Derek Kent Rose – Epilogue

| February 24, 2013

About a month ago, a few individuals showed up to comment on Jonn’s Derek Kent Rose article from early June 2012.  At least one of these individuals appears to be defending Rose.   That individual specifically questioned whether or not the original DD214 for Rose presented in Jonn’s article is genuine or not.

Well, here’s a FOIA response from the National Personnel Records Center on Derek Kent Rose, dated 14 February 2013 (format is downloadable Adobe PDF).  For those who are not familiar with the NPRC:  that is the Federal activity that has archive responsibility for the Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF) for all veterans.  In other words:  they have his military records.  And they consult those records when responding to a FOIA request about an individual.

FOIA responses don’t typically include a DD214.  However, they do include dates of service; assignments; units and locations; awards and decorations; and other info.  This one includes all of those – and a bit more, if you have the background to understand what’s there.

This new FOIA is 100% consistent with the original DD214 Jonn posted.  In particular, it shows the same dates of service, the same decorations, and a punitive discharge (inferred from the fact that the discharge authority is NAMALA and occurred well before the normal end of his enlistment).  It also shows the same “lost time” due to confinement (14 Mar to 25 Apr 1997).  So yes, “youdontsay” – the original DD214 Jonn posted does indeed appear to be the “real deal”.   This appears means Rose appears to be a forger as well as a lying sack of . . . stuff (LSoS).

By the way:  there’s a good reason for the old saying “15 will get you 20”, “youdontsay”.  In most places in the US, a 15-year-old is legally a child and is thus below the age of sexual consent.  Sex between an adult and a 15-year-old is commonly referred to as “statutory rape” – and is a felony sex crime in most places.  Ignorance of a partner’s age is generally not a valid defense, either.  You’re doing Rose absolutely no favor by telling the world  that all he did was get caught “boinking” a 15-year-old girl.

None of this is likely convince anyone who doesn’t already believe Rose is a lying tool and a criminal.  But posting this here will provide proof of his actual service – and allow detection of his future lies – in a downloadable form for anyone who meets Rose and wants to check on him.

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  1. rb325th says:

    Those damned pesky facts will get you every time. So this guy is a pervert and a forger, as well as piece of utter shit tossed out for good cause by the US Military… there is a special place in Hell for him.

    Question, does this get him reinstated into the next Stolen Valor Tourney? I mean, having to prove twice that he is a phony an all should get him a spot in it.

  2. Edward1811 says:

    Only one comment so far? I just read the absolute sh*tstorm that followed the last post about this and I’m disappointed.

    This guy definitely deserves a spot in the next tourney.

  3. Hondo says:

    He was in the last SV tourney, Edward1811. But I don’t think he’s done anything since that would re-qualify him for this year’s tournament.

    Yet. (smile)

  4. NHSparky says:

    Give it time, Hondo–it’s still early.

    And I’m just curious as to where the daddy of this 15-year old girl is in all this. I know if some perv tried touching my daughter, regardless of what she told him or what he thought, his life would be short and painful when contact was made.

  5. A Proud Infidel says:

    @#4, Sparky, DITTO! If I had a 15 year old Daughter, and a lowlife like him was trying things like that with her, his last few hours here on Earth would be a painful taste of the hell he would be spending eternity in!!

  6. Comrades in Arms:

    I just now looked at all this stuff and learned some things.

    I googled “NAMALA Washington, DC” to find out what that was, and then I googled “Appellate Leave” to learn the definition, and thus, we KNOW he was court-martialed.

    His DD-214 indicates he was busted to Private E-1, which is normal for a court-martial conviction.

    But, I wonder about a couple of things – – – :

    If he was court-martialed, why does his DD-214 show he was awarded a Good Conduct Medal?

    Also, his DD-214 shows a “Letter of Appreciation”.

    But, my own DD-214 doesn’t indicate my Letter of Appreciation or my Certificate of Achievement (which my platoon sergeant told me was more unusual and more important than a Letter of Appreciation).

    Maybe things have changed, or maybe the United States Marine Corps does things differently than my beloved United States Army?

    It’s mox nix.

    My DD-214 is already chock full of stuff, and even now, there’s awards not listed (because I got them years after my Honorable Discharge – – – i.e., Korea Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Air Assault Qualification Badge, Cold War Recognition Certificate).

    At my age, and with no family, I reckon none of it matters anyway.

    But, I remember that same question being raised at this web site previously by someone else wondering about Letters of Appreciation being listed on a DD-214.

    Well, like I said, years pass and things change.

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

  7. Hondo says:

    JRM: I’ve seen a couple of DD214s with letters of commendation/appreciation listed. Rare, but it sometimes happens.

    Rose’s DD214 does not show a GCM under Awards and Decorations. Rather, the entry in block 18 says GCM eligibility period starts 971008. My understanding is that that date shows the beginning of his next GCM period. I believe the GCM “clock” gets reset after serious misconduct and doesn’t start until related punishment (e.g., confinement and/or suspended/set-aside punishments) is completed. Could be wrong about the last, though.

  8. NHSparky says:

    Hondo–the “clock” would also get reset after NJP/Art. 15. He was just shy of 3 years when he was in CCU or whatever they call his confinement in 1997, otherwise he might well have rated a MC GCM.

    Bottom line, dude was a dirtbag and there’s really no way of knowing what he was court-martialed for, or at least I’m not privy of how to find out. Be kind of interesting to find out, though.

  9. Just an Old Dog says:

    Looks like he got out the brig then was processed for an Administrative Discharge. He spent a year on App leave ( basically home living the civie life awaiting his papers) for quite a bit.

  10. Hondo says:

    NHSparky: yeah, that would be interesting to know. Unfortunately, while courts-martial transcripts are among the info releasable under the FOIA, there apparently was no transcript of courts-martial in his OMPF. That means either no transcript was made, or one was made but didn’t make it into his OMPF. The discharge code on his DD214 is for involuntary separation as the result of a Special Courts-Martial – e.g., a BCD, since that’s the only punitive discharge a SCM SPCM can order. Hell, you can even see where the tool tried to cover/erase “Bad Conduct” from block 21 of his original DD214 in and replace it with “Honorable” in the scan Jonn posted.

    Not sure a transcript is always required for a BCD Special. I seem to remember that for any type of Special Courts-Martial preparing a transcript is at the discretion of the convening authority. If that’s correct it’s entirely possible that no transcript was made.

  11. Alberich says:

    If the court actually adjudged a BCD or six months or more of confinement, then there has to be a verbatim transcript under Rule 1103 of the Rules for Courts-Martial. (In special courts-martial that adjudged lower sentences, I have always seen summarized transcripts.)

  12. Alberich says:

    (The logical reason for this, btw, is that if you have a BCD or enough jail time then the case is automatically reviewed by the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, and they need a complete record in order to be able to affirm or correct the proceedings.)

  13. Alberich says:

    P.S. – not to nitpick but “SPCM” is the usual abbreviation for “special court-martial” (SCM is summary court-martial).

    Also, #9, that’s typically what you see with a punitive discharge, because the discharge doesn’t actually go into effect until after the Court of Criminal Appeals reviews the case. (That way, if the court says “try him again,” the man is still subject to court-martial jurisdiction.)

  14. Alberich says:

    P.P.S. – Whoops, in his case it would be the Navy-Marine Court of Criminal Appeals, but the principle is the same. I believe his case did not generate a written opinion that can be searched.

  15. Alberich says:

    P.P.P.S. – The court’s website, , has a link for FOIA requests, including requests for records of trial.

    And now bedtime!

  16. Hondo says:

    Alberich: thanks for the clarification. It’s always good to get confirmation or correction from someone in the profession with current and expert knowledge.

    Also appreciate the link to the Navy court system and their FOIA page. Might come in handy in the future.

    Per the discharge code on his DD214, Rose appears to have received an involuntary discharge as the result of SCM action – e.g., a BCD – so a transcript of his trial should thus exist. But it appears a copy wasn’t filed in his OMPF.

  17. Smitty says:

    gonna go ut on a limb and say Alberich was in the AG office. im just a grunt paratrooper, i dont know nothing about all that court martial stuff, never came up in my carreer.

    i just spent the last 2 hours (its a slow night at work) reading all the posts from the previos thread about this guy, that was some funny stuff

  18. Hondo says:

    Smitty: if memory serves, Alberich is a current JAG vice an AG. There are a few lawyers (mil and civ) who are occasional or regular commenters at TAH – at least 6 by my count, and possibly more.

  19. Smitty says:

    figured as much, ive been reading the posts here for a while, dont post much though. gotta say i like some of the personalities here

  20. Alberich says:

    #18, just so. Getting out this year, though, which will make me twice as insufferable I’m sure.

    I read a great article in The Army Lawyer a couple years back where the author looked up, and cited to, an Army trial transcript from 1917 – and I believe that was archived quite separately from the servicemember’s personnel records. So at least some of these things do get kept a while and may be available.

    #17, a career where court-martial stuff never came up is the best kind of career to have! Staying out of litigation makes for a pretty good life, too.

  21. USAR Grunt says:

    #2 Re that “s**tstorm” in the previous post you mentioned… I’m wondering if the lawsuit has landed at TAH from that psycho female, B-ReallyStupid, and/or her Gaytard son?