Doug Russell; Fort Dix trained sniper

| June 15, 2013

Doug Russell

Scotty sends us his latest Special Forces Sniper, Doug Russell who trained for sniper school at Fort Dix – yeah, any of those other sniper schools are bogus. If you didn’t graduate at Dix, you weren’t put through the paces. What convinced me, though is in the picture above, he has the curved flashlight – the only authorized flashlight for Special Forces snipers.

Doug Russell claiming 10 yr. sniper

That’s why I was completely shocked when I saw the FOIA, because Doug fits the image of the Special Forces sniper;

Doug Russell FOIA

No military service? But he so looks the part.

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  1. Maybe his records were lost in a fire. I’m sure everything he did, including basic is classified “Men In Black” need to know only.

  2. ItAllFades says:

    @17 lol

    This guy seems like he’s got some mental deficiencies. More-so than just being a shithead like most of the people on this site.

  3. Smaj says:

    This one has significant mental illness.

  4. Sustainer says:

    He seems to just be a pathetic human being.

    It looks like he was in the kill zone when an Army Navy Store detonated……………

  5. Joe says:

    I knew someone from Everett ma with the same name and this Doug russellbdoes not even look like him. He is also to old to be his son? The Doug I knew was an mp.serving in Germany and Vietnam and later became an iron worker. I believe he is now deceased .

  6. Casey says:

    If you check out his Facebook “about” page, he says he worked for Star Litho Inc [sic] as a press operator from 1985 to 2007.

    Was he in a “sniper co-op” progam, maybe?

  7. Just An Old Dog says:

    He’s apparently a “sexton” in a church. The link is on his facebook page. The TAH article somehow made it’s way to the Church facebook page also. I wonder how that happened.

  8. Ex-Army doc says:

    I am so happy these d-bags continue to share their stories of military heroism, bravery, and ultra-secret missions.. Without them, there would be no competition for the coveted Ballduster McSoulpath Trophy.

    Let us all pause for a moment to thank every one of these brave Chief Petty Ranger Officer Drone Pilot Jumpmasters SEAL First Sergeants for their selfless service and telling us about it with pictures on the internet.

    My eyes water when reading these stories. From laughter. This one definitely is a player for next year’s tourney.

    Can’t wait for round two voting. Some of favorite pics advanced.

    Happy early Father’s Day, all!!

  9. Ex-Army doc says:

    Damn, my fake HTML tag for ending sarcasm didn’t show in the post. Readers probably figured it out, but if not, the tag should have appeared after “pictures on the Internet.”

  10. dead eye dick says:

    I could shoot the wings off of a fly at 500 yards after Ft.Dix Special Forces, Ranger,Seal,Marine Recon school. They wanted me for Presidential security but I had to go hunt down OBL all by myself. Made general in 3 months. thats how good i am….doug

  11. Sean says:

    Ranger tab wrong shoulder, Expert badge upside down, Russian helmet, dicked up from the floor up bearing Dix did not run a Sniper School in the 1980’s-90’s. I find it odd he brags about sniper but doesn’t mention Ranger? Hes such a Goofy looking fuckstick though

  12. Lobster says:

    Not 100% positive it’s the same douche bag, but chances are that it is.

    A “Douglas Russell” busted for embezzling PTA funds from a Middleboro school.

  13. Just An Old Dog says:

    @62 Looks like he has two middle aged kids in his profile picture. Seems like the story is still breaking, Would like to see the mug shot and birthday on the Doug Russell accused of theft.
    Stealing from kid’s funds, Stolen Valor,, Shades of Ron Maliahn…

  14. streetsweeper says:

    And there I was, on night patrol duty at the FT Dicks mess hall @ aprox 0345hrs, the PMO received reports that tray loads of doughnuts were being hijacked. At or about 0343 hrs, I heard a tinny noise when a full 4 row tray of raspberry filled doughnuts jumped out of nowhere and attacked me. I wuz running low on ammo, ya know, like because it was very intense firefight I mean we had hot coffee, chocolate and milk splashes on the counters, tables and floor. And then, this man Doug Russell showed up, slinging mops, buckets and rags with one of those funky 90 degree head flashemlights lighting up the enemy saying he was a lethal and highly trained “mop sniper”.

    End of Report
    1600th Military Police Company
    Mess hall surveillance & security detail
    FT. Dicks

  15. A Proud Infidel says:

    What’s that over his right pocket, is it his Expert KP Badge?

  16. kyle says:

    That is the saddest looking poser ever.I almost feel bad for him.

  17. CC Senor says:

    @50 Looks more like Les Nessman of WKRP and the infamous Turkey Drop.

  18. SJ says:

    #66: that is what I was trying to say @ #46. Most posers here are trying to be Mr Macho. This poor guy is just a sad sack. As others have said, he needs some professional help. IMHO, he’s probably trying to create a persona for his kids and no one else. I hope TAH folks don’t make his life even more miserable…save that for Monkress and Crotchrot. Flame away.

  19. LebbenB says:

    @67. “With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

  20. OldSargeUSAR says:

    I’m thinking this colostomy bag was locked up in the State mental hospital during those 10 years, 1985 – 1995. What a douche. Incredible.

  21. FatCircles0311 says:

    Facederp never fails to have the dumbest cunts on the planet as it’s user base.

  22. Hondo says:

    Proud Infidel: best I can tell, it’s a subdued US flag in green and black.

  23. OWB says:

    @ #67: That’s it! Thanks for figuring it out.

  24. royh says:

    Don’t they teach people how to salute any more?

  25. FMR PAO says:

    Yeah, he trained at Ft. Dicks. That’s a little north of Ft. Nuts.

  26. MrBill says:

    On his Facebook page there’s another photo of him in that same “uniform” with two boys in Scouting uniforms (I’m guessing they’re his sons) – in which it’s clear that he’s wearing BDU pants with that whatever-it-is top. Oh man! That uniform is so jacked up that if it wasn’t for that note in which he claimed to be a sniper, I’d have guessed that he was just playing dress-up for a fun photo with his boys, and wasn’t trying to fool anyone.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The Ft. Dix Sniper School… golly, it’s right next to the Ft. Dix Jump School and Tilt-a-Whirl!

    What a retard.

  28. Ex-PH2 says:

    He actually does look like Les Nessman. I KNEW I’d seen him some place before.

    This guy really is a Beetle Bailey wannabe. He should be doing KP peeling potatoes in a garbage can, and trying to duck Sarge, not this stuff.

    He’s kind of pathetic. Just try to get him to stop pulling this crap.

  29. MAJMike says:

    Well, I’m gonna continue to wear my “PowerPoint Ranger” patch with the “10K” tab. I earned it, by Golly!

  30. Jilly says:

    He looks like Pvt Snafu from the cartoons.

  31. B Young says:

    Looks like Phil Hartman in a bad SNL skit! The fatigues look a little like the old Vietnam era and older two piece nomex the tankers used to wear. Digital nametape and cool tools accentuate the Genreral Mattis karate hand salute! It just boggles my mind that these jackasses don’t do some basic research before they throw their outfits together. And then don’t consider that in the era of the internet they may get found out. Definitely a keeper for next year’s tourney.

  32. Hondo says:

    If his nose were a bit bigger, I’d suggest we call him “Sad Sack”. He pretty much otherwise qualifies.

  33. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:


    1. Steel bucket.
    2. Conan O’Brien’s Uncle look-a-like.
    3. Salute like a Austrian Fireman (who’s jacket is too tight).
    4. GITS, Model # TL-122-B, Right Angle Flashlight, Circa: 1943 (when design and function really don’t matter).
    5. Name tapes and patches galor!
    6. High speed low drag cow leather for the Model 1911 that was manufactured in 1911.



  34. RayRaytheSBS says:

    The United States Army did not officially establish a School for Snipers until 1987 at Fort Benning, GA. This tool was obviously taught by one of the unit-ran courses back in Vietnam. You all just don’t know! /sarc

  35. BK says:

    He’s got an angle flashlight. You don’t know if he’s got the red or blue lens lurking in the bottom. He’d like you to submit to the true meaning of “light discipline.”

    That’s after he puts on an issue poncho, engages in self-abuse with said flashlight, and then curls up in a fetal position and weeps at his own pathetic-ness.

    This guy’s clearly legit.

  36. ChipNASA says:

    This is just *embarrassing*.

    Can we have a new award for, “Trying but just not trying, really.”

  37. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    This is Forrest Gump in real life, 75 IQ and no f$cking clue…..

  38. McD says:

    For the love of all that’s holy…!!! For real… I have no words to describe this shitbag!

  39. CavStryker says:

    Are we sure this guy isn’t “special”?

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      The only “Special” thing about him is the “Short Bus” he rides on every day!!

  40. TPM says:

    Man, what a salute! The Old Guard must of wanted him badly. I mean the uniform alone would make him the pride of the Berlin Brigade. He even has that ‘Berlin Brigade elan’ They were all secret squirrels during the Cold War. That way if Carter did get punched by Matta Rodinya, they would not of been POWs, they would instantly be behind the enemy lines badA$$es. I know I ain’t nowhere near the oldest one posting here. Any Berlin Brigade vets? Heck, Frankly O. ETS’d the year I was born, so someone here was there.

  41. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if Commander Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics has promoted this man yet?

    He appears to be more than qualified.

    Better watch out Colonel. This man could replace you.

  42. Big Steve says:

    Of course, all snipers pose for a pic in mom and dad’s living room, while home on leave, with their helmet and various TA-50 gear.
    What a total and complete geek.