If It Is Sunday It MUST be a Silly???

| February 24, 2013

It has been said that “Laughter Is the Best Medicine.”  Using that old saw as a standard I’ve tried to find humor in the absurd, but in my apparent dotage it is getting harder to do so…

Anyway,  it seems Clint Eastwood has been Swatted

Add another celebrity to the list of people that have been swatted. “Dirty Harry” himself, Clint Eastwood, is the latest in a long line of celebrity victims. According to TMZ, police rushed to Eastwood’s Los Angeles home this week, after a 911 call stated that men with assault weapons were inside the actor’s house, and people had been shot.

Linking Eastwood with Bieber (see the link) is funny, but all it takes is a phony 911 call. Any one of us could annoy someone and have a well meaning SWAT team come a-knocking.

I suspect that defining “absurd” is where I fail. Someone has changed the definition when I wasn’t looking.

How ’bout this one: Karzai has ordered all U.S. Special Forces out of two key provinces within two weeks.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered all U.S. Special Forces out of two key provinces within two weeks, accusing Afghan units under their jurisdiction of being responsible for the torture, abuse, and disappearance of Afghan civilians.

My first thought was that he must finally have amassed enough cash AND have a jet on the runway all warmed up.  If we didn’t have “boots on the ground” there the absurdity would be worth mentioning. How DID he become Prez in the first place?

Must note Jonn’s take – it just fits.

Hmmm… I found myself getting so tangled up in definitions I almost trashed this post. Then I realized that my confusion may reflect some of you TAH readers so I’ll leave it to you.


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  1. 68W58 says:

    Someone is going to get seriously hurt with this nonsense. Unless some way is found to find and prosecute those who pull these “pranks” police will ultimately have to review and revise their procedures.

  2. DaveO says:

    SWATting came to national attention as it was an attempt to silence conservative bloggers. Homegrown cyber-terrorists exploiting the 911 network to attempt homicide-by-cop.

    Now it’s been done to diffuse the seriousness of the problem. Lindsey Lohan, Justin Bieber, now Clint Eastwood – just harmless pranks?

    It may be that Hollywood is being used because Hollywood PD is not LAPD, so the event can be played off as a prank because the cops are watchful.

  3. OWB says:

    Yeah, folks do get killed responding to false alarm calls. Nothing funny about them.

    Elsewise, some of these things are at least head scratchers if not all out, ribbing splitting hilarious. Or disgusting. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which.

    But it IS healthier to laugh. Most of the time. Finding humor in the absurd?