This Weeks’ Nominee for “Dumbass of the Month”

| February 24, 2013

That would be an individual calling himself “Dogg” – a snowplow operator in Boston Lowell, MA.

As you might remember, Massachusetts had a severe snowstorm recently.  Recovery from severe snowstorms requires lots of things – one of which is plowing the roads.

“Dogg” was a contract snowplow operator in the area.  And he enjoyed his job, too.

He especially enjoyed it when he got to bury cars in snow while plowing.  That was apparently his favorite part of the job.

He liked that so much that he made and narrated a video of his work, shot through the windshield of his snowplow truck, while plowing streets in Lowell during and after the recent blizzard.  Then he posted his video to YouTube.

Maybe that wasn’t the best idea.

It seems a few people saw his video.  Like some folks at a local TV station – which later broadcast “Dogg’s” video.  It was then seen by the Lowell city manager, and by his employer – the company that had a contract to plow streets in Lowell.


Did I say “employer”?  I should have said “former employer” – because “Dogg” is now unemployed.  The company fired him last Friday.

But don’t feel too bad for “Dogg”.  In Massachusetts, he may be eligible for unemployment compensation anyway.  He can make a decent argument that he was fired for PR reasons and not truly for cause because he was just “doing his job as prescribed” and was being honest about what parts of it he enjoyed most.  And Massachusetts also has the reputation of being relatively strict on what they consider a firing “for cause” that disqualifies one from receiving unemployment compensation.

He’s also gotten inquiries from reality show producers in NYC and LA, telling him that they think he’d make a “really good reality show star”.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    This was in the Boston Herald the other day. The biggest difference between him and probably half the snowplow drivers in greater New England?

    He was stupid enough to videotape himself. Oh, and nice nose rings there, ya fuckin tard.

  2. Rob says:

    I see the Dumbass of the Month competition excludes politicians …

  3. Don Everson says:

    Prime applicant for the show The Worlds Dumbest.

  4. Hondo says:

    Rob: it has to exclude politicians. Otherwise no other profession would have a chance of getting selected. (smile)

  5. Rob says:

    Hondo, and we’d have to do it more often than monthly – there are just so many.

  6. NCO.1-181(IN) says:

    These plow guys contracted by the cities they plow for enjoy the leeway that the local PDs give them. It’s not uncommon for them to get a good buzz on and plow for 48 straight hours only stopping to coke out. My unit had drill that weekend and had to be in if we could make it. I sent one of my Joes out on a Dunkies (coffee in Boston) run in his POV. He was hit by a plow at an intersection. The plow waved him through and then drive into him. The driver that my guy spoke to had a Latino accent and gave up all of his info but did not show my soldier a license. Not a half hour later he was contacted by the owner of the plow company claiming the he had been driving even though he was clearly not the driver as he was white and had a typical Townie accent. He was asking to keep the incident out of the hands of insurance companies. He was not willing to throw my soldier any extra cash for the hassle but tried to claim he was a Viet Nam vet. He was 45 years old so after being called out as a lying POS with no respect or honor. My soldier was encouraged to tack on $300 to the estimate as a sort of fine. The money will be given directly to Family Support. If he doesn’t want to pay he can deal insurance and losing the town contract.
    Point of this being that 80% of these douche bags are asshats who do more harm than good on the roads.
    Also Lowell is not Boston, it’s a shit hole full of drunks and crackheads. The only good thing to come out of it was Mickey Ward, but hey it’s a small state so who really cares in the end.

  7. Hondo says:

    NCO.1-181(IN): point taken. I incorrectly remembered Lowell as being much closer to Boston than it is.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    So, what it takes to get on a reality TV show is to be immeasurably stupid?

    Who’d a-thunkit?

  9. NCO.1-181(IN) says:

    No problem here Hondo. Mass is a tiny state and we here have a home town pride. Lowell is 30 miles outside of Boston. By car in rush hour traffic it’s a two day ride. I assure you that my hometown here in Mass is much nicer than the rest. Without coming from a blue collar town you don’t get any street cred. I’d rather be Charlestown (featured in The Town) trash, or a Southie Townie (Goodwill Hunting, The Departed, America’s Most Wanted) than have to say I come from Lowell. Don’t let these stories dissuade you, We’re all wicked good drivas hea kid!

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “Also Lowell is not Boston, it’s a shit hole full of drunks and crackheads.” Yeah, okay. But what about Lowell?

  11. NCO.1-181(IN) says:

    2/17 Cav- I find that highly offensive but the hard data does not refute your insinuation.

  12. C2/2000AF says:

    way to give this guy exposure and guy was probably making somewhere between 65 to 80 a hour. Now he might just double that. Unemployment is mass is one of the highest rates to. Win win for this moron.

  13. rb325th says:

    Oh for fuck sake… Any of you ever actually plow snow in a storm like that? Sure the video was off color and offensive to some thin skinned whiny bitches whose cars were illegally parked who got plowed in, but they would not have if they had not been illegally parked…
    Having spent many many storms behind the wheel of a plow let’s just get some facts straight. Some contractors suck ass, some don’t… but pushing the bankings back hard is a requirement of the State and the Cities and Towns. Why? because if you don’t the drains are not cleared, the roads are not wide enough and then you get people bitching and moaning because the streets were not plowed good enough,
    You may not like his nose rings, you may not like his language, but he did nothing wrong, nothing illegal and I laughed my ass off watching his video.
    Oh and NCO 1-181… really? Not uncommon for…80% are doing drugs… so tell me, how many times have you actually plowed ? I have spent 30 hours behind the wheel in one storm alone, not a single illegal substance used. Leeway given my ass… I plowed for the State, a Town and plowing parking lots. I did it for decades.
    Most are hard working guys for whom this is just pure blood money for them. The state takes months and months to pay. The Towns are a little better but the beating the trucks take is insane as well as on the drivers. Try hitting an expansion joint some time going even only 15-20 MPH, it is like getting hit with a sledge hammer. I have had my plow come flying up the height of the roof after hitting a raised manhole cover.
    Yup there are assholes out there, not all of them are behind the wheel of plows.
    Oh Mr High and Mighty NCO, telling your soldier to coerce an extra 300 out of the contractor is umm…. Conduct Unbecoming and pretty damned sure illegal… Shining example you are. No coffee make in the armory so you send a private out in his POV during a Driving Ban and State of Emergency…Good call Sgt

  14. MSGRetired says:

    I have to agree with “rb325” the plow guys bust their asses to keep the roads passable. As far as sending Snuffie out in the snow YOU should be paying for his repairs ..

  15. NCO.1-181(IN) says:

    Relax it was mostly sarcasm for comedic value. 80%, no of coarse not. I know those guys bust their asses to make those roads drivable and they do work miracles. As for Snuffie he asked me to go a quarter mile down the road and my PSG and Top didn’t have an issue and foot the bill for the entire Company.
    As for extorting a geeked out plow driver who had a non licensed illegal out smashing into cars and lying about who was driving and on top of all of that tried to garner sympathy by claiming to be a 45 year old Viet Nam in front of a Combat vet with two tours and a PH, I no patients for him. It was Snuffy’s call wether or not to go through insurance companies or not but whatever extra he does get will go to family support. Is it shady as shit? Yeah, Welcome to Boston. Don’t hire illegals.
    Your comments were knee jerk reactions to a post that was clearly sarcastic purely for comedic effect. Am I a shitty NCO for it? I don’t think so but how would you really know that? I’ll apologize to the majority of hard working plow drivers out there who bust their asses so that the rest of us can get to work. I will bet you money that if you have ever plowed that you at least know of another driver out there plowing while sauced though.

  16. NCO.1-181(IN) says:

    You sound like a bunch of no fun having MPs! Bunch of by the book smile stealers! Remember if you leave an11B you guard three bowling balls over night you come back to find one broken one stolen and one pregnant.

  17. streetsweeper says:

    You sound like a bunch of no fun having MPs! Bunch of by the book smile stealers! Remember if you leave an11B you guard three bowling balls over night you come back to find one broken one stolen and one pregnant.

    This here MP is simply gonna sit back, with heels up on the desk and watch you fella’s from Massachusetts go at it. This right here is some humorous shit, telling ya. Almost falling out of my chair laughing! Coffee, more coffee that’s what I need…LOL

  18. OWB says:

    Here ya go, Street – fresh pot o coffee.

  19. rb325th says:

    I plowed for 6 years in the Town of Milton, I plowed an additional two years for the State (Rt 3 and 53 areas), I plowed an additional 3 years plowing Parking lots and never once saw a “sauced” plow driver on the road. You have no idea how friggin hard it is to do sober. Possible there are morons out there, you proved that point already…
    Also, I was a Section Sgt in the MAANG, wore the very same Unit Crest you wear(as well as one other)… I also served 6 Years of Active Duty, the unit ID is right there in my name also. Thank God I had better NCO’s than your soldier does.
    You should read the NCO Creed a few thousand times. maybe pick up the Leadership Manual as well. Convincing Joe Snuffy to violate a driving ban so you could have coffee, then assisting him in coercing a civilian while in Uniform…. Yup dude, you have got less respect from me than that poor gutter mouthed Plow Drive who was just doing his job.

  20. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    My plowing days are long since ended. Marriage will do that to you.

  21. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    One nose ring … I have a problem with that.

    Two nose rings … you friggin’ fired for the most minor of violations!

  22. NHSparky says:

    God but I do love watching Massholes get all spun up….

  23. rb325th says:

    That is how it started in 1775… a bunch of massholes getting pissed at their uppity british cousins

  24. NCO.1-181(IN) says:

    Well RB I didn’t realize you were the Jesus of plow drivers. So sorry. Since you have never heard of a plow driver toss back a few than it must never happen, I will take your word for it.
    As I said, I allowed one of my guys to drive a quarter of a mile down the street so that our Shirt could buy a few Boxes O Joe for the lads so yes I am a shit bag. I did read the NCO creed and “Leadership Manuel” as you prescribed and it said nothing about not extorting people. So guess what? I’m still gonna do it. I’ll extort everyone! I’ll do it with my hands in my pockets and on the Sergeant Majors grass, you by the book, can’t take an F’in joke horses ass!
    You must have been the most awesomest “Section Sergeant” to work for in the history of S shops. I regret missing you in the 181 and104th. What I could have learned about Leadership and Plowing! Be careful up there on that horse, it’s a long way down.