Charlotte and Harriet Childress are morons

| March 30, 2013

In today’s Washington Post, Charlotte Childress and Harriet Childress, who are supposedly some sort of researchers, write a piece that is supposed to be about gun control, entitled “White men have much to discuss about mass shootings” because apparently, we all commit mass shootings.

When white men try to divert attention from gun control by talking about mental health issues, many people buy into the idea that the United States has a national mental health problem, or flawed systems with which to address those problems, and they think that is what produces mass shootings.

But women and girls with mental health issues are not picking up semiautomatic weapons and shooting schoolchildren. Immigrants with mental health issues are not committing mass shootings in malls and movie theaters. Latinos with mental health issues are not continually killing groups of strangers.

Each of us is programmed from childhood to believe that the top group of our hierarchies — and in the U.S. culture, that’s white men — represents everyone, so it can feel awkward, even ridiculous, when we try to call attention to those people as a distinct group and hold them accountable.

Apparently, these ditzes think all white men are prone to mass shootings, even though there have only been a handful of mass shooters. Of course, it’s supposed to be more about race than guns. But, what they forget is that white men are more likely to legally own their weapons, and most shootings, mass or otherwise, are perpetrated by criminals with illegal guns. Many of those criminals are not white males. Find that offensive? Well, don’t, it’s just the facts.

Run through the victims of the murders in the nation’s capitol who are killed in their neighborhoods by their neighbors. I’ll remind you that most guns are heavily restricted in DC, so what gun control laws will stop those shootings, mass or otherwise. I mean, those white mass shootings are usually perpetrated against white people, while the shootings which aren’t so mass are usually committed against people of color. More people of color are killed with illegal guns than white people murdered by mass shooters, but the national discussion on gun control (that won’t work) is initiated by and focuses on the killing of white people.

The real problem is the murder every year of thousands of people of color who are killed with illegal guns, while the focus of legislation is disarming legal gun owners who aren’t committing these crimes, who don’t live near or travel to the scenes of those crimes. Why? Well, because legal gun owners are more likely to obey the laws, and criminals never obey the laws. It’s easier to write legislation that people will obey.

These two women are racist morons, and the Post should be ashamed that they published this anti-intellectual drivel.

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  1. sub says:

    these two idiots leave out colin ferguson, nidal hasan, Seung-Hui Cho, John Allen Muhammad and a host of other racially diverse psychopaths. the fact that the WaPo would actually publish this drivel is just stunning. just another lowering of the already low bar. ____ all of these people, they are vile, intolerant, heinous rabble rousers, as uninterested in the truth as they are in justice. ____ them all.

  2. Hack.Stone says:

    Another example of white guy going on a shooting rampage, although he must be Southern European, probably Greek judging by his complexion.

  3. Bo says:

    The Lee sisters… Ug and Home. Do a google on them. These are the two foulest-looking identical twins in the history of the human race. Their faces could scare the sh*t off a shovel.

  4. Hondo says:

    Bo: maybe they can get together with online “Romeo” Douglas D. Martin for a threesome.