Tell me more about that rational gun debate again?

| April 29, 2013

Well in the time between studying for my test in M6 class I ran into this. It seems that a person by the name Heather Whaley from Moms Demand Action. In the video she calls Senator Corker office and acts completely crazy. See for yourself.

So yea, that happened. I mean calling a US Senator while pretending to have a mental illness and demanding to own guns is a GREAT way to have a across the board talk right. And plus who can argue with this video has someone firing a AR-15 with the shells labeled with the different mass shootings. Oh and pay no attention to the fact that Combine is cited even though that is when the 1994 Assault ban was in effect.

This is the demands that the posted.

Moms Demand Action was founded to demand action NOW to:?

1) Ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
2) Require background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases.?
3) Report the sale of large quantities of ammunition to the ATF, and ban online sales of ammunition.
4) Make gun trafficking a federal crime with serious criminal penalties.
5) Counter gun industry lobbyists’ efforts to weaken gun laws at the state level.

Which I left them this reply which we shall see how fast they ignore answer it.

1. Assault weapons have been banned for awhile since you cannot buy a full auto weapon.
2. The 1996 weapon ban that expired under Bush did not prevent Combine.
3. Will the background checks be deposed of after they are complete?
4. The same ATF that allowed guns to go to Mexican Drug gangs even when the dealers warned them about it.
5. how about enforce the ones we have first before making new ones.

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  1. cannoncocker says:

    She’s a liberal. She didn’t have to “pretend” to have a mental illness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Horse…. fuggin’….. sheeeeottt!!!!

    Like Cannoncocker said, and I’ll also add: This is their idea of a rational discussion? Yes, let’s pander to emotion some more and blow things out of proportion, shall we?

    Ummmmm. O.K.

  3. OWB says:

    When logic and rational thought generally does not work, bring out the lies. That is what she is teaching the youngster running around in the video.

    Great parenting there, Mommy!

    But, I would agree that this Mommy has no business owning or operating firearms.

  4. Did she not learn that the Massengill is inserted in a lower orifice and not the lower orifice on the face?
    Typical, so typical of the liberal. Have the discussion,(her side of it), memorized and not be prepared to have the discussion in such a fashion as to be a true back and forth.

  5. Devtun says:

    Like how Heather’s daughter is milling about nonchalantly, seems to be well adjusted to mom’s loco tendencies.

  6. USMCE8Ret says:

    @5 – What’s sadder is that Heather’s kid is liable to grow up a blathering idiot like her mom.

    They usually turn out that way unless someone intervenes.

  7. LostOnThemInterwebs says:

    I said it once and said it again, this moms are using the “Mrs Broflovski” but instead of blaming Canada they are blaming scary guns.

  8. USMCE8Ret says:

    I noticed that some of the videos on the “Moms” website have ratings disabled. The ones that don’t have them disabled have more “dislikes” than “likes”.

    Just another example on how they don’t want to hear other people’s opinions – nor see them.

  9. Nik says:

    No, you spastic blob of protoplasm wearing a human suit, nobody agrees with you. Hell, you don’t agree with you. Now take off the human disguise and go back to whatever planet you escaped from. Surely they’re looking for you.

  10. LostOnThemInterwebs says:

    OK FINE! FINE! I GIVE UP!!!! *sigh*

    Where to start, and I’m sorry in advance if I’m going to bore you to death with this:

    0:21 seconds on the video, she licks her lips, denoting nervousness, but also exaltation while she looks at the right, she is creating a fantasy of her own.

    0:28 “Can your repeat it for me please?” and looks up while smiling, she actually does believe she is making a point

    0:29 Quiet gesture, this means the person on the camera was about to make noise, probably of emotion/joy, she gets more enticed by it

    0:40 is not how she says court, her raised eyebrows and movement of the head she truly believes she is above the law and courts, she knows better, she doesn’t THINK she is utterly CONVINCED of it

    0:41-0:45 hand movement side by side, while looking left and blinking a lot, while she is creating, she has run this scenario on her head multiple times, specially dislikes mentally ill people, marking schizofrenia, I would not go to attest to that illness having hit people near her but seems to react harsh at it showing her contempt and her realization those people cannot make a complete mental decision (Thus relegating them to sub normal)

    0:46 While she says right to buy guns, her eyes widen, she is scared of guns, I bet this persona has never fired one in her life.

    0:50 disgust (At this point I’m sure my face also has that micro expression)

    0:53 She covers her mouth, she knows it’s absolutely inappropriate to ask the person on the phone her opinion, she really doesn’t believe the question could go well, but forecs herself to ask, thus covering her mouth

    0:56 “Dont you!” eyes wide open, she can’t believe another person cannot agree with her, at this point I would consider her a fanatical.

    1:00-1:10+ Scratches her face, nervous, caused by a defensive act and not the proper reaction, this entices her more, her fanatism goes a new level.

    1:08 At this point the raise voice, head movement and open eyes denotes her disdain for mentally ill, she doesn’t complain about being turned down she complains they do not feel an indignation, projection not of her as she has never had a gun but at someone close to her.

    1:16 As she says agrees with me, she raises her eye brows and stretches her mouth, at this point she is claiming agreement, is not a plea is an order.

    1:18 She hears what she needs, she smiles and her voice changes, her eyes move to the left then the right she is creating a new conversation but remembering if that’s everything is required.

    1:24 at this point she is looking down and her mouth twitched, she is remembering the entire conversation again.

    This lady is just plain weird, she gives me the creeps… If I was in a room and there was a knife and only us, I would not go into a gun control debate with her, after a while if she looses there is a possibility she would turn violent, specially if she physically feels she cannot leave the room and retract.

    Now if you don’t mind I’ll go and watch memes, kittens or something that serves as a mind bleach for that video …

  11. LostOnThemInterwebs says:

    since I can’t edit I’ll make an errata (was writing while watching and disgusted so I apologize in advance)

    1:08 – “projection not of her as she has never had a gun but at someone close to her.” should read “Problems with the law with an indignation, someone close to her, I do not believe herself

    1:24 not only remembering but being happy thus the twitch.

    She still gives me the creeps

  12. Nik says:

    I tell ya this. I believe her when she indicates she’s a paranoid schizophrenic.

  13. Doc Bailey says:

    I know this is hard for them to understand, but you DO know that only Aura CO had an AR used right? There were NO ARs used at columbine, or Sandyhook, or Arizona. . .

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’m curious about this part:

    ‘Report the sale of large quantities of ammunition to the ATF’ — Now, taken as a standing phrase, it literally means ‘report large quantities of ammunition purchased by the ATF’. I myself am quite interested in publication of the quantities/volume of ammunition of all kinds purchased by domestic departments such at TSA, FBI, NOAA, and even USPS. I keep wondering if the Pony Express is going to ride again.

    However, people frequently say things this way when they mean ‘report to the ATF the sale of large quantities of ammunition to individual purchasers’.

    It’s very important to be clear, not only in what you say, but in how you say it, especially when approaching a congress critter. If you’re not careful, your spasms of anger at not receiving agreement from your target may be misperceived as threats of some kind. Or maybe they actually are threats but not verbalized, simply implied.

    What’s the ATF? I know about BATFE and FBI and CIA and FEMA and DOJ and DOD, but people keep making up these acronyms and I’m just lost in the alphabet soup.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    Summary: she’s nuts. Should be spayed to prevent further production and inoculated against infectious diseases like rabies, which can mimic the bat-shit crazies.

  16. Nik says:


    Shhh….don’t let a little thing like facts come between a liberal loon and her moment of crazy.

  17. Nik says:

    I kinda wonder. Is her recording legal? Which state does it matter for regarding one-party/two-party?

  18. SSG Medzyk says:

    Cool slo-mo of the M4! I always like technical video of firearms. Thanks Demanding Moms 🙂

  19. Valkyrie says:

    @18 Nik

    I’m not sure what state she’s in (she says TN but someone under the Facebook comments says she’s in VA) both states are “one party” states but I’m not sure where she was calling to but I found this about calling across state lines.

    Calls Crossing State Lines
    Calls that cross state lines become complicated legal issues especially when one state is a one party consent state and the other state is an all party consent state. What has happened is that you didn’t violate the law in the one party consent state and violated the law in the all party consent state. Moreover, since the call went across a state line, the federal laws would certainly apply. The law is actually quite fuzzy on these issues. The recorder is advised to assume that the sticker law would apply.

    D.C. is also a one party state.

    Looks like the crazies win this round.

  20. Valkyrie says:

    Oh here’s the website I got that info from, I forgot to post the link when I copied the info.

  21. malclave says:

    What’s the ATF?

    Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. They’re often confused with the BATFE, but they’re really there to provide assistance.

    For example, if you want to know what brand of cigar will go well with cognac and a Sig-Sauer, you can call the ATF for a recommendation.

  22. FatCircles0311 says:

    This woman is a huge cunt. Seriously, wow. She should move to her libtard fantasy nation before she has a stroke.

  23. PavePusher says:

    @ #10, LostOnThemInterwebs: Frankly, I saw the ‘crazy-eyes’ in the first 5 seconds.

    I also see the near-cleavage camera angle. Points for that… but not enough to save her psychotic behavior. Gonna need more…

  24. Capricorn says:

    She’s your standard Bat-Sh!t-Crazy liberal who can’t deal with reality, *yawn*. They’ve been particularly restless since the knee-jerk background check legislation didn’t pass. Has Mr. Colion Noir been posted here? Consider this video a palate cleanser:

  25. Mike says:

    She needs to get a job or hobby. Or laid. I can help with all three lol.

  26. Butch says:

    Mike @ 26: try as you might, you can’t fuck the crazy out of them.

  27. LebbenB says:

    Whew…So much crazy in such a short amount of time.

  28. Old Trooper says:

    I won’t watch the video. I don’t need to see another self righteous moron that thinks their beliefs somehow trump my rights. Fuck her and the horse she rode in on.

  29. streetsweeper says:

    hehehe….bat shit crazy doesn’t fit this critter. absolutely frigging nuts! lmao!

  30. Nik says:


    True, but it’s worth a shot.

  31. Ex-PH2 says:

    Thanks for the definitions of ATF, guys. I admit that I was hoping for something a little more pumped up than just the ordinary gubbmint alpha-labeling.

  32. Ex-PH2 says:

    Also, I get the impression she’s not actually pretending all that much to be mental.

  33. Robot Wrangler says:

    Since they do not allow comments or ratings I flagged the video’s for promoting abuse and promoting terrorism. That woman needs to get herself unfucked with a quickness.

  34. MGySgtRet says:

    What a crazy bitch. And from the looks of it, she was allowed to spawn too, adding another generation of loud mouth, know nothing, liberal idiots to the gene pool.

    This is the face of gun control?? A premise based on a lie?? Feelings over facts?? God help us if we lose our rights to these whack jobs.

  35. MGySgtRet says:

    And Old Trooper, you had the right idea. I am definitely dumber for having watched this video. May God have mercy on my soul……

  36. Ex-PH2 says:

    Does anyone besides me wonder if her hubby knows what her little hobby is?

    I have some serious, very real concerns about the well-being of that child.

  37. MGySgtRet says:

    Ex-PH2, she is either divorced or her husband is a neutered unicorn who is just glad to bask in her awesomeness.

  38. Nik says:

    Here’s a scary thought; what if her husband is just as crazy or crazier? Birds of a feather and all…

  39. DaveO says:

    Oh Heath Ledger! You could have been saved! We can haz seen the real Joker!

  40. OWB says:

    PH – were you looking for a serious answer or more silliness? (To the ATF question that is.) Because, you know, we can, like, go either way on that one.

  41. Ex-PH2 says:

    OWB – Re: ATF — silliness is fine. All the Army people use acronymese all the time and I feel like I’m at a crossroads with all the signs written in Urdu.

    But I am serious about that child. If I had no reference other than someone making a phone call to a senator and stating – and it’s on record now, with this video – that she’s been judged paranoid schizophrenic by a COURT, I’d be asking DCFS to find her and the kid and investigate what is going on in that house.

    I’d also be interested in how many other things she’s done like this, and if it’s rampant in Moms Demand Action. It’s some freak show going on there.

  42. NHSparky says:

    If I’m a criminal anywhere in her area, I bet they’re flocking to her door.

    When seconds count, the cops are only minutes (or hours) away.