Pro-criminal Maryland

| February 23, 2013

You have to wonder what is happening in Maryland these days. I can see it from my house but I do my best to keep from spending my money there – which means a hour drive to Winchester, VA for most of my purchases. Their gun-grabbing bill from Martin O’Malley, easily the worst governor in their history has just cleared the Senate committee, according to the Washington Times;

The Democratic governor’s bill would most notably require residents to obtain a license before buying a handgun, and would also ban assault weapons and lower the limit on magazine capacities.

The bill would have forced applicants to pay $100 for a purchasing license and $100 to renew it every five years, but the Senate committee lowered the license fee to $50 and renewal fees to $20 every 10 years.

Oh, by the way, the Senate committee also voted to repeal the state’s death penalty – so Maryland residents won’t be able to protect themselves from criminals with their own guns, and if they get murdered by the criminals, the criminals will probably get another opportunity to do so after a few years of incarceration.

On top of that, a Maryland delegate, Curt Anderson, offered a bill to allow for recreational use of marijuana in the state, you know because there aren’t enough drug-addled morons lurching around the state.

The bill does not allow for marijuana smoking in public or while driving, according to the report. Some of the marijuana tax money would be used to pay for those who receive alcohol, tobacco and drug treatment, the Gazette said.

Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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  1. OhioRiver says:

    There are a lot of things I don’t understand about Maryland for the past few years.

    It’s this about gun purchases & also counties not allowing smoking outside their homes. Of course, we can suffer through our neighbor’s charcoaling (smoke as unhealthy as cigarette smoke) but citizens cannot smoke. It just doesn’t make sense to me, but then again it’s Maryland.

  2. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Can you just imagine:

    The first sorry ass sucker who is awared this medal, stellar career and all, and we fine out that he retires early and has been awarded 30 – 40 % disability from the VA for PTSD.

    Oh … yes … according to the information above … it is like teeing up your first ball on the hole # 1.

    Ah … look at the bright side. All these guys (and gals) will have plenty of work after their mil careers considering we will have 30,000 UAV patrolling the skies of the good ole’ USA by 2020.

  3. LCDR M(Ret) says:

    One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made was to move to Maryland. O’Malley and the Montgomery County Mafia are out of control.

  4. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    IRT # 2 … Sorry … posted this comment in wrong story. Forgive my idiocy!

  5. AW1Ed says:

    My work here at Pax River is pretty specialized, so I’m trapped until retirement (again). Then see how quickly I shake the dust of Maryland from my boots.

    Keep your eye on O’Malley- he has Presidential aspirations.

  6. FatCircles0311 says:

    Obeying laws is becoming a thing for suckers.

  7. 11BScottie says:

    Gentlemen, we are in for some interesting times. I’m almost scared to think of what this place will be 20 years from now. Will I be locked up for my beliefs? Will the 2A only be a memory? Will this country even exsist?

  8. NHSparky says:

    Seems like CA, NY, MA, and MD are in a four-way race to see who can be the most full ri-tard state ever.

    And we’re barely out the gate yet.

  9. A Proud Infidel says:

    @8, True, Sparky, and they’ll do what they always do, render someplace completely FUBAR like they’ve done to California, then they’ll run away only to infest and infect other places like they’ve done to Seattle, Portland, Boulder,…..


  10. DaveO says:

    O’Malley is a serious contender for the nomination as the Dem candidate for POTUS. What he does is not done for Marylanders. Whether it’s O’Malley’s getting rid of the death penalty in pursuit of the black vote, or legalizing marijuana to get the Libertarian/Paulistinian vote, to “grabbing” guns for the Mom-vote – O’Malley is doing what is best for Candidate O’Malley against Candidate Clinton.

    Maryland’s crime rate went down only because of increased incarceration – not necessarily new prisoners, but recidivists and folks not be released.

    “According to DOJ data, the number of sentenced people admitted to prison in Maryland in 2010 actually decreased 1.3 percent, from 9,959 to 9,828. Of these, 3,695 were people who were sent back to prison for not being able to successfully meet the conditions of their parole. However, while the country as a whole released more people than it sent to prison last year, Maryland saw a double-digit drop (13.1 percent) in the number of releases in 2010.”

    “Over 72 percent of people in Maryland’s prisons are African American, according to the 2010 Division of Corrections Annual Report,” noted Velázquez. “Only 29.4 percent of Marylanders are black.”

    source for both quotes:

    Maryland is considered about average for crime statistics.

    Why Maryland has around 500 violent crimes per year, another potential candidate, Rahm Immanuel oversees Chicago which is on track for 500 murders, exclusive of all other violent crimes, this year.

    By comparison, Clinton is only responsible for 4 murders of Americans in Benghazi. People will think she’s a bargain.

  11. David says:

    had a decent job in Maryland in the late ’80s, took another job 2000 miles away in Texas to get the hell out and paid my own way. Had to drive 50 miles to a decent range, wait 15 days to buy a handgun, and even on Ft. Meade where the military theoretically ruled and you would hope for a LITTLE common sense, any .22 inclding 3800 fps .22-250 was OK but anything larger, even a .45-70 with cast bullets, was a ‘danger to sourrounding communities due to its longer range’ and was banned. Nowadays, the middle-class-upper middle class Prince Georges County I lived in seems to be a serious high-crime zone…. they can keep it. On the plus side, one day every few months Ft. Meade did have a full-auto shoot for those who had ’em. Not enough to keep me there…