‘Olympus Has Fallen’ director a proud patriot

| March 23, 2013

The Washington Times reports that the director of the new movie “Olympus Has Fallen”, Antoine Fuqua, is something of a rarity in Hollywood – a US patriot;

“That flag is supposed to represent freedom,” said director Antoine Fuqua last week in an interview with The Washington Times. “So why not wave it?”

“I hear people sometimes say some negative things. ‘Eh, America’ —” Mr. Fuqua said, making a dismissive sound. “I just call bull on it. I’m patriotic. This country gave opportunity to everybody. It’s supposed to be the melting pot of the world. The flag is a representation of that.

“There’s nothing wrong with being patriotic. People sometimes get so cynical — they’re like, ‘Ah I don’t want to be patriotic because it’s not cool.’ I think it’s bull. My kids have grown up here. We have freedom here.”

The bad guys in the movie are North Koreans, which is kind of Hollywood’s go-to bad guys, but Fuqua says they could just as easily been Iranians. I kind of wish they were, because the North Koreans aren’t all that realistic. I don’t think they could find the White House with a GPS. Regardless, if we’re willing to boycott certain Hollywoodians for their views, I think it’s just as important to flock to the theaters for their opposite numbers. But, then I’d planned on seeing it anyway – the trailers looked pretty good.

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  1. UpNorth says:

    Good for him. I’ll be spending the money to see it this week.

  2. Green Thumb says:

    Good point on the patriotism.

    Here in the Great NW, many think it is cool to disrepect the US.

    They take alot for granted.

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Never heard of the fella. Figured he was foreign born, thanks to his name and the line about his kids “growing up here.” So, I check him out. First, I see he is black. “Okay,” think I, “I’ve seen black frenchies before. Or he could be the imitation frenchie, from Quebec.” Wrong and wrong. He’s Pittsburghian(?) and attended West Virginia University.

  4. FatCircles0311 says:

    I like this guy’s movies. Well, most of them at least. King Aurthur is one of my all time favorites.

  5. scott alan says:

    Great action movie but how anyone can stop from vomiting at the action inside the bunker is beyond me. No wonder a large section of the world thinks our elected officials have no back bone with crap like this being put on the screen.

  6. Gravel says:

    @#3 — 2/17 Air Cav.

    Antoine Fuqua directed Tears of the Sun, Training Day, Shooter, and King Arthur. If you get a chance watch the interview with him after Tears of the Sun. He basically calls out people for African continent genocide and tells them to ‘bring it’ if they don’t like his point of view.

    Other than being a pretty good director I can’t say I know much about him and his stance on American politics.

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Thanks Gravel. Here is what that first sentence of yours looked like to me: “Antoine Fuqua directed @$%^& (* %^@ ^&*, @!^&($% $%^, %$*^#$%, and @(*& ^%$%.” Guess I don’t see too many movies, eh?

  8. Common Sense says:

    We were going to see it this weekend along with Michael Murphy’s documentary, but 14″ of snow has kept us at home. We’ll see the documentary tomorrow, then fit Olympus Has Fallen into next week sometime.

    It will help me prepare for getting together with my People’s Republic of Boulder sister-in-law and her family on Sat. Ugh.

  9. Common Sense says:

    I forgot to add – I heart Gerard Butler so I would have seen it anyway. Unfortunately, he’ll be losing his yummy Scottish accent for the movie.

  10. Gravel says:

    LOL That reminds me of the Gary Larson (The Far Side) cartoon, “What We Say to Dogs, What They Hear.” Blah blah blah blah blah Ginger Blah blah blah blah Ginger Blah Blah blah blah.

  11. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @10. Exactly!

  12. NHSparky says:

    Air Cav–I HIGHLY recommend Tears of the Sun. A bit of Hollywood, but the message is dead on, and the action sequences are as good as any.

    Even having Bruce Willis in the lead doesn’t hurt.

  13. Tman says:

    Come on now, he directed “Training Day” among other movies of course he’s good.

    “King Kong…ain’t got SHIT on me!!!!”

  14. Devtun says:

    I was thinking this guy was related to John Fuqua of 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers…nope. John “Frenchy” Fuqua was intended target of Terry Bradshaw in 1972 AFC playoffs against Oakland Raiders…produced the “immaculate reception” by Franco Harris. Its only a coincidence that Antoine Fuqua was born in Pittsburgh, PA.

  15. Smitty says:

    only complain i had about the movie, other than the spineless president and retarded officers (well that part was accurate) was gerard butler was “ex special forces ranger bat” ya know, i cant seem to recall where that ranger bat is, must be where the secret squirel guys are from

  16. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @12. Okay, I’ll bite on Training Day, Sparky, but I am holding you and Gravel personally responsible for my viewing it!

  17. Gravel says:


    You’re probably better off starting with either Tears of the Sun or King Arthur. Training Day is pretty wicked-far out there and has more twists and double backs than a Liberal Senator.

  18. tramadoc says:

    I liked the movie for its action sequences, but as far as some of the other stuff goes, I thought it was crap. I might be wrong here, but I thought when the President was incapacitated and could no longer discharge the duties of the office (and in the case of the movie the VP could not as well) the 25th Amendment spells out that the Speaker of The House assumes the office of the Presidency. If that is the case, and in the movie with the Pres and VP being held hostage, the Speaker of The House is now the President. Since the United States does not negotiate with terrorists, what would the new President do when faced with that scenario? The terrorists said, “We have your President.” Would he just say, “No you don’t. I am the President. We do not negotiate with terrorists” and be done with it?

    It’s those questions in my mind that make people wonder about me….