Kenneth Crocheron of Draper, Utah; the Ronald MacDonald of Stolen Valor

| March 30, 2013

JD Hinton from Professional Soldiers sends over some pictures for your entertainment on this slow news Saturday. The photos are of fake Colonel Kenneth Crocheron. Do we really need a FOIA?


Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – those are bloused jungle boots with those greens.

Kenneth Crocheron 1

Kenneth Crocheron 2

Kenneth Crocheron 3

Some folks have already done FOIAs on him, but do we really need one? Take your best shot.

ADDED: Here’s a bonus shot. It looks like it was taken in a mirror because the “US” is inverted;


ADDED Again: For those of you who think this is a one-time thing that Crocheron is sorry about, here’s a photo of him wearing his faker finery on his little motorcycle thingie;

Fuckstick on a bike

Crocheron FOIA
Yeah, he had a whole four months in service and earned an expert rifle badge. It looks like the Army knew what a jacked-up ass monkey he was before he knew. During the height of the Vietnam War, the Army didn’t want him. Oh, wait, here’s the extent of his military training;

Crocheron training
So there you go…the real Ken Crocheron story. He deserves all of those medals and badges, so why are you H8ers H8n?

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  1. A Proud Infidel says:

    One look at that clown’s uniform makes me see him as the type who would brag about the Luger he took from a dead VC in Baghdad!

  2. Combat Historian says:

    MarkysMom: Ma’am, I just read your “pray for marky” blog entry for 5 April. My heart breaks for your family and what you all have gone through. You and your family are all in our prayers, especially Marky. God Bless and take care…

    Combat Historian and his family

  3. CAs6 says:

    I paid this guy a visit yesterday. He is certainly a salesman at the South Valley Harley dealership. He is a TALKER for sure. He didn’t mention any secret squirrel stuff, I mentioned offhand that I’m going to Fort Bragg in the fall and he got really nervous and changed the subject. He is say that he went to AIT at Fort Sill… but came back to Utah to be in the “411th field artillery” which sounds reasonable (Utah has two FA regiments and a brigade) but there is no such thing as the “411th field artillery” in history as far as I’m aware. So, uhh, fire for effect? He’s lying about being in the brotherhood of 1/3 of the Utah guard, he should be getting visits from all corners.

    I’ll visit him again to try to get him to give me more rope. Civil Affairs “building trust” style.

  4. Combat Historian says:

    He may have been referring to 4th Battalion, 11th Field Artillery. Found the following info on Whether he served with the reserve 4-11 FA or not, he still is a lying poseur weasel…

    “The 4th Battalion, 11th Field Artillery, was originally constituted 1 July 1916 in the Regular Army as Battery D, 11th Field Artillery. It organized on 1 June 1917 at Douglas, AZ. (11th Field Artillery was assigned in November 1917 to the 6th Division; it was relieved on 12 November 1920 from assignment to the 6th Division; assigned on 1 March 1921 to the Hawaiian Division [later redesignated the 24th Infantry Division].)

    The unit reorganized and was redesignated on 1 October 1941 as Battery D, 11th Field Artillery Battalion. It was absorbed on 31 August 1942 by Battery A, 11th Field Artillery Battalion.

    Former Battery D, 11th Field Artillery Battalion, was reconstituted 31 March 1958 in the Regular Army and redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 4th Rocket Howitzer Battalion, 11th Artillery; it was concurrently, withdrawn from the Regular Army, allotted to the Army Reserve, and assigned to the 96th Infantry Division (its organic elements were concurrently constituted).

    The Battalion activated on 1 June 1959 with Headquarters at Salt Lake City, UT. It was redesignated on 15 February 1963 as the 4th Howitzer Battalion, 11th Artillery, relieved from assignment to the 96th Infantry Division, and assigned to the 191st Infantry Brigade. It was relieved on 1 September 1964 from assignment to the 191st Infantry Brigade. It inactivated on 29 February 1968 at Salt Lake City, UT.

    It was redesignated on 1 September 1971 as the 4th Howitzer Battalion, 11th Field Artillery.

    The unit was withdrawn on 2 October 1986 from the Army Reserve and allotted to the Regular Army; it was concurrently redesignated as the 4th Battalion, 11th Field Artillery, assigned to the 172nd Infantry Brigade, and activated at Fort Richardson, AK. It relocated to Fort Wainwright, AK, on 21 April 1994.”

  5. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I got a tip that KSL is doing a news report on him tonight at 10 o’clock. Folks in the area might want to watch.

  6. Combat Historian says:

    Jonn, if you get any local feedback/reactions/results from the KSL news story on colonel cockroach, we would love to hear it; thanks!

  7. CAs6 says:

    I’ll be watching.

  8. Jonn Lilyea says:

    JD at Professional Soldiers said that he’s going to be interviewed for the story.

  9. Combat Historian says:

    Get ’em, JD! Time for the REAL SF veterans to take this POS apart!

  10. Green Thumb says:

    This guy is a Special “Forcer” on a two-hole insertion team.


  11. SGTSHADOW says:

    So is Intermoutian Harley-Davidson going to acknowledge Kernel Cockring does if fact work there and terminate him? It made the local news, he was interviewed wearing their uniform blubbering and admitting it. Why aren’t they telling him to pound sand and tell his story walking?

  12. Rick Fulton says:

    It could be worse. He could be pretending to be an Air Force sentry dog handler. The sad thing is that so many people do not understand why military fraud is just so wrong. We are now in the period of the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War and there will undoubtedly be more such sleeze come out from under the rocks. We all need to watch for them and report them to the cops or to the county attorney. To all Vietnam vets, the Commemoration honors your Service, Valor and Sacrifice. Thank You and Welcome Home.

  13. EdUSMCleg says:

    Oh yeah- we know man. There is another one going down in her local news tonight, as well. Been a busy week busting posers lol

  14. Heather says:

    Hey guys, I know this guy, and the military turned him down because of health problems. He went on a mission, and came home to marry my sister. He is full of stories and fraudulent activities.

  15. PtolemyInEgypt says:

    Colonel Crotchrot!

    Stolen Valor 2013 Ballduster frontrunner right here…

  16. Navy Capt Paul S Hammer says:

    [Removed by the guy who pays the bills]

  17. Ok, I’m not military and I don’t have anyone in my family that is (just a fifteen year old who wants to be a SEAL someday) and even I can see this guy is full of shit. To start-his combat infantryman badge is in the wrong place. It’s worn above the salad bar, not below it. Then, a note to the good colonel-rank insignias are not worn on the beret. But if you were going to make that mistake, you could at least wear a colonel’s bird instead of a major’s gold oak leaf. And what Purple Heart recipient DOESN’T wear their Purple Heart sixth in order of precedence behind a bunch of other random medals? Those are just the ones I can catch at a second’s glance-I’m sure I could find far more. Although, it is worth noting that three-time recipients (two silver stars in the wreath opening denote a three-time recipient) of the CIB are so rare that the National Infantry Museum has a memorial dedicated to them, and I’m pretty sure they have an official list available online. Should be easy enough to check.

  18. CATM says:

    This guy is just a bag of smashed ass.

  19. Green Thumb says:


  20. Navy HM says:

    Anyone else notice the AF patch above the name tape of his ACU’s

  21. Green Thumb says:


  22. SpudWrench says:

    Saw this guy Friday, stacking boxes at the Cycle Gear store in Draper.
    He looked sad and lonely – I made it very obvious that I knew who he was.

    His bike (outside) looked unadorned with cool guy stickers, so let’s hope he learned his lesson for good.