing policy and tracking “substantiated cases,” which will now be documented and tracked through a Navy-wide database, the release said.

Further details are spelled out in a NAVADMIN, which was not immediately available on the Navy Personnel Command website.

The Navy already has an organization designed to deal with the problems they perceive to be running rampant through their service – it’s call a “Chain of Command”. I’m sure this new office will have a flag officer at it’s head and a flock of legal eagle underlings – it’s probably more expensive than it needs to be – especially since everyone in the Navy knows what is hazing, what is right and what is wrong without an expensive new office to tell them.

It’s just a way for leaders to avoid having to lead, an excuse to pass on blame to some formal entity instead of enforcing a simple and easy to understand policy. More of that “do something” shit that drives political policy these days.

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  1. DaveO says:

    Not folks in Navy uniform – it will be civilians who are not only lawyers, but politically reliable. Civilians specifically tasked to look at anti-gay and anti-feminazi hazing (term to be user defined, like rape).

  2. Reaperman says:

    Being a ‘new’ office, it will soon find itself summoned before the Court of Neptune. There will be paddles, tubes and likely some ID10T forms.

  3. FatCircles0311 says:

    Remember when the U.S. military wasn’t out of control bureaucracy? Pepperidge Farms does…..

  4. Rob says:

    So, how is this new office any different from the IG?

  5. Gruntling says:

    Well, this is what I get for wondering what idiotic move the top could possibly make next.

  6. NHSparky says:

    Well, let’s see, no more CPO initiations, no more “crossing the line” ceremonies, no more fucking with non-quals…yeah, this is about as far from the Navy I joined as it gets.

    So we’ve gone from “rum, sodomy, and the lash” to “no smoking unless it’s another guy’s pole, no drinking cause there’ll be breathalyzers, and a time out if you’ve fucked up maintenance on the hot rock.”

    FML. Maybe these perfumed princes have yet to figure out there was a PURPOSE to fucking with someone (NOT abuse, mind you) in that it’s better to find out how someone is going to react under stress in a “controlled” environment, rather than 800-plus feet when the plant just shit the bed and water is coming into the people tank, along with a whole host of other bad shit.

  7. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:


    Wait a second … some of the best times I ever had in the Navy were well … being hazed. Grant you I never had my ears sewn to a pillow by Navy Corpsman in a Naval Hospital, or been violated up the overboard discharge pipe, or beaten so bad that I passed out or pissed blood … but quite frankly Hole Snipe Hazing, Chief Initiation, and Crossing the Line all included instutional hazing that was in most respects, in terms of building morale and espirit de corps, good for the crew.

    As you may know … Chiefs “Initiation” is now gone … it was then called “Transition” … then “Rights Passages” …. now it is called “Girls Night Out” or “Give them a set of Anchors” or something sh!t like that … and away we go.

    I don’t know anymore…

    PS: The best damn military hazing I recieved was in boot camp at GLAKES in October 1979. EMC Roberts, who left side of his face was burnt so bad … not much of a left ear either … it would make a grown man cry just looking at him. I believe he was involved in a shipboard fire. In any case, I ended up in MTU everynight becuase I was a freckled faced dumbass at 17. He would turn up the heat to 90 degrees in the barracks, issue us all an unloaded M-1, tell us about the pain and suffering he has endured his entire life, then he would turn his head left side to, scary scar staring us all down and say, “read my lips you low life Yankee fuckers … you are nothing but bugs and I am going to crush to guts our of yer”. And he did. But, I never forgot EMC Roberts, nor will I ever, because he changed me for the better.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    What? No report chits? No getting chewed but good for screwing up or being late? No chipping paint, cleaning floors til they shine, no EMI?

    This is not the Navy I remember.

    I suppose now that if you’re stern with someone, it’s harrassment and if you ‘brace’ someone for misbehaving (chewing out), it’s assault.

    What a bunch of sissies.

  9. Jumpmaster says:

    With the looming budget crunch, the Navy cannot afford to refuel the Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)and is cutting back operations worldwide but can extend benefits to same-sex couples. The Navy’s priorities are all screwed up and this BS comes from the very top, courtesy of a failed “community organizer”.

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I thought that this hazing business was disposed of years ago by D. Moore and T. Cruise. Or did that only apply to Marines?

  11. Reaperman says:

    @11 I think that “hazing-hazing” mostly left long ago. Of course there are still certain “time-honored Navy traditions” that might tend to appear quite a lot like hazing to an untrained eye. From what I understand, Wog day still has the green light, but pinning on crows doesn’t.

  12. bobble says:

    What? No more greasing of FR’s on the Lower Level? When did this happen?

    This just in…. USN musicians have eliminated “Anchor’s Away” from their repertoire. Naval personnel at the soon-to-be-formed Office of Hazing Protection will be tasked with modifying the lyrics of “The Lumberjack Song” to suitably depict the present-day naval work/living environment as envisioned by the CNO.

  13. Green Thumb says:

    I did so many pushups to songs questioning my sexuality that I thought the Earth would move out of orbit to “hook up” with Mars….


  14. CBSenior says:

    We did not really have a wake, and forget about a funeral. Our Navy is dead and now they are just going to pile on until we will have to go to alternate universe to see a real Navy. God help my buddies and junior troops still left. Everybodies dick is on the chopping block just waiting for the ax to fall. Morale must be at an all time high.

  15. God when I see stories like this, I just assume it came from the “Duffle Blog” or something.

  16. charles w says:

    Anyone remember 1-5 day? Orlando 1981.

  17. Eric says:

    I remember witnessing the Sergeant Major of The Army at the time (SMA Kidd) bloodstripe pinning an E-6 to E-7. Hazing? I’m sure some pole-smoking bureaucrat with a fin on his back would say so.

    Blood pinning was meant to make you understand how important your new rank is and if you fuck up, blood will spill, so do it right.

    But then you have dumbasses like that 1SG who blood-pinned with a huge mallet and ends up destroying a kid because of it, ruins a young Soldier’s life and the traditions for the rest of us.

    And there will always be room for more bureaucracy. Why?

    “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.” -Oscar Wilde

    Oh and if you don’t expand the federal bureaucracy, local city police won’t get paid! The fact they don’t get paid with federal money is irrelevant to the situation.

    “Stop confusing the issue with facts.”

  18. A Proud Infidel says:

    To me, it’s just further evidence of B. Hussein 0bama & Co.’s dedication to reducing the US Military to as milquetoast of an entity that they can.

  19. ANCCPT says:

    Meanwhile, in the Department of the Army, reservists are missing needed training to get ready to deploy/mobilize due to lack of funding…. But the Navy will be well protected against hazing, which is pretty important too, I guess. /headdesk.

  20. LCDR M(Ret) says:

    My first reaction is that this HAS to be an article from the Onion!

    @8 Master Chief, you are absolutely right about lessons and “hazing.” I was initiated in 1989 when the controversy about initiations was beginning to gain steam. Going through that process is one of my best USN memories. I really became part of the Goat Locker because of initiation. Having experienced it, I can say that this “Transition” stuff is just another class completion certificate to put into the service record. Nothing more.

  21. NHSparky says:

    LCDR M–I was but a lowly PO2 when Tailhook came about, and I and others remember one outstanding little tidbit from all that training we got disguised as a YFG (You Fuckin Guys) speech…it was OFFICERS in that gauntlet, but strangely, no officers were present for our “training.” Why was that, pray tell?

  22. Herbert J. Messkit says:

    They will not cut their pet social engineering projects. All of the threatened cuts by this administration are politically designed to “Punish” the greedy American taxpayer who wants to cut the size and scope of government. i.e. teachers, police, firefighters, food inspection, air traffic control, high visibility defense deployments, training and maintenance. A rational business facing decreased revenues would first cut non-essential and luxury items before.
    The guide for this nation’s recovery should be: If you want more of something subsidize it: If you want less of something tax it. If you want more broken families, poor schools subsidize them. If you want less economic activity, freedom and growth tax it.