The truth about Discovery’s Dual Survival’s Joe Teti

| May 6, 2013 | 247 Comments

A few weeks ago, we wrote about David Canterbury, a member of the cast of a survival show on the Discovery Channel, “Dual Survival”. At the time, someone brought up Joe Teti, the other fellow on that show. So being the cynics that we are, we got Teti’s records, too. Here’s what Teti claims on his website;

Joe Teti Bio

Most of that is true. He was indeed in the USMC’s Force Recon. He spent less than 4 years in the Marines and here’s his records of assignments;

Joe Teti USMC Assignments


And his schooling;

Joe Teti USMC records

He was also in Special Forces – National Guard Special Forces- for five years, ending on May 1st, 2000.

Joe Teti NG FOIA

Joe Teti 2-1 NG

Joe Teti Awards

So that’s where his military records end, so he could hardly be a “combat veteran of OIF and OEF” as he claims in his bio in the way that most of us understand the term “veteran”. However, he did participate in those wars as a contractor.

I spent about an hour or so, total in about four phone calls with Joe yesterday. He stands by the “veteran” tag in regards to the war against terror, although your opinions may be different. He tells me that he didn’t reenlist after 9-11 because he was already in the pipeline for a contractor job, which seems reasonable to me, and I have no evidence to the contrary.

I don’t disparage his service because he certainly accomplished more in his nine years than I did in my two decades, well, school-wise, anyway. There are rumors about him flying around the internet and I won’t engage in hearsay. Joe has sent me volumes of his records that I have promised that I wouldn’t post. Of course, all of it reflects well on him as a warrior.

I also understand that he became a target as soon as he took the job at the Discovery Channel, for whatever reasons, that’s the downside of being a public figure. I found him to be an affable fellow, even though he called me ‘sir’ more times than I was comfortable with. And he called me a “smart guy” several times – if only he knew.

So, I may be accused of being star-struck, but, without some real evidence to the contrary, I’m inclined to come down on Joe’s side. We thought that we had a real story here when we first started out, because the first set of records we got were of another Joseph Nicholas Teti who was a helicopter mechanic in the Army back in 1983, the same time Joe said he was in the USMC, but I got a little suspicious of that first set of records, which took us back for another shot at it, and sometimes, they are who they say.

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  1. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Hey Ex-PH2. Did you see my birthday cake offer to you in the Bloomberg cake thread?

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, AirCav, no, I didn’t. I was on the trails most of the morning and then out mowing the lawn. I’ll go and look.

  3. C2/2000AF says:

    LOL Napoleon probably isnt coming back I take it. Looks like he got ran off here.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    AirCav, go see my message on BLoomie’s cupcake thread.

    C2/2000AF, maybe he’s busy with a dictionary or something. He seems to be like Sippy, but a dumber version.

  5. Firewalker says:

    This is the UGLY truth about JOE TETI……unless he cares to prove his 20 years is actually the 10 years that his records actually show and the Vegas Sun newspaper proves when he was trying to close a business deal with Vegas in order to make money off of America’s bout with terror…all the while, other brave SF guys and other military men left their civilian lives to protect us here stateside….he is a fake and a selfish little man….READ ON…

    Bergmann Field-Craft, AK

    Join Date: Sep 2010
    Location: Eisenheim, Alaska, Russian Republik
    Posts: 109
    Thanks: 88
    Thanked 177 Times in 60 Posts … eti-chance

    #7 Joe Teti is a Fake
    Submitted by DB (not verified) on 2013-01-22.

    Joe Teti is a fake. He did complete the Green Beret Qualification course while assigned to the National Guard’s 19 Special Forces Group. He was kicked out of 1st BN 19 SFG(A) for stealing night vision goggles and other expensive equipment. They didn’t have enough evidence though to prosecute. He then went to A CO 5/19 SFG(A) and was removed from operational status for lack of critical thinking skills and uncontrolled temper. I personally watched him pull a loaded pistol and draw down on his team sergeant in a fight during a Special Forces Urban Combat Course taught at Camp Williams, UT in the summer 2000. When he was teaching the same course in 2001, he was caught stealing training simunition pistols and ammunition. This was while he was in the National Guard. He owned a concrete pressure washing business in NV as his full time profession. In 2003, I ran into him in Baghdad where he was working for a private security firm doing protection details. I caught him lying again when he said he was working in Delta Force. His boss “Ike” was a former Sergeant Major in Delta and when word got back about what Joe was saying he was fired from that position too. He NEVER worked for any Tier 1 unit and did NOT serve on active duty in his army career. I have not tried to verify his Marine Corp background he claims but friends who have been Recon for decades haven’t heard of him. The National Guard guys do great work, but never have been called a “counter terrorism force.” Joe Teti is well known by many Special Forces Operators to be a stealing, lying fake and it is sad that the show will be ruined as this is slowly exposed.

  6. anomalophobe says:

    I dunno, but after reading all these posts, me thinks that the issue is much “simpler” – I think the Discovery Channel was scrambling to find a replacement and happened across Teti because he was a stockbroker for one of the execs of the show. Call it conspiracy theory, sheer genius, or utter bullsh#t – I’ve been blamed for all three. But one thing I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt: I am NOT a combat veteran!

  7. Not necessarily a Teti fan but.. says:

    Strictly, by definition, if he saw combat a few times during OIF or OEF and was attached to Tier 1 combat group(s), even as a contractor he could call himself a veteran of combat or in his words a ‘combat veteran’. I didn’t see any direct claim by him to be a US Military Combat Veteran or to posses a CIB. However, I do understand how his play on words upsets many that he did not do this while serving in a US Military uniform or those that assumed he saw combat while enlisted in the US Military.

    The implication by his adamant secrecy is that he was a CIA Opertative. Let’s say that was true or is a fact….does that make it any easier to tolerate his claim of “combat veteran” as a paid government employee serving combat missions?

    The proven facts are he was enlisted as a member of an Elite US Marine unit and Army SF. He completed the training required of him to stand at the ready. Whether or not he was deployed while in uniform into a combat situation or NOT is not his fault. He was ready while in uniform and presumably discharged honorably. Then hell, he even went to the fight after he got out. That is respectable. Most units suffer a loss after a deployment when the soldiers initial contracts are up.

    My apparent tolerance for this situation is prejudiced by the opinion of a decorated Tier 1 guy that knew Joe since they went through SFAS together. He has not had a problem with him or anything he has said or published about himself.

  8. eddie j says:

    You guys need to pay attention to Joe’s letter and read the whole thing, he and MH are having a feud, that’s what he threatening legal action about, and he WAS a member of an SMU, and he WAS in direct action missions in the employ of our government, he was still in combat and still a veteran. You guys are really splitting hairs and its unconscionable the things that are being said.

  9. Coldstark says:

    28 yrs service, 25 of which as 18 series and all my schools and assignment are in my records and DD-214, except what I could not prove! Words and deeds are important gentlemen, they are directly related to the one thing that cannot be taken from you in this life, “your honor” can only be given. I’m not an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

  10. j mac says:

    thanks for your service joe some people just dont get it,your the reason we can shut our eyes at night and dont have to worry about if there going to open in the morning

  11. OIF '06--'07-'08 says:

    @216, Oh hell, another sock puppet that has done went and resurrected a dead thread. “Dis gonna be good”. So let me pop some popcorn and pull up a chair. With the way that these dead treads come back to life, you would think that it is ordained to be here at TAH.

  12. O-4E says:

    @216 j mac

    How so?

  13. Just Plain Jason says:

    I’ll tap one black and two colorless and cast necromacy to bury this thread back in the deck.

  14. Just Plain Jason says:

    Damn my level of nerd won’t let it go…

    To the graveyard.

  15. Anonymous says:

    #217-220….minions of the blog owner and neophytes to the BS this blog spews about people like Joe and some others on here like him, clearly a handful hiding behind the Alexa rankings of the blog-which have been slipping- and what little google juice it thinks it has. Morons

  16. OFOM says:

    Joe Teti is so awesome he can read this backwards…

    sdrawkcab siht daer nac eh emosewa os si iteT eoJ

  17. POS-CIV says:

    I know this is a very old post but as a Government Training Specialist who has deployed for over three years in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have seen the “New Army” and how many of todays troops earn their CAB by being in the chow hall at the Garrison Base in/around/near Kabul during an IDF attack. You heard me correctly Garrison. I know many with a story never tell it and many who tell the best war stories never fired a shot in combat. To say any Civilians forward deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan can leave at their own discretion is False. Emergency Essential personnel are “mission critical” and cannot abandon their post until properly relieved, punishable by the fullest extent of the UCMJ. It’s common knowledge that the last Draftee retired in 2011 so at this point all military personnel volunteered for their service. (If you didn’t realize that you might actually go to WAR the recruiter had a field day with you.) Just like a Federal Employee volunteers for Civil Service. DFAS sends my check and I view my LES on “mypay”. I can post definitions of the words “combat” “veteran” “armed” and “forces” if you like. As someone above mentioned specific words have specific meanings when those words are strung together to form a very vivid statement. Some people add their own meanings or attempt to redefine those words/terms or believe those words/terms are sacred, you are WRONG. Allow me remind some of you PRIOR service members, YOU are just another Civilian now. The day you took that uniform off you ceased to be whatever RANK you attained. I will thank everyone for their service and point out that I’ve not meant to offend anyone. I also have a question to leave you with; Is the sacrifice to serve your country in the same environment on the same day/time/location any different from civilian to Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Marine?

  18. Madison "Maddawg" says:

    You’ll never find Mr.Tetis’ actual military record because the government protects our family. Yea you can file freedom of information papers but trust me, it’s not all there nor will it ever.

  19. LebbenB says:

    Joe who?

  20. Scotty says:

    Holy Hell, Please don’t tell me that everything is Secret Squirrel now.

  21. Green Thumb says:

    Two-hole Teti, the known thief, back in the Top Posts.


  22. LebbenB says:

    Is there a statute (Or just in case Denny is reading this, a “statue”) of limitations on douchebaggery? Between Angie and Joe “Tea bag” Teti, it’s like an episode of “The Walking Dead” up in here.

  23. Jonn Lilyea says:

    The Army Times called yesterday. They’re doing an article on Teti and wanted my opinion. They got it, but I don’t think they’ll use it.

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