Ethan McCord: Karma’s a Bitch

| May 11, 2013

Define a hero.  Is it someone that stands up to the enemy?  Someone that saves a life?  Someone that’s caught on camera at just the right moment?  A lot of things could be considered heroic that the military does, but for the most part “doing your job” is still just doing your job.  Doing the bare minimum while in the military is not looked well upon within the community will often earn you open scorn.  If you were to use said minimum as a stump, and go on about how hard your life is for some drooling hippie, you’ll pretty much be black balled for life.  We all know people like that.  The guy that tells a sob story, to make the ladies all love his “heroism.”  Even “speaking truth to power” is somehow heroic if you’re on the right side of the issue (but if you’re, say telling the truth about Benghazi you’re a liar).

2nd Battalion 16th Infantry is a unit like any other.  It’s ordered to do pretty much the same things every other light infantry battalion is ordered to do.  For some reason however 2/16 has more than it’s fair share of people trying to cash in on the unit’s illustrious, and sometime infamous history.  We all know about Ward Reilly, a faker that has gone around wearing a Ranger tab, he didn’t earn and saying he was a Ranger that refused service in Vietnam (which would have been hard seeing as the unit pulled out in 1970).  He tried to cash in on 2/16’s name, as an anti-war douche first for VVAW and now for IVAW.  Then there’s Ethan McCord.  Now he’s said a lot of things, which have been proven to be flat out untrue (rotational fire for instance) and taken videos from soldiers that were misbehaving to blow incidents way out of proportion.

But the Anti-war crowd’s darling hero has a bit of a shady side.  For one, according to a source, [TSO: Deleted.  We don’t have a second source on this, and we’ll await more info.  What remains is as attributed, and is what we believe to be true.]  His first wife told me how he got the boot from the Navy Reserve, so in desperation he joined the Army.  The only problem is apparently Army basic was too tough for him so he called back to see if his soon to be ex-wife he was in the process of divorcing would fake a red cross message that his son was deathly ill so he could go home.  She hung up on him.  Continuing his shady streak after Basic, he married his second wife the same month he divorced his first.  Just to mess with her he, apparently, at one point he faked a PTSD episode while he was at the Ft Riley Warrior Transition Battalion.  The “episode” was so bad that his wife was in a near panic calling the command, asking what she should do.  The “episode” was resolved when he snapped out of it and said “just kidding.”  His Med Board process was something of a joke, but the Army went through it anyway.

As for his life as a soldier, well its already been said by several of his former comrades that he sought to do the minimum.  You really can’t blame a guy for being scared, but when you get to Iraq as an infantryman, it’s too late for second thoughts.  The malingering and constant attempts to get out of going on patrol did not make him popular.  His NCOs refused to send him to the board, and there was some butt hurt about that because he had assured his wife (at the time) that he’d soon be E-5.  To my knowledge his only combat experience just so happened to be the same day some Apaches from 1/227 Aviation responded to Bravo 2/16’s troops in contact during Operation Ilaaj.  It was a hot long day, that had Bravo in contact nearly all day.  When all was said and done two Reuters photographers were dead, as well as the insurgents they were with, and a family that was on the battlefield for no apparent reason.  McCord very shortly after went home on mid-tour leave and refused to come back.  He probably would have been forgotten if not for a hissy fit thrown by Brianna Manning, and a man I like to call Ass-hat decided to release a video that was then two years old and call it “collateral murder.”

In an instant he became a media darling.  He was all over RT, and Susan Sarandon called him up urging him to stay strong (whatever that means).  He joined “Not your soldiers” a truly hideous group of douchebags who lie to school children, then got married again and had more kids (last count is at least five by three women).  Then a documentary came out where he was the only featured speaker, and that documentary got nominated for an academy award.  It got the 2/16 veterans royally pissed and they all called him out on it.  I’m not sure if it was getting a tattoo of one of the company’s KIA’s that wasn’t even in his platoon (and who personally despised him) or that he said “collateral murder” happened every day in Iraq but the level of anger he incurred can not be understated.  He then got delirious over how his former comrades were issuing “death threats” (really just angry veterans hoping Karma struck and he got hit by a bus) and the hippies just gobbled that up.  He got WAY more attention than he should have, but thankfully his 15 minutes ended, and the veterans of 2/16, as well as 1/227 who’d had their names dragged through the mud went on to be the outstanding individuals they were.

Now apparently we’re not taking care of him.  Apparently he can’t pay his bills and someone slashed the tires on his car.  Apparently life sucks for him, and he’s a victim.  Apparently Karma is a bitch.  I really have no doubt that he pissed off one of his neighbors, or said something next level stupid that went too far.  Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it himself to further his “victim” status.  I also have no doubt that this “victim” will find some sucker to bail him out.  If you’re honestly thinking of loaning him a couple of bucks, here’s my advise: Don’t.  He’s a manipulative little [expletive deleted] that you should not waste the time of day on.  Also doubtless some [expletive deleted] will get it in his/her/it’s head that this “poor baby” really needs help that the cruel evil military wouldn’t give him.

In the end, I have no doubt that the children he fathered from previous marriages will be stiffed his time, effort, or finances.  He never seems to have grasped the very basic concepts of Duty or Honor.  He never made a plan for what he’d do once “his” war ended or once the spotlight on the video faded.  He used everyone that ever gave a crap about him, and abandoned those that he didn’t consider useful.  All that artful shucking and jiving, and where has he gotten?  Nowhere.  If he stays at the ass end of Kansas, friendless, and barely able to make ends meet, then he brought that on himself.  All his manipulations, all his lies, and all the crocodile tears all the mud slinging he did to his former comrades all for what?  15 minutes in the spotlight.  Pah-Thetic!

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  1. Doc Bailey says:

    Jax, I’ll admit I’ve got beef with him, but I would really like you to point to anything I have ever said or insinuated that might lead you to believe I am a liar?

    @43: The man threw my brothers under the bus. He lied about rotational fire. He lied about the things that happened in Iraq. And he has used a good man’s death to further a sob story. He goes all over the country lying to kids. Is there anything in all that that had led you to believe that outing for the the blue falcon/scumbag he is not important. People who lie cheat and steal should never be given a free pass.

  2. Anonymous in Jax says:

    I’m not trying to suggest that you’re a liar, Doc Bailey. I don’t know anything about you to be honest. But what I am saying is basically the same thing said in #43….that ex wives will sometimes say anything to “get back” at their ex husbands. And vice versa of course! But if she feels she was wronged, maybe she just wants to trash talk him. I’m just saying I am suspicious that she’s supposedly telling you all this stuff if she hardly knows you. But I am just assuming she hardly knows you. I don’t get the impression that you and Ethan were super tight when you served together, but maybe I’m wrong. Anyhow, it shouldn’t be hard to prove that he owes that much in back child support. That should be on the record. But let’s not assume that makes him a terrible person. As was said in a previous comment, that doesn’t always make a person good or bad. If you want to say he’s a bad person, say you think he’s a bad person for lying. If he is, in fact, a dead beat father, then yeah, that’s another thing to add to the list. But he’s always posting about his kids on his FB, and that doesn’t make it seem as though he has no interest whatsoever in supporting them. I’m also wondering about the back child support because, and please forgive me for assuming again, doesn’t the state or the gov’t usually automatically deduct it from a person’s pay check? If he was in the military and they do deduct it automatically, it seems as though it would have been going to his ex during that period of time. Again, that’s me assuming again. I’ve only got 1 child and I’m married to his father so I don’t know how the whole child support thing works when it’s ugly between exes.

  3. Hondo says:

    Anonymous in Jax: I’m not positive, but I believe child support is only involuntarily deducted from a person’s pay if there the individual’s wages have been garnished and a court has ordered those deductions to be made as a result. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure the individual is responsible for making the payments ordered by the court directly to the person designated to receive them.

    I’m not a lawyer, but we have several who read TAH regularly. Perhaps one of them can confirm/clarify the situation her regarding current practice.

  4. Green Thumb says:

    This guy is a loser.

    And that is all he will ever be.

    End of discussion.

  5. Me says:

    I will call myself out now and say this is his ex wife and the mother of two of his children and I would very much appreciate being kept out of this drama. I have nothing to do with any of you and if I do then well you know me and how I feel already. I was not in Iraq so I do not have anything to do with the deployment or what happened over there with any of you or my ex. If you know me you know I do not like his anti-war bs but I do not and will not bad mouth him BECAUSE I have two kids with the man (like Cravenless?) said. There are certain circumstances around everything in that is involved and I would appreciate “stories” that are told in this article to stop being told because I have never told these stories or even talked to Doc face to face or over email. Btw YES he is behind in child support and nobody needs to know why but he DOES pay child support and is catching it up. If there is a problem with him and the deployment go ahead and talk about it and say what you want but leave anything that has to do with his children out of it because they have nothing to do with you or his service.

  6. cravenless says:

    wow so, Doc Bailey is fabricating stories? I guess the propagandawheel spins in both directions. if I was McCord I would be taking thesse stories to my attorney. Sounds like the ex wife is saying Doc Bailey is embellishing , and she doesnt sound like shes a huge fan of McCord either, but I bet she feels truth is more powerful than lies? Thank you for posting @ me.

  7. Green Thumb says:


    Every, and I mean every, poser I have run across or contacted says the same thing.

    The ex-wife, jilted lover, etc.

    Just for once, I would like an original poser.

  8. cravenless says:

    @ Green thumb, strawman much. Funny cause you havent spoken or heard a reply from your “poser” SERIOUSLY what a jackass.

  9. Green Thumb says:

    I like strawberries.

    To bad you appear to be on a diet.

    To bad you hang with losers.

    Are you original?


  10. cravenless says:

    Youre still not on topic there, seems his ex wife is stating, these allegations are at the very least exaggerated, at worst complete lies. Also Doc Bailey says , most of what McCord has said has been proven untrue. How so? So far its been points of view, or perceptions that differ. nothings been proven either way. Bottom line he may owe child support, however that doesnt change the FACT he was in the video pulling children from a van. Despite any and everything else said or done, that moment was released to the world. Doc Bailey really needs to find another subject. As ive stated hes now starting to look like hes grasping in the air for anything.

  11. Doc Bailey says:

    360 degree fire post IED? Pretty sure that’s not only demonstrably false but any officer that actually ordered such a thing can and would go to jail.

    cravenless if you had someone throw you and your buddies under the bus how would you react? I have not made up a single thing, and reported all facts as they were reported to me. I think that allowing lies to be unchallenged is what leads us to very dark places. Isn’t that what people always accuse the media of doing with Bush? “Bush Lied, Kids Died.” Given our truly staggering rate of veteran suicides it is in fact entirely possible that McCord helped feed the narrative of out of control killers hell bent on destruction that some veterans might have taken to heart and acted upon. So I’ll ask you, why shouldn’t I challenge him?

    @55 it’s pretty hard to believe you’re his first wife seeing as I talked to her both by E-mail and by phone trying to ascertain the veracity of her claims. She has confirmed that I was a bit high on my estimate of his delinquency but not by much.

  12. cravenless says:

    Doc Bailey, There you go making assumptions again. Blaming McCord for veteran suicides now? Ridiculous. McCord from everything that I have seen supports veterans getting mental health. I also have never heard him state a name of any soldier in your unit. So he threw you guys under the bus by saying not to blame the soldiers, but to blame the policymakers? im totally obviously missing something here.

  13. cravenless says:
    what about this it looks like McCord isnt the only soldier saying these things. whats the beef with only McCord? Why areyou not attacking these others? Seems od. Almost like you yourself are attempting to further your blog by becoming frankly anymore the ONLY voice of angst . I think everyone has moved on, but you cant, wont, and dont. be careful, at some point the obsession becomes pathetic.

  14. Green Thumb says:


    Does McCord owe you something?

  15. cravenless says:

    does Doc Bailey owe you something?

  16. OWB says:

    Keep after them, Doc! Looks like you are winning this one. Thanks!

  17. Doc Bailey says:

    And you know I asked Col Kauzlarich about it. That “wall of steel” is complete and utter crap. You do realize that that is an ILLEGAL ORDER right? Even giving that kind of order of hint of such an order would have gotten him either in jail, or at the very least booted out of the army. Now, I have no doubt that indeed there were people getting engaged after an IED, and engaging in return. But seeing as there’s a 15-6 every time something happened, and especially when there were civilian casualties its pretty hard to buy any of that.

  18. Anonymous in Jax says:

    Okay Doc Bailey, so she confirmed your estimate was a bit high, but not by much. That leads me to believe that you weren’t in touch with her before the posting, only after. So that make me wonder where you got your information for the original post? If it’s hearsay it’s certainly less credible, and it makes me all the more skeptical. As pissed as you are because you think Ethan threw you under the bus, you really need to check your facts. Otherwise you look like you’re just looking for a reason to badmouth Ethan.

  19. cravenless says:

    oh well that settles it, if you asked the Col if the Col gave an illegal order, and he said of course not then case closed. Youre fricken kidding me right?! Oh and youmust have quite the stature as an e4 questioning a Col. I think you are confusing FACT and Opinion, even hearsay. Why Doc would a few soldirrs fro your battalion be in an article statingthis to be what they saw happen? Now quick alright stop…….now strawman.

  20. cravenless says:

    Also with regards to a 15-6 being done After every incident, so what! As we all very well know, butts get covered, words get changed, and numbers get switched. Isnt this Kauzlarich guy somehow also connected to the pat tillman cover, 15-6 my ass.

  21. Green Thumb says:


    Dig deep.

    The alienated, after the fact FRG is after you.


  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    Give ’em hell, Doc.

  23. Doc Bailey says:

    Jax Who do you think I got the first figure from?

    cravenless have you ever gone through a 15-6? If you hid anything they come down like a ton of bricks, and in such a politically charged environment it’s pretty clear that the JAG has erred on the side of “send them to jail”

  24. Doc Bailey says:

    Obviously when two people I trust say “he’s like (about) 20 grand behind in Child support,” that raises an eyebrow. When his ex-wife confirms its about that much I tend to believe it, especially when she had cut almost all ties to him by the time he ended up in my unit.

    but I could see how being $17,407.98 behind is a huge difference from being $20,000 behind.

    if you’re counting that’s a $2,502.02 difference. Still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a lying turd that has used the hard work and sacrifice of his one time battle buddies for personal gain. He has gone all over the country doing “important work” for a group of people that lie to kids. he has talked at rallies, and been guest speaker at numerous events all while ducking child support.

    Add to that RUMINT has it (and keep in mind these are not confirmed) he hasn’t paid taxes in a number of years. There are also rumors that there are a few warrants out for his arrest. But again that is unconfirmed at this point.

    anyway why should anyone defend this scumbag? I’m sure he’s getting all butt hurt but hey he made his bed, now he’s got to sleep in it.

  25. Green Thumb says:


    These ( former FRG) ladies are looking for their child support.

    It would appear to be a very competitive process in this case.

  26. cravenless says:

    stil wondering about these other soldiers saying the same as McCord.