Palin Derangement Syndrome on the rise

| October 3, 2008

Last night, on the live-blogging after the debate, I mentioned the Frank Luntz polling group. Well, Hot Air has the video in case you missed it;

Michelle Malkin wrote that as a result, there’ll be a Palin Derangement Sydrome resurgence. Well, over at the Washington Post it didn’t take very long;

Eugene Robinson, the Democrats’ talking points poodle at the Post takes the lead;

Her error was that she hardly talked at all about policy solutions, except when the debate got onto the subject of energy and offshore drilling. There, she seemed on terra firma. But on everything else — the financial crisis, the economy in general, health care, the war on terror — she gave little more than promises of reform and “maverick”-y governance.

Of course, Gene forgets thats all we’ve had from Obama for the last 19 months, and anyone drinking shots for everytime Biden said “change” last night will be in bed until this afternoon.

Michael Gerson worries that us ignorant yokels might be fooled that the governor who has a family income of $250,000/ year sounded more folksy than the millionaire northeastern senator;

People who deal with words for a living will probably find Biden’s performance more professional. But the most consistent goal of the candidates tonight was clearly to be seen as the Main Street populist. And here Biden simply cannot compete. For all his talk of Scranton and Home Depot, he is a senator playing at being an average person. Palin — on the evidence of “Yah,” “Doggonnit!” and “Darn right!” — is an average person. That may not be the best qualification for high office. But I suspect that many Americans find it attractive.

Kathleen Parker took the same condescending tone as gerson, but went a step further;

Well, darnit all, if that dadgum girl (wink, wink) didn’t beat the tarnation out of Joe Biden. Maverick Sarah Palin fersure surpassed expectations and said everything under the sun, also. And Biden smiled and smiled.

Palin is a populist pro. She hit all the notes that resonate with non-elite Americans: family (Hi Mom and Dad!), “Can I call ya Joe?” personal responsibility, Wall Street greed, children with special needs. Her most effective technique was speaking directly to the American people and letting Joe know that’s what she was gonna do, doggonit.

Harold Meyerson admits she did well, but it wasn’t a credit to her;

She had memorized her answers, even if they weren’t the answers to the questions Gwen Ifill posed. Fully 84 percent of debate-watchers in CNN’s poll said Palin had done better than expected.

But they also said Joe Biden won the debate by a margin of 51 percent to 36 percent. The CBS poll had it Biden 46 percent, Palin 21 percent. No, she didn’t look like a deer in the headlights, because she never once paused to look around, or, for that matter, to think.

Funny how they all add qualifiers to their opinions, qualifiers they could have applied to Obama at anytime in the last two years but haven’t. And they spent so much looking a Palin and her supporters they didn’t have time to fact-check Biden.

The Queen of partisan hackery at the Post, EJ DIonne (yes, I said queen) used the same intellectually vacant tack;

Early in last night’s vice-presidential debate, Sarah Palin said that she might not answer the questions as moderator Gwen Ifill posed them. This was the Alaska governor’s way of saying she was going to stick to the talking points she had stuffed into her head, no matter what the subject.

So, it’s back to the stupid Republicans running against the Democrat rocket surgeons. So much for change. Dionne continues;

Oh, yes, she did correct Biden on one thing. When he said the Republican energy slogan is “drill, drill, drill,” she quickly reminded him that “the chant is drill, baby, drill.” Thanks for clearing that up.

And continues;

Expectations for Palin were so low that the mere fact that she managed to keep talking and to keep assailing Obama will be rated as a great victory by McCain’s lieutenants. But it was Biden who knew what he was talking about, who could engage in argument and who showed he actually understood the issues. In recent interviews with CBS anchor Katie Couric, Palin came off as profoundly uninformed, as someone who had given little thought to the issues that will matter. Nothing Palin did last night changed that. Those rooting for her were relieved. Those who doubted her readiness going in were not persuaded by her endless repetition of the word “maverick.”

In fact, Dionne gets so wrapped up in PDS that he can’t find one thing wrong with Biden. There’s only one word to describe Dionne’s piece today; “catty”. I guess Dionne’s worried that there’ll be a prettier girl than him in DC come January.

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  1. One of the funny things I noticed this morning was that a lead article about the debate was written by Style writer Tom Shales. I guess all the political writers were still passed out from the liquor they drank after Saracuda bit Joe’s hand off.

  2. defendUSA says:

    They just can’t stand to be shown up, and typical as ever have to make fun of her down-to-earthness. I will say that I don’t like her Joe six-pack thing.

  3. LT Nixon says:

    I don’t know what all the hype with these leave-it-to-beaver conservatives like Kathleen Parker is. She had that book about woman needing to “save the males” and now seems to be incredibly bitter that a woman has risen to prominence that isn’t putting on pearls and chairing social functions for a living. The conservative movement would be best to cast off these jokels and win over some independents, as Ruffini rightly has suggested in the past. And by independent, I mean me, the most important voter in American history. As far as the debate I thought Joe and Sarah did a’ight.