Graham Clumpner; phony Ranger who tossed medals had no medals

| May 31, 2013

We wrote about Graham Clumpner last year when he was with a group of IVAW hangers-on when they went to Chicago to protest something or other, I’m sure they didn’t even know;

“I wanted so badly to believe in the idea of America. I wanted to believe that every war we ever fought, we won; that we were always just; that we were always doing the right thing, and trying to help, and save, and protect,” said former Army Ranger Graham Clumpner, who was deployed twice to Afghanistan. “And I bought into it hook, line, and sinker.”

Clumpner was given a Global War on Terrorism Service Award for his service fighting against the Taliban.

He said he was proud to join the military, but grew disillusioned, and ashamed of how operations were carried out.

“We’d go into people’s houses and go through literally all of their things, open up every single drawer and dump stuff on the ground, push things over, kick things over, and … make absolutely no effort to apologize, or pay people, or explain,” Clumpner said. “That process, for me, was the most traumatizing.”

Clumpner said he’s not happy with how troops were treated when they returned home, or how troops were trained to interact with native Afghans on the ground.

Um, no. Any medals that Clumpner tossed weren’t his because according to the Army, he doesn’t have any medals. And since he doesn’t even have service medals, we have to assume he wasn’t deployed either. There isn’t even a National Defense Service Medal only a pair of jump wings. I heard from a fairly reliable source that Clumpner was supposed to deploy and refused which is probably why they stripped him of his service medals. Notice how his records say that he was supposed to be discharged in 2010, but he was actually discharged in 2007.

Graham Clumpner FOIA

For shits and grins, here’s one of his tales that he told to the Inter Press Service about his pretend deployment;

Graham Clumpner, 27, is an ex Army Ranger who served in eastern Afghanistan. In February 2005 after a night raid in a village mistakenly stretched until dawn, Clumpner’s humvee was rocketed, and flipped. He was hurled into a wall and blacked out for what he describes as over ten minutes. When he regained consciousness he drove back to the base. “It was just actions, I was doing what I was told,” he says. He finished the remaining two months of his rotation.

Clumpner says his company was asked to fill out forms evaluating their mental health before they returned to the U.S. He didn’t know what TBI was. “We were told if we replied ‘yes’ to the question, ‘are you angry?’ we would be kept in country,” he says. All the troops he was with marked ‘no’.

Clumpner suffered short-term memory loss, mood swings, and depression. He is grateful for the understanding of his college professors, which enabled him to graduate college.

He also credits Iraqi Veterans Against the War (IVAW), which provided him a strong support network. “We have developed good ways to keep people alive,” he says. “But when you get back to the U.S. there is no rehabilitation, especially as you are an individual, and removed from your unit.”

IVAW – saving fake soldiers from their imaginary battles since 2006. His HMMV was rocketed and flipped, but he still drove back to base. What did he drive? I guess in an imaginary battle, you can imaginary fix your rocketed vehicle enough to imaginary drive it back to your imaginary base.

Thanks to Mary for riding herd on this one for more than a year. Yes, sometimes it takes that long to get these FOIAs back.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Looks to me like he served 3 yr 1 mo on active duty, transitioned to the Army Reserve after release from active duty – and then managed to get thrown out of the USAR.

    The normal total military obligation (active and reserve) on enlistment or commissioning has been 8 years since sometime back in the late 1970s or early/mid 1980s. This tool got discharged from the USAR at 6 yrs and 2 weeks total service.

  2. GruntSgt says:

    Maybe he borrowed John Kerrys for the toss. What an ass pimple.

  3. OWB says:

    Is that parachutist badge for using them or only packing them?

    • Hondo says:

      OWB: using. Those who pack the chutes are riggers. Being a rigger requires Airborne school first and then a 13-week school. Rigger also is its own MOS (92R) and has a separate qualification badge.

  4. OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

    Hondo, it was June 1, 1984 when the military service obligation was increased to 8 years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    People with TBI are kept in country.

    Yeah, right dickhead.

  6. 68W58 says:

    Yeah when his HMMWV flipped over all his medals fell out of the gunner’s hatch, which is why they aren’t on his records. And he “drove” it back by sticking his feet out that same hatch-Flintstone style-picking it up and humping it back to the FOB.


  7. Would this be him?
    Looks like his is gearing up to be a Phony TSO, with the beard growth. Or maybe to be able to “look the part” when he turns Muslim, in sympathy with those whose houses he helped to toss.
    Graham Clumpner, how about a Google hit for you. Just so you can feel the heat.

  8. Green Thumb says:

    IVAW = Losers.

    No surprise.

  9. Fatcircles0311 says:

    What a huge shitbag.

  10. MrGameandShow formerly C2 says:

    Is the IVAW even relevant anymore? At this point it seems like they had their hey day in 2004-09. They dont even try to make waves anymore. They attempted to clean out their ranks because nearly half of the IVAW, if not more than half were phonies who either embellished their records or never served at all.

  11. Anonymous in Jax says:

    @#8- I don’t think that is his page….it might be a poser.

  12. Anonymous in Jax says:

    If it is his page, then he has 2.

  13. Green Thumb says:

    I would love to drop my load in this dudes face….

    Then take my 10 1/2 W and push down his throat.

    Make sure he gets it all.

    Just saying…

  14. Sustainer says:

    He was “awarded” the Global War on Terror Medal for his fight against the Taliban!

    ANYONE who deployed got this “I was Alive in 05” award!

    He could have at least made up an ARCOM or BSM with “V” device!

    C’mon, Graham! Tell a lie we can all believe in!

  15. tud says:

    I was in Afghanistan with him he did deploy to zabul province with us.

  16. MrGameandShow formerly C2 says:

    So you are saying he actually deployed.

  17. RandyB says:

    I’m confused.

    His military education is N/A, which means they’re not telling, and I’ve never seen that before.

    They can take away his medals but they can’t undo his training. He clearly must have had some.

    What I’m getting at is, do those jump wings mean that he really could have been a Ranger at one time? How did that happen?

    Anybody with jump wings turning into an IVAW sleezebag is a tragedy. I’m inclined to think he may be insane.

  18. OIF '06-'07-'08 says:

    tud@16 Are you being truthful, or are you a sock puppet or Graham himself. Granted there have been cases of incomplete files before, but so far he has lied about his status as a Ranger and the stories from the press cannot be backed up with what the U.S. National Archives have provided.

  19. Edward1811 says:

    Tud, well at this point you really need to prove it.

  20. chockblock says:

    Ugh, why can’t these people just protest without lying or is that too much to ask from IVAW?

  21. TMB says:

    The Global War on Terrorism Service Medal is basically the new NDSM. You get it for simply being in the military after 9/11. The Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal was awarded between 9/11 and 2005 for deploying to any of the combat theaters associated with the War on Terror. The GWOTEM was discontinued at the end of 2005 in favor of the separate Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign Medals.

  22. @ #12,#13: I hit facebook with his name as it is spelled in the box above, slightly different than Jonn has it, and came up with a page, that offered both this name and some other derivative of it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet, when he was in, his buddies called him Grumper– as in “I have to go drop a grumper.. “

  24. OWB says:

    @ #4: Guess that wasn’t as funny in print as it was in my head. Yeah, we have several brands of riggers in the USAF, too, because we do that whole airdrop thing. We even let aircrew wear parachutes sometimes.

    In this clown’s case, perhaps he saw a parachute once, so figures that counts?

  25. He could be fellow Fake Ranger Jesse MacBeth’s “Peace Buddy”:

    It’s like these assholes have a script!

  26. rb325th says:

    @18 if he had gone to and graduated Ranger School the awarding of the Ranger Tab would be noted as is his jump wings. Jump wings mean little towards whether turd could have gone to Ranger School or not. 3 years is not a long enlistment, does not give a lot of time to got to OSUT, BAC, RIP, then do time in Bat before they decide if they will send you to the school or not…not to mention deployments, but again this guy has nothing listed that would show any of that happened other than BAC.

  27. Hayabusa says:

    You’re not going to find his medals in that FOIA, Jonn. Most of his records are “classified” and kept in a vault at Langley. The rest burned up in the warehouse fire in St. Louis. Duh.

  28. Brian says:

    Was this one of the guys you emailed me to check out a while ago? The name is familiar.
    Brian from RTB

  29. MrBill says:

    @22 – right you are. I have a GWOTSM and never set foot in Iraq or Afghanistan; I was activated for almost two years but my service was all stateside.

  30. Stoned Gunman says:

    He’s all over twitter even has a pic wearing his CIB and medal he never received, also a cute pic talking to students about the war he never went to…calls it counter-recruiting. His twitter is @turncoatsoldier

  31. Stoned Gunman says:

    Sorry it’s @ turncoattveteran

  32. Jonn Lilyea says:

    #30, Brian, yes he was one of the guys I asked you about when you still worked at RTB.

  33. Anonymous in Jax says:

    Frankly Opinionated, his name is Graham Clumpner, not Crumpner. And the “Grahmuel L. Jackson person on Facebook is under the name Graham Clumpner, but they say they are located in College Station, TX. To my knowledge, that’s not where the real Graham lives.

  34. David says:

    @3 and 4 – at one point being a rigger was the only way for a woman to go to jump school – in ’84 at least, folks who were pending transfer after non-completion of OCS were put on casual and lived at the rigger’s barracks…. being Airborne the ladies did mucho running and PT. Objectively, I can say the finest toned women’s butts in the Army I ever saw, and NO overweight Spandex queens in the whole place.

  35. gogogo says:

    You cannot be striped of your NDSM even if you refuse to deploy. I had a few soldiers from my brigade who refused to deploy and we either left them with the rear detachment or they got out under honorable conditions and this was at the height of the surge in 2006/2007.This guys record is incomplete. The fact he is throwing his GWOT which means nothing is kind of pathetic and he should have had a campaign medal if he deployed in 05 but he could have requested a GWOT expeditationary but that is unlikely but could have happened. I had a TBI in country and was sent to Germany then home and if you have a concussion it would be very difficult to drive yourself back. If this guy was as hurt as he claims he would have gotten a medboard and been retired.

  36. Gilbert Berg says:

    I met the finest lady Riggers in K town, when I was stationed there in ’ ’85 They gave me a Honorary Parachute Riggers award from 5th QM Detachment (Air Delivery) signed by CPT McGrath Commander, have it posted on my wall..