Are guns child abuse now?

| March 19, 2013

Old Trooper and Dominick sent us a link to this story about Shawn Moore who got a call from his wife that New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) were at his house demanding to see his weapons. The original story appeared at Delaware Open Carry.

Last night I was out with a buddy of mine. I got a text from my wife that the cops and dyfs are at the house and they wanna check out my guns and needed me to open my safe.

I’m instantly on my way. I get in contact with evan Nappen on the way. I explain the situation. I walk in my house and hand the phone to the first cop I see. Then direct all of em outside. Dyfs got a call because of a pic on my son holding a gun. They wanted to look around and check all my guns out, make sure they were all registered. Obviously that didn’t go well because I refused. I had Nappen on speaker phone the entire time so they had to deal with both of us. They kept trying to pressure me to open my safe. They had no warrant, no charges, nothing. I didn’t budge. I was told I was being “unreasonable” and that I was acting suspicious because I wouldn’t open my safe. Told me they were gonna get a search warrant. Told em go ahead. Nappen (my lawyer) asked me for the dyfs workers name. she wouldnt give it. i asked for credentials and she wouldnt show em. i tried to take a pic of her and she turned around real fast and walked away. After a while of them threatening to take my kids, get warrants and intimidation they left. Empty handed and seeing nothing.

So what was it all about? This photo of Moore’s 12-year-old son holding a .22 rifle;


According to Moore, neither the DYFS worker nor the police had seen the picture, it had been reported to them. It should probably be emphasized that the police acted responsibly and professionally in this story…I’m pretty sure they wanted to be just about anywhere else that night besides escorting an hysterical social worker to the home of a legal gun owner.

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  1. Adrian says:

    When are we all going to get really tired of all the social workers little agenda and just shove back? I’m beginning to really believe that they all believe they know better than anyone else how to run someone else’s life. I don’t know about anyone else here, but when I hear about this stuff and how veterans are losing rights after they speak to a social worker about their problems, only makes me draw one conclusion.