Send Laughing Wolf away

| April 26, 2013

Our buddy, Laughing Wolf of Blackfive is trying to get to Normandy to cover the D-Day events there. He needs some scratch to get there. So toss in a couple of bucks.

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  1. After meeting the gentleman who successfully hid being blind in one eye to serve in WWII, and with the U.S. cutting back participation because of the “sequester” to just one general officer, a color guard, and a lone bugler (no joke, and the Germans and Dutch are covering the airborne parts), I want more than ever to get there. Thank you for the help!

  2. Former3C0 says:

    They’re doing a GoRuck even there around that time, will he be attending?

  3. @Former3Co, if the money is raised to get me there & pay entrance fee, and I don’t have to leave before then to come back to another embed that is in work, would love to do it. Need to get my fuzzy rump in shape.

  4. Athena says:

    LW, Where can we donate?!!!!

  5. Athena says:

    LW, Nevermind….(face plant)…

  6. Athena says:

    LW, I tried multiple times, but the site won’t accept either credit card. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  7. Athena, if the Indigogo site proves problematic, let me know and you can donate via my site ( and I will treat it as if it came in through Indigogo for the rewards offered. Thank you!

  8. Athena says:

    LW, I think the problem with the indiegogo site is the lack of decimals on the donation amount. Both CC companies called me today to ask me about it. You might be “missing” donations because the site demands this.

  9. Athena, interesting, first I’ve heard about this. Will check into it, and also let people know they can use a credit card to donate via my site as well. Thanks.

  10. For those that don’t want to do Indigogo or experience problems:

  11. Someone has offered to donate airline miles towards a ticket, if others will step up to do the same. This person, who wishes to remain anonymous, will donate the miles for a one-way ticket over if someone will donate the miles for a one-way trip back.

    If you have miles that you would be willing to donate to the effort, please let me know and we will work things out.