Michael Hunsucker; got PTSD from being a deserter

| June 24, 2013

Michael Hunsucker

Our friends at Guardians of Valor put up their latest criminal yesterday, Michael Hunsucker, who spent 2003-2012 AWOL and figures for that, not only did he earn a Silver Star, but he also deserves free stuff from unnamed charity, he forged a new DD214 to get free stuff, and figures it’s no big whoop;

Michael hunsucker dd214

If you’re going to forge your DD214, you might as well throw in Ranger/SF/Airborne and promote yourself to SSG. Yeah, look at the picture – does he really look that hard ass to you? So what’s his real story? He did 10 months in Germany, got sent back to Fort Sill for some reason and then went AWOL. Stayed gone for over 3,000 days, picked up by the civilians, turned over to the military and took a chapter 10 – in lieu of a court martial, discharged for the good of the military. And then jumped in line at the VA and applied to charities meant for people who did their job.

You should go read the whole thing, but not before you take your blood pressure meds. Especially, the chat one of the admins at GoV had with him on Facebook. Asswipes like him give PTS a bad name.

Oh, sorry, I forgot his real DD214;

Michael Hunsucker dd214real

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  1. Virtual Insanity says:

    99-01 I was at Ft Knox, where they had a “Regional Confinement Facility.” It was for the guys who had been convicted at court-martial, but of nonviolent crimes like mega-hot checks, drugs, etc, and for confinement terms of less than, IIRC, 4 years. The worse ones went on to Leavenworth.

    While there, after reaching a certain level of trust, they were allowed out on work parties or to do dog-training.

    I had a volunteer position running the Knox Stables for a time there, and used a work party from the RCF to paint fences. I had to supervise them while they did it, and to keep the curious horses away from them I was carrying a lunge whip.

    Of course, somebody drove by, saw me watching the prisoners with a lunge whip in hand, and I had a very entertaining discussion with the commandant of the RCF. We laughed when it was over…..

  2. FatCircles0311 says:

    Should have been dishonorably discharged and sentence to prison for the rest of his original enlistment period. What a piece of shit scumfuck.

  3. MAJMike says:

    Hunsucker looks like the kind of guy who hangs out in the middle school parking lot sniffing bicycle seats.

  4. USMCBRIT1 says:

    @54-MAJMike, Sniffing hell-more like licking!!

  5. Hack.Stone says:

    Virtual Insanity@52, I pulled quite a bit of duty shoveling shit in the horse stables, painting stupid shit, and I have one hell of a story to tell at the next gathering of poser busters (Regional TAH Board meeting) regarding a working party at the 29 Palms golf course. All while waiting to pick up classes for Electronics School.

    Back to the main thread topic though, the Marine Corps used to have Correctional Custody, AKA Remedial Boot Camp. I know a guy that spent time in the brig and time in Correctional Custody, and he said that he would rather be in the brig. In the brig, you know when you are getting out. With CC, you are there until they decide you have been cured. it may be a few days, it may be a few months. I’ll take his word on it, as I have never been inside either one. That’s why I have a TS/SCI clearance, unlike Paul Wickre.

  6. Alberich says:

    #46, it’s still in the statute —


    ….it says the limits are 7 days for CG and 30 days for FG. I don’t know if the numbers changed any from the 80’s, but I doubt it, since no one does correctional custody anymore anyway.

    (The way the statute is written, it first tells what any commander can do, and then what field grade commanders can do in addition.)

  7. Joe Williams says:

    Back before they closed NAS Dallas a Navy/ Marine air stration. A very small base. We shared the runway with LTV and the TANG. We had a small Brig,mostly for transfering prisoners to other bases for C/Ms or Levenworth. Sorry bout the bad spelling having a bad mirgaine. Had a lot of brig rats pass thru in 68 thru 72 of all branches. Joe

  8. NHSparky says:

    Screw it–AFAIK, the Navy can still dish out bread and water for 3 days.

    Then again, considering some of the cooks I’ve seen in action, that would be a blessing.

  9. Alberich says:

    #60, the statute says so (see link in my last comment), but I suspect they won’t do it in practice.

  10. Hondo says:

    Alberich: learn something new every day.

    I’d either forgotten or never knew the distinction between PCF and CCF. Thanks for the education.

  11. USMCE8Ret says:

    @53 – You’re right. If Hunsacker was gone for 3,000 days, then that should’ve been his pay back in the brig.

    @ HackStone – not sure why the Corps got rid of CCU. There used to be one in the 52 area aboard Pendleton. As I recall, once someone was sent away, he usually came back pretty squared away – but that was the late 80’s, early 90’s.

  12. Connell says:

    It is when they face quality defenses in the playoffs, last 4 years.

  13. Jim Legans Jr says:

    @45 I did 30 days in CCF back in Nov to Dec 1981 at Ft. Bragg and it did turn me around. I went back to my Company a squared away trooper and finished my time with an Honorable discharge.