The right to be stupid

| February 26, 2013

ROS sends us a video of John Kerry, in which he tries to explain how he is the living embodiment of his philosophy – that Americans are free to be as stupid as they want to be – take him for example;

From Reuters;

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry offered a defence of freedom of speech, religion and thought in the United States on Tuesday telling German students that in America “you have a right to be stupid if you want to be.”

Stupid enough to create a new country among some other stuff perhaps?

John Kerry made his first flub as US Secretary of State when he created the new Middle Eastern nation of “Kyrzakhstan.”

Kerry meant to say Kyrgystan, a nation of 5.5 million people, but instead appeared to merge the key US ally with Kazakhstan.


Along with his first flub as Secretary of State, John Kerry has also created a new Major League Baseball icon (Manny Ortiz) and gave the Green Bay Packers a new home (Lambert Field).

You know, education — if you make the most of it — you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in the State Department.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    This from the man whose grades were WORSE than Bush 43, who the left called, “The dumbest president ever.”

    Once again, I weep for what was once my country.

  2. Hondo says:

    Anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor that this is now the new “theme song” for DoS? (smile)

  3. Just an Old Dog says:

    How come this Yankee terd’s GG grandaddy couldn’t have ate a minie ball at Gettysburg? Oh thats right he probably paid a substitute. Piece of trash.

  4. kp32 says:

    In order for Kerry and his ilk to remain in power, he ‘needs’ Americans to be stupid. Unfortunately, I don’t think they have much to worry about at this point.

  5. Just Plain Jason says:

    I am so glad he is smarter than the rest of us…

  6. Spade says:

    That’s one ugly tie.

  7. FatCircles0311 says:

    Anyone ever notice that when Libtards talk about constitutional rights they only support it by calling those whom use them stupid, then attempt to circumvent those rights via laws because they really don’t support those rights?

  8. Just Plain Jason says:

    You know he has personal experience with the “right to be stupid” unfortunately his formeer constituency in Massachusetts also does.

  9. Hondo says:

    FatCircles0311: they only do that when talking about rights (or opinions) with which they disagree. When talking about rights or opinions they favor, anyone who advocates limits or who disagrees is the moron.

    They’re rather like spoiled and immature children who want things their own way and have not yet learned that the world often doesn’t care what they want.

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    LEO Mike: “Did you already Kirandize him?”

    LEO Pat: “No, go ahead.”

    LEO Mike: “You have the right to be stupid. Do you
    understand this right?”

    Arrestee: “Yes”

    LEO Mike: “Are you willing to waive this right and not be

  11. 2/17 Air Cav says:


  12. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Finally, someone standing up for my rights!

  13. Twist says:

    Hondo, I think this is a more appropriate theme song for DoS.

  14. The Dead Man says:

    So what’s the over and under on the tanning lotion and tanning beds that turned him into an Oompa Loompa years ago fried what little was left of Jfing Kerry? That’s assuming he had the two to rub together in the first place.

  15. Hondo says:

    Uh, MCPO Twist – I think that’s the same URL I posted. (smile)

  16. ohio says:

    They voted Bath House Barry in twice. Can’t get anymore stupid that that.

  17. Hondo says:

    The Dead Man: nah. It was the botox – it migrated a bit too far up his facial nerves. (smile)

  18. AndyFMF says:

    Kyrgystan….hard to forget that place IF you have been there.

  19. Twist says:

    Hondo, I clicked on the link and let the video play for a few seconds to make sure we didn’t post the same thing. Apparantly I got suckered by an advertisement for Argo so thats what I thought you had linked. Even thought Argo would be somewhat appropriate for DoS also.

  20. ohio says:

    Isn’t there at least ONE true and honorable american at the national records center who will release this POS’s real military records?

  21. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    My wife liked Arfo. I thought it was a load of crap but somewhat entertaining. There was much omitted regarding that pansy Carter and his paralysis.

  22. One miniscule positive note: Kerry ain’t The President.

    Oh well, grasping at straws here.

  23. Hondo says:

    ohio: without written permission from the veteran, releasing his full record would be a Federal crime to do so, plus guaranteed loss of job if caught.

    What can be released without his written consent is specified here:

    Most if not all of that already has been made public.

  24. Ex-PH2 says:

    People have a right to be stupid, do they? That explains Joe Bite-men. That explains Jimmy Carter. That explains a lot of the population demographic commonly known as “politicians” and the other demographic “liberals”.

    They need their own country. And they need to be some place where they won’t bother the rest of us.

  25. B Woodman says:


  26. OWB says:

    PH: Antarctica comes to mind.

  27. Ex-PH2 says:

    OWB, there are Earth-type planets they could be sent to. All very far away from here, and good riddance to them.

  28. fm2176 says:

    Funny, I’m in “Kyrzakhstan,” and the video isn’t available here. I’ll be sure to ask one of the locals later if they know Borat…

  29. streetsweeper says:

    PH- Its more cost efficient just to ship them to Antarctica, penniless, no food or weapons that will hurt ’em in any fashion either. Just saying.

  30. streetsweeper says:

    Oh yes. And then they can work to their hearts desire on globull warming and climate change.

  31. OH SHIT! He’s right. In America not only do you have the right to be stupid, but we have to support people who are too stupid or lazy to work. What a great country.

  32. MGySgtRet. says:

    The Peter Principle is a belief that, in an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit, that organization’s members will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability

  33. Svenster says:

    Well, we did elect the people who allowed this jackass to become Secretary of State.

  34. Ex-PH2 says:

    @33 – Who’s ‘we’? You got a mouse in your pocket?

    I didn’t vote for that clown. Leave me out of the ‘we’, willya?

  35. Ex-PH2 says:

    @32 – The Peter principle says that people will rise to their level of incompetence.

    Usually, that’s when they get fired, retired, or sent away.

  36. OWB says:

    Me neither, PH. Never voted for it or anyone who ever voted for it. In fact, gonna check into filing some sort of discrimination suit for having to look at the pathetic mug of this pathetic excuse for a human being. Being forced to look at it is causing all sorts of damage to my psyche, eyeball sockets, and the hearing of those around me who must tolerate the agonized responses to seeing it.

  37. Ex-PH2 says:

    @36 – OWB, I hear that steam from a cooking pot is good for the damage caused by said attack to the nervous system.

    Or a cold beer and pizza will do, too.

  38. Ex-PH2 says:

    Kyrzakstan. A fictional country created out of whole cloth by someone who is so abundantly stupid that he’s willing to let everyone within hearing know about it.

    I’m just waiting breathlessly for Jackshit to REALLY insult some foreign leader like Kim Jong-Un.