Senate hearing douchery

| February 27, 2013

Chief Tango sends us a link to the Washington Post report of the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing in preparation for forwarding gun control legislation. I don’t think the Senators realize that a hearing is for gathering facts to consider in writing their legislation. For example, they brought in the father of one of the children who was killed in Newtown. I’m sure that his pain is real and I certainly sympathize with him, but beyond admitting that his son was killed, there was no reason for him to be there, because he had no facts to offer the committee. He succeeded in making some people in the room weep – but that’s emotion and there has been entirely too much emoting going on in regards to gun control.

When Senator Graham tried to get facts out of the witnesses, they started emoting at him;

Tempers flared when Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) quizzed [the U.S. attorney for Colorado, John] Walsh and [Milwaukee Police Chief Edward] Flynn on prosecutions of people who fail gun background checks.

As Graham questioned Walsh, Flynn interjected: “I want to stop 75,000 people from buying guns illegally! That’s what a background check is.”

When Graham asked Flynn how many background check cases he had referred for prosecution, the chief snapped back: “We don’t chase paper, we chase armed criminals.”

Yeah, well, that’s very mature, chief. The whole problem with gun regulations is that no one is enforcing them. When we’re contemplating strengthening gun laws, we should know what needs strengthening. You were there to testify to the committee, you should have had arms load of paper for your testimony, but instead you brought in arms loads of chips on your shoulders.

Obviously, the chief wanted Congress to make his job easier by disarming everyone, and he didn’t want to put forth the effort to be prepared, or give the appearance of being prepared to inform Congress – which actually means he wasn’t prepared to inform the very Americans he wants to disarm. He’s an administrator, and that’s what administrator do – chase paper. When was the last time the chief of police of Milwaukee chased a criminal? More likely he was often chasing some politician’s sweet, sweet butt cheeks to lip-lock.

Don’t give us that sanctimonious bullshit about chasing criminals – answer the f-in’ question, numbnuts. If you’re not prosecuting people who illegally try to purchase firearms, you’re not doing your job. And who exactly are those 75,000 people you’re trying to keep from buying guns, anyway? I’m sure there aren’t 75,000 people in f’n Milwaukee who aren’t eligible to legally purchase a gun, dillweed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lol “chasing some politician’s sweet, sweet butt cheeks to lip-lock”. Jonn was that second “sweet” necessary. It caused me to choke on my lunch.

  2. UpNorth says:

    “We don’t chase paper, we chase armed criminals.” Using my lib-speak translator, Chief Flynn said, Zero, we haven’t referred anyone for prosecution, can we do that?
    Seems that the chief is not totally honest, either. Second City Cop says, regarding Flynn’s crime reporting, “When Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn touted the city’s fourth-straight year of falling crime in February, hundreds of beatings, stabbings and child abuse cases were missing from the count, a Journal Sentinel investigation has found”.

    “More than 500 incidents since 2009 were misreported to the FBI as minor assaults and not included in the city’s violent crime rate, the investigation found. That tally is based on a review of cases that resulted in charges – only about one-fifth of all reported crimes”.

  3. ohio says:

    Also the ATF (DOJ) will not pursue or prosecute false purchases. The intellectual Biden made that statement.

  4. CaS6 says:

    Man, this is an incredibly quotable post. I used this at work; “there has been entirely too much emoting going on in regards to gun control.” So true.

  5. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @2 Thus the problem with those FBI statistics, self reported means covered 4sses where appropriate as well.

  6. Just an Old Dog says:

    Makes complete sense, make a law that revokes a Constitutional right, knowing full well that the only thing it will do is prevent law abiding citizens from purchasing a firearm, then refuse to enforce it.,,,,, At least until the criminal uses it to kill someone.

  7. FourteenSierra says:

    As an aside: I flew home from Kuwait International with Senators McCain and Graham – I spent maybe 15 minutes talking to Senator Graham (we were in line for the shitter). I found him to be honest, intelligent and engaging. Really seemed well-grounded. We chatted about life in the eye vs really having to play Mr. Politician.
    As a further-aside: Sen. McCain slept the ENTIRE trip..laid back with an eye-mask-thing covering his, uh, eyes.

  8. NHSparky says:

    Facts? We don’t need no steenkeng FACTS! We’ve got an agenda to push here, proles!!!

  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    There was a story out of California a month or so ago in which the state acknowledged that it was aware of thousands and thousands of people who–by virtue of mental incapacity or legal incapacity (post-buy felony conviction)–illegally owned firarms but, due to a lack of enforcement personnel, there was nothing the state could do about it. I laughed heartily at that. More laws will work. Yep.

  10. Hondo says:

    I would have loved to have seen Sen. Graham remind the “Chief” that Congress can hold someone in contempt – and then tell him he planned to do exactly that if the “Chief” refused to answer his question.

  11. DefendUSA says:

    Hey Jonn,
    Let’s call ’em all up and sing a chorus of “Fuck You, dumbass dickeweeds!!”
    And I mean it.

  12. A Proud Infidel says:

    I say we need to have “National Beat a Politician Month”!

  13. Common Sense says:

    Just read a story about a grandmother in Connecticut who picked up her two grandchildren, ages 2 and 6 months, then killed them and herself.

    She was a known nutcase and was known to be armed.

    So what do Connecticut’s “strict gun control laws” do again?

  14. kp32 says:

    They don’t enforce the laws they already have, but claim the solution to every problem is more laws.

    The real agenda is to criminalize everyone.

  15. Lawrence Todd says:

    The only fair way to do gun control is to make apply universally except for military. This means the police/body guards/security personnel must be disarmed also. Also since the self admitted drug dealer in White House should not be in a house with guns, i guess secret service needs to be disarmed too. Border Patrol and Obama’s Blackshirts oops TSA need to be disarmed. Game Wardens, and Customs and Postal Inspectors guns are gone. Rap stars body guards and Bloomberg’s Stormtroopers oops security detail.

  16. David says:

    The government that can’t find 11,000,000 illegals is going to try and ban over 100,000,000 “assault weapons”…. yeah, that sounds like it will work.

  17. DaveO says:

    It’s Milwaukee. Enforcing the law is both racist, and homophobic in Milwaukee.

    Seriously though, why didn’t Milwaukee just hire the current leader of the Bloods as Chief of Police? At least he’d know what law enforcement means.

  18. Thunderstixx says:

    Living in Milwaukee has led to some interesting discussions about gun control in the news. First we have Flynn brownosing our super liberal do nothing mayor Barrett who got the crap beat out of him a few years ago by some punk near the State Fair mainly because he’s an idiot and can’t fight a real fight… Seriously, Barrett is a pretty big guy but is obviously a pussy in a fight.
    Then we have Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke who comes out against any gun control and does ads practically demanding that people arm themselves to protect themselves.
    Of course they put Flynn in DC and leave Sheriff Clarke out of the discussion. He evidently said something about the dog and pony show that was Ed Flynn’s testimony today.
    The news won’t show it until 10 when the late news comes on though as they want all the old people to fall asleep before they get the whole story.
    Last night I called Fox 6 on their lies about Lanza using a .223 AR-15 in his oh so brave mass killing of those ultra dangerous 10 year olds…
    The 4ssholes just lie on the news and the guy I talked to lied and lied and lied about it. I put something on Facebook about it, but they took it down quickly…
    The libs are losing this battle little by little. We have to keep up the fire on these idiots…

  19. streetsweeper says:

    So far, we have one state legislator(GA) that has filed a bill identical to Feinstein’s. Thanks to the efforts of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, other legislator’s and similarly concerned citizens, it shouldn’t pass. I am keeping my fingers crossed and pray that it doesn’t. Like the old fable of the little boy and the horse, we shall see. I have this nagging thought this is far from over.

  20. obsidian says:

    These clowns cannot and will not prosecute illegal immigrents who are breaking the law just as much as any gun owner who simply sits in his own Nation, his own land and living room and owns a banned empty magazine over seven rounds.
    I understand thousands of illegals in prisons have been released without any charges or deportations yet the American citizen is threatened with prison and worse for using the rights written in the constitution.
    These asses pick and choose which laws they will enforce or make while ignoring even bigger abuses of the Nations legal system.
    Take American’s guns away and let illegal aliens run free in our country while singing the Mexican national anthem and reciting the pledge of allegiance to the same.
    Mexican citizens have more rights and freedom than American citizens in the US.

  21. obsidian says:

    Streetsweeper: That most likely was a black democrat out of the democrat and liberal Atlanta , south Fulton or Dekalb counties community which is pushing that law.
    Atlanta thinks it’s the whole state but in reality it’s a place in the middle of a very rural conservative area. More people work in Atlanta than actually live there but Atlanta and it’s area wants to gerrymander the surrounding counties to over turn the Republican control of the state.
    Atlanta = Obamaphiles, Georgia = Fuck washington DC, California and NYC.
    hell, Atlanta can’t even keep it’s water and sewage separated doesn’t have it’s own water supply except for the ‘Hooch and steals water from surrounding counties just for the city to use.
    “Where the hell is Gen. Sherman when you really need him?”

  22. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    “Atlanta …steals water from surrounding counties just for the city to use.”

    Sounds just like Boston….they flooded 4 towns in western Mass and built a reservoir to steal the water for Boston….every time I drive by the reservoir I stop and p1ss in it since it’s the only I message I can send that I know actually gets through to Boston.

  23. Hondo says:

    Thunderstixx: not defending the guy, but one account I read indicated that Barrett got cold-cocked with a tire iron at the beginning of that altercation.

    I don’t care how tough you are (or are not), or how big. Get whacked in the head hard enough with a tire iron and you will end up on the ground.