Does anyone know what the hell Teti is talking about?

| May 10, 2013

UPDATE: Dude took the facebook post down.  Probably a good move, since we clearly never said any of the things he was accusing us of saying.


Latest from Teti:

One blog in particular called This Ain’t Hell has a …really colorful write up on me. They were even kind enough to post it on my FB page here. THANK YOU!!!! You are making my job very easy. Folks………I highly recommend you read it if you need a few good laughs and truly see jealousy at its finest. Especially the parts where they say I have committed FELONY acts, such as arson and theft, amongst a plethora of other humorous deeds.

I’ve been looking for where we said that, and I find nothing.*  Certainly not in a post, and I didn’t see any comments that said it either.  But I know Teti has a host of lawyers, so we must have said it somewhere because I am sure Joe wouldn’t just make untrue allegations for shits and giggles.  Right?

[* It appears he’s referring to this comment.   A comment which explicitely states “Here’s some info regarding Joe Teti from a forum called” and then quotes it.  Apparently quoting from somewhere else is tantamount to stating it?  That’s a pretty odd policy to take.  After all, he cites to us, which I guess makes him complicit in his own defamation.  Or, as Joe calls it repeatedly “deformation”.]

Just a reminder of some of the horrid shit Jonn said about Teti:

  • Most of that is true. He was indeed in the USMC’s Force Recon.
  • He was also in Special Forces – National Guard Special Forces- for five years, ending on May 1st, 2000.
  • I don’t disparage his service because he certainly accomplished more in his nine years than I did in my two decades, well, school-wise, anyway.
  • There are rumors about him flying around the internet and I won’t engage in hearsay.
  •  I found him to be an affable fellow, even though he called me ‘sir’ more times than I was comfortable with. And he called me a “smart guy” several times – if only he knew.

Wait, what?  What part was so colorful?  Where he used your records to show you were telling the truth?

Again, his beef seems to be with commenters arguing whether service as a contractor makes him a “combat veteran.”  About 1/2 believe it does, and 1/2 believe it doesn’t.  And no one is crapping on contractors, least of all me, especially since I wear a Blackwater hat all the time.

Dude seems to need meds or something.

Everyone keeps saying we should have done it face to face.  Which of us should have done that?  We make no money on the blog, certainly not enough to fly anywhere when email and phones work.  You’d have thought the numerous emails and phone calls would have been sufficient, especially since Jonn’s post just gives the dude a tonguebath, but apparently those of you who want to write bad things should write them in his presence or something.

Now, it goes without saying, YOU ARE NOT HELPING if you threaten him, call his house or anything else.  Don’t pass on rumors of arson or anything else.  I haven’t seen anyone do it, but in case you were thinking of it, do not.  This whole fued is pretty much played out as far as we are concerned. 

And to whoever the shitdick was calling his phone/internet provider claiming to be Jonn and alter his service, it didn’t work.  If you think he’s an asshole now, you should deprive him of Megyn Kelly for a day or two and things will get real fricken interesting.

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  1. Valkyrie says:


    I have freely admitted that I have never served, and I also only stated that you were getting off the subject of this post. You came in here and started spitting all over the ones here that have served. I don’t believe you read any of the posts or did Your research. You saw an opening to start a “flame war” and I was just trying to steer you back on track to the discussion at hand.

    I’m still sorta new here myself but have made many posts about common courtesy and respect. I have a great respect and yeah maybe a lil “hero worship” to the ones here. I just ask that you stay on subject and be respectful. I’ve been a lot nicer then I usually am and will remain so. Oh and btw I’m far from a “bored oldster”.

  2. Joe Williams says:

    NTF or Tuna,a life truth for you. One aww shit wipes out a thousand atta-boys. Joe is not a combat vet yet he words his bio to make the reader think he is one. He is a poser(my opinion) because of the false claims of Com Vet. His other claims of secret ops is questionable too.

  3. Twist says:

    “So I assumed that most of you are bitter old fuckers who have no love for life anymore; sitting around drinking cheap whiskey and contemplating suicide…Am I right?”

    No you are not right. I am 38, have served as an Infantryman for 19 years, love life, and don’t drink whiskey.

  4. rb325th says:

    So, what is tunashits Military affiliation? I see him calling people out here on their service, as either non existent or “some rear echelon” crap.
    So he/she must be some real super hero….

  5. Smitty says:

    im 28, Combat Vet with CIB, and drink glenmorangie 18. not cheap by any stretch. i have been harsher on titty than anyone here (except maybe scotty) and ya dodge me. quit trying to pick on and call out our few non-military people here and realize the vast majority ya are attacking and insulting did far more than titty AND HAVE BEEN HONEST ABOUT IT! we dont look down on those who did desk jobs or didnt see combat, we look down on the ones that claim they saw combat after they were out of the service! Titty got out of the national gaurd a month after 11 sep 2001. while all his brothers in arms were deploying, he ran away! he can claim all the secret squil shit he wants, but i call bull shit. he wasnt a CIA black ops guy, he was a contractor. he might have even been private security, but he wasnt 007. he didnt work for DoD or state, he worked for a private company and made big bucks doing it

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Did pottyfish go away for good?

    One can only hope.

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    You know, I tried to be nice with the punk, Tuna. It didn’t work. Screw him. No debate. No discussion. No appeal to rationality. New game. Archery. He’s the target.

  8. Smitty says:

    why are we still talking about titty? and was is fish flatulance still hanging around? hasnt he ticked off enough real combat vets yet?

  9. Scotty says:

    # 157, I tried the same approach with Tuna’s Hero on his Fan page. He blocked me when he saw he was fighting a losing battle.. Oh Well, Cowards cut & run. Marines never do..I stand by my orig. claim.Dual Survivor CO-Star Joseph Teti is NOT a combat Veteran.
    I have a copy of the complete post that Jonn has listed here when Teti had it posted on his wall if any one is interested in reading it.Complete with the written threat directed at me. I didn’t fall off the turnip wagon yesterday.

  10. Hondo says:

    Nah, Ex-PH2 – he’s reloading. Hes probably scarfing down plenty of anchovies, algae, pintos, onions, and garlic. Plus doing some bottom feeding.

    Tunafart apparently doesn’t realize (or doesn’t care) that with a few exceptions everyone who has commented on this article is known to be a vet. I did a quick run-through and only noticed about 5 or 6 screen names (other than Tunafart’s) that I’m not certain are vets.

    With 3 exceptions, I’m pretty sure all the rest are vets. Two exceptions is Valkyrie and melle1228, who as I recall have identified themselves either above or elsewhere as a non-vets. The other is “dirt donkey”, who I assess likely is one of Teti’s naïve (and lame) high-school fanbois.

  11. Hondo says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if Tunafart is either this guy or a friend of his. That would explain a lot, actually.

  12. NHSparky says:

    Maybe it’s his wife (again.) She was a hoot the last time she came in to defend his worthless ass.

    Ah, good times, good times.

  13. Hondo says:

    NHSparky: I thought about that. But IMO Tunafart seems a bit more lucid and intelligent than she did, even if no less a tool.

  14. Twist says:

    Smitty, TSO and myself also had our comments deleted and blocked.

  15. NHSparky says:

    Of course you did, Twist–can’t have a combat veteran (a REAL one) calling out someone for bullshitting their way onto a TV show.

    And people wonder why even after 50-plus years it’s still regarded as “The Great Wasteland.”

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    There’s something else I feel compelled to say: a grown man who calls himself ‘a kid’ and has his picture taken with juveniles instead of with other adults has a real serious problem.

  17. TSO says:

    @167, gotta part with you on that one a bit. I volunteer as a counselor at Boys State every year (this year 2 of them) and I get pictures with the kids from time to time and friend them all on Facebook as they head off the college and service in the military. If Teti volunteers his time with Boy Scouts etc, more power to him. My problem with him remains his prima donna “I’ll sue you” nonsense.

  18. A Proud Infidel says:

    Note to fishfart: Have you ever served? Note that your semester of JROTC DOES NOT COUNT as Military Service!

  19. Ex-PH2 says:

    TSO, I’ll concede your point. I just viewed the remark plus photos as a bit odd.

  20. Hondo says:

    TSO: I don’t think the guy in the photos Ex-PH2 is talking about is Teti. See link in comment 146.

  21. Old Trooper says:

    @133: I haven’t commented on this whole Teti thing, because as I read Jonn’s initial post, I figured it was a done deal and left it at that. No one is questioning his time in service or that he was Force Recon or NGSF. The only thing I saw people discussing was a definition for Combat Vet being applied to someone who wasn’t in uniform at the time, but rather a mercenary. I don’t think anyone was saying anything that required the initial response that Joe gave. After that response was when things started to slide downhill very fast and have continued to do so at an ever faster pace.

    Now, I’m not disparaging contractors, because they have a tough job, too, in that they aren’t under the protections that uniformed personnel are and have restrictions placed on them that uniformed people don’t. This whole sordid incident could have been avoided and gone the way of the Do-Do bird by now, if Joe would have just left his bona fides up there and left it at that.

    It is a rather interesting question, though, of whether a mercenary is considered a combat vet or not. In my mind they surely are veterans of combat, but not of the uniformed services as recognized by the DoD or VA. They do not get awarded CIBs or other military decorations, etc. In his bio he leaves a lot of ambiguity on the table involving that and that is what was originally discussed and you will notice from the original post, it was close to a 50/50 split in the discussion forum and some that were on his side switched their opinions based on his response.

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    Yes, as Hondo indicates, I was actually referring to fishbait’s link and his reference to himself as ‘a kid playing airsoft’. I just found that comment, plus things in that link, a bit odd, but I may have over-reacted to it.

  23. TSO says:

    My bad PH2.

  24. Ex-PH2 says:

    TSO, I wasn’t clear who I was referring to, either, as I should have been.

  25. OWB says:

    So, after all is said and done (at least we can HOPE that it is done!), nothing has changed. We still have no idea why this misguided twerp has his panties in a wad or why his angst is directed at folks here.

    Well, there has been one change. Those who started with a neutral tending toward positive view of him now have a negative view of him. Maybe he is one of those sickos who would rather get negative attention than no attention at all?

    Perhaps someone could get a dissertation out of all this.

  26. Smitty says:

    did we determine that fish fart is airsoft captain? i missed that part somewhere. kinda funny though

  27. Smitty says:

    doh, found it

  28. Firewalker says:

    This is the UGLY truth about JOE TETI……unless he cares to prove his 20 years is actually the 10 years that his records actually show and the Vegas Sun newspaper proves when he was trying to close a business deal with Vegas in order to make money off of America’s bout with terror…all the while, other brave SF guys and other military men left their civilian lives to protect us here stateside….he is a fake and a selfish little man….READ ON…
    Bergmann Field-Craft, AK
    Join Date: Sep 2010
    Location: Eisenheim, Alaska, Russian Republik
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    Thanks: 88
    Thanked 177 Times in 60 Posts … eti-chance
    #7 Joe Teti is a Fake
    Submitted by DB (not verified) on 2013-01-22.
    Joe Teti is a fake. He did complete the Green Beret Qualification course while assigned to the National Guard’s 19 Special Forces Group. He was kicked out of 1st BN 19 SFG(A) for stealing night vision goggles and other expensive equipment. They didn’t have enough evidence though to prosecute. He then went to A CO 5/19 SFG(A) and was removed from operational status for lack of critical thinking skills and uncontrolled temper. I personally watched him pull a loaded pistol and draw down on his team sergeant in a fight during a Special Forces Urban Combat Course taught at Camp Williams, UT in the summer 2000. When he was teaching the same course in 2001, he was caught stealing training simunition pistols and ammunition. This was while he was in the National Guard. He owned a concrete pressure washing business in NV as his full time profession. In 2003, I ran into him in Baghdad where he was working for a private security firm doing protection details. I caught him lying again when he said he was working in Delta Force. His boss “Ike” was a former Sergeant Major in Delta and when word got back about what Joe was saying he was fired from that position too. He NEVER worked for any Tier 1 unit and did NOT serve on active duty in his army career. I have not tried to verify his Marine Corp background he claims but friends who have been Recon for decades haven’t heard of him. The National Guard guys do great work, but never have been called a “counter terrorism force.” Joe Teti is well known by many Special Forces Operators to be a stealing, lying fake and it is sad that the show will be ruined as this is slowly exposed.

  29. Smitty says:

    i like that one, that sounds about like what i expected