Out with the old at Fort Sam

| March 20, 2013

To change subjects I wanted to post that the old barracks at Fort Sam Houston that housed many current and past Army Medics are being demolished as we speak.

Walls coming down

This is the building that I graduated from in the Fall of 2006 in Echo 232. I am sure that there are more then a few Army medics that were under its roof for many a days of extended formations and PT sessions. It is just kinda weird seeing it go. I mean I know WHY it had to go but it did not think that it was right not to take a few photos of it before it goes under. The building for Delta 232 is still up but not far behind on the chopping block.

Oh and if there are those that do not know I am going to M6 School in the Current class of 3-025. It seems that the class has a few people from Echo 232 and were the last class to use the building before it disuse.

Anyway I will be posting less due to the School work and studying but will read with I can. Also If there is any LPNs that would like to offer help or advice it will always be welcomed.

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  1. Thunderstixx says:

    I’m an LPN, have been for 26 years. Let me know how I can get in touch with you as I have some pretty good experience as a Nurse.
    I am on your member’s page and have received email from you.
    Thanks and best of luck to you my friend !!!
    One thing I will say about being a male Nurse… It is a great way to meet women !!!
    I have had one hell of a sex life for many years !!!
    Not to brag, but you are literally surrounded by women for your entire career !!!

  2. Old Tanker says:

    Good luck to you Spork…

  3. Lobster says:

    Sweet! Those buildings were such piles of shit. I just wish I could be there when they tear down the old Delta building. Good riddance!

  4. Patrick says:

    Tusker Medic 2003

  5. savoy6 says:

    Graduated from 91A (as the medic MOS was then) school in 1986. I was in that very building. There were no drill sergeants there yet, just cadre. It wasn’t easy, but what a welcome relief from boot camp at Fort Bliss..

  6. Wow they look nice. The barracks we were in for AIT for 11C in 1975 at Ft Puke…should have been torn down in 1947. When we went back for SFOR 14 training at Ft Puke, most were still there.

  7. pete says:

    91B/10,, Jan 76,,was on the 2nd floor bay! yikes

  8. ComancheDoc says:

    hahaha A232 is where it’s at. In ’04 they started to gut out barracks and we had to move down the hill, was visiting friends at BAMC over the summer and I for one am glad to see them things gone. Jus save the hoecienda tho, it’s tradition n stuff

  9. Sporkmaster says:

    Seems like that hoecienda has been closed for over a year now.

  10. Doc Bailey says:

    Bulldog 2003. Wow. I remember we had too many males so we were in a female bay, and every time you open the door the alarm would sound. All the wall lockers were pink and we had open bay showers. ahhhh that brings back so many memories.

  11. ComancheDoc says:

    awww, prolly too many pvts drunk there when they started serving beer, oh well at least that black gay leather couch earned its money lol

  12. defendUSA says:

    I swear I have a picture of me in that tree…ha. I was a Delta, but remember the parties “down” there. The building does look like a hot mess.

  13. ComancheDoc says:

    ugh, I shouldn’t post half asleep, *black faux leather couch

  14. Twist says:

    @13, I was starting to wonder what you guys did in your spare time.

  15. ComancheDoc says:

    lol yeah, Cleared ToES and started ToT last night so my brain was in meltdown and the ninja autocorrect got me.

  16. ANCCPT says:

    Spork, good luck in M6 school. I’m a Nurse Corps officer, so if you have any questions related to the training or just nursing practice in general, hit me up. I like helping Medics transition. Army Medics bring a badly needed dose of common sense to the nursing profession, haha. I’ve also seen more than a few decide to continue on and become ANC officers.
    So, study hard, enjoy the time back at Ft. Sam and hit me up if you have questions.

  17. Robert Anderson says:

    This brought back some memories. Graduated 91A10 back in 1987. I was in Charlie. Spent a lot of time at the little hacienda right up the road. The pizza was nasty. LOL

  18. Rochambeau says:

    I graduated there in 1989 from Echo. I also visited a drill sergeant in that same building in 1993. Does anyone know when they were built?

  19. MAJMike says:

    @6 – Amen. I was at good ol’ North Ft. Polk for 11B OSUT in 1976. They closed down the training facility at Polk after our class went through. 1-141 INF (M) and the 1/49AD(TXARNG) went there for Annual Training in 1979. Saw my old barracks, etc.

    They finally tore all that crap down 30 years too late.

  20. AGEFMB says:

    B232 in 1992 for me. Brings back a ton of memories. Still seems like yesterday. Our DS loved the flutter kick.

  21. 68W58 says:

    Bah-you posers know you wanted to be Alpha Gatora!

  22. 68W58 says:

    Crud-“Alpha Gators”

    Damn iPhone!

  23. spitre says:

    I was in Echo 232 graduated Nov 89. Sorry to see them go. Lots of memories there. Last class to have any cadre. It was mixed drills and cadre.

  24. docabn says:

    I graduated Echo 232 09-08, and we were the last Echo to stay in these barracks prior to moving up the hill. We had to move the entire company over a weekend. Goodbye, you rat-infested shitholes!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Brings back great HOT memories! Summer of 1980! Hot as hell! Had great memories of cool people and Cadre Sgt was firm but cool! Hacienda ROCKED! I remember the couch! Plastic beer pitchers! ZZtop cover band Cheap sunglasses! Time martches on! Male nurses DO MEET LOTS OF LADIES!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ah man, that brings back memories… San Antonio summer humidity and PT.

    Alpha “Gator” 232 91A. Desert Shield began right as our training cycle was coming to an end.

  27. Joe Williams says:

    My Grandson, Pvt Lance Malone is there now. He wants to be a combat medic. Lance was going to the Marines

  28. Joe Williams says:

    PS. the finish to why he didn’t become a Marine was he would have to join the Navy and might get assinged as a FMF Corpsman. Sorry the meds are kicking in. Joe

  29. Matt Granger says:

    I was Echo 232 in 1996. Sad to see it’s gone.

  30. John Pearce says:

    Graduated from Delta 232 in Feb of 90. Many good memories of San Antonio and just plain being a young kid away from home.

  31. William Hildenbrand says:

    I was at Delta company in spring of 1988 under SGT Cruz. Sgt Quarles, Sgt Combs, Cpt Panerio, and Lt Smith were among the Company Ladder at that time. A lot less stress since yes only Cadre Sgts at the time. Was at Ft Bliss prior for basic. Nice memories for the most part.

  32. Thom Pantazi says:

    Wow, those were sweet barracks when I got there from Ft Jackson in June 76. We thought we were in heaven. No drill sergeants, those covered porches on the first floor were shaded! I was so in love, I tried to bribe the duty officer to get to stay.

    That was my favorite posting in the Army. There was a little PX up the hill and we weren’t allowed to work if it got too hot! Plus you only saluted your direct commanders or Colonels and above. In fact, one day I was walking past a Colonel and I forgot to salute him. He looked at me as said “Soldier is there something wrong with your arm?” I looked for second and quickly snapped as salute saying “Sorry Sir.” He smiled and went on his way.

    Some guys would go up to the ceremony field and salute new doctor and nurse officers for the dollar they’d get.

    I remember pulling guard duty on in July 4th. As I said it was 76, so the nation was going nuts. My hometown New York City was having a huge celebration and I watched it on a tiny black and white tv in the guard room. Still, no regrets, I became a man in those days.