Paul Wickre: The internet is changing

| June 30, 2013

Brought from this discussion.

Apparently, Mr. Wickre has a lot of time on his hands since he’s out of a job and he’s made it his life’s work to earn for Phillip Monkress his phony SEAL Trident. In fact, Wickre is “all in” in this endeavor. He’s been doing his homework and reading the incessant blather from Dallas Wittgenfeld, another internet bully who thought he could beat us and ended up losing everything that he cherished as well as his sanity. I think Paul is near that point, too;


The Internet is changing from the the past five years when you tried to build your Alexa rank from nothing to under 250,000. You may have had a bump up but you still only get a few thousand subscribers, that buy into your hate and vitriol, as to your issues.

What I have found as you saw with HoneyComb in MN, is that the ISPs, carriers or hosting community, really do not like controversy. This controversy is generally known as hate speech, pornographic/mature, libel/ defamation, threats, incite to violence, conspiracy, spamming, altering page rank data, manipulation of third party content, abuse, threats, intimidation and so on.

What governs the industry, now is pretty much universal terms of use or terms of service. Your content is offensive as to any sensibility. Thus wherever you land or try and spew your diatribes against the Military Vets, or me a contractor, or the people whom you have singled out, my lawyers and myself have developed a template, well recognized as to your speech. Your speech, from your content is violent, sexual, threatening and just over the top.

Therefore we will continue to file complaints, as to your filthy content and let the ISP or hosting company be the judge as to whether or not your promoted content deserves to be in public.

We have reached out to multiple companies and your back up cloud hosting in particular. Maybe you win, maybe I win, but in every case I get you kicked off, it goes into a ‘Blacklist Industry” file.

I am pretty sure, that I will win the argument, and over time, regardless of any opposition you make say as to my family,, or the VA Community, the DOD, DHS, the fact that you are kicked off for your mean speech and tactics, will pretty much win the day. Anyway, I am a sporting man, and the bet is, that your vitriol over Stolen Valor, is judged the smaller Sin, vs. your language, speech and tactics.

OK Pardners?

Lets let the court of public opinion decide if your issue on Stolen Valor, trumps the numerous abominations as to Speech, Speech, Speech. Lets give it a year, and see who wins.

Remember this is about legal means and Court venue. Lets play there and see who trumps. I think if you were realistic, you would stop about the “threats” as your 3000 entries have been catalogued into really heinous things, like murder, rape, maiming, torture, S&M, accusations into every deviancy, you espoused. That “black” speech really has nothing to do with the issues at all, as to how you perceive an email, a phone call or a VPN address, as crying “foul” or a threat from me. You are just wrong here. I have 600 entries of the worst visual imagery ever known to the common discourse, from you. That is the issue.

Ok Lets see how you do, vs. what I think is right.

Best Regards,

Paul Wickre
VP DHS Business Development

FirstTech, Inc.

Yeah, the email contained some of Wittgenfeld’s famous collages of me & TSO. What Mr. WIckre is admitting is that TAH is too strong-willed for him to defeat, so he’s going to bully someone else. He has no legal case, Monkress’ lawyer admits as much, so he resorts to childish bullying. He impersonates government officials regularly in his bullying. Someone tried to hack in into my Google Ads account yesterday, I guess to hijack that big $100/month those ads generate, but Google stopped him. And, oh, Wickre’s sister works for Google, by the way.

As TSO told us the other day, Wickre’s wife is his biggest enabler. Do you want to see the invitation to his “getting out of jail” party she sent to everyone?

I know Wickre is just a distraction from the big issue here, though; Phillip Dale Monkress is still a phony SEAL. Now that Monkress has been exposed as a phony, he is trying to scrub the internet from his false claims. He’s scrubbed the All-Points Logistics website and that leaves TAH and somehow that justifies harassing my wife and daughter and their friends. People who have nothing to do with this. I’m not ruining Monkress’ life, Monkress did that himself with his lies. And the original discussion about Monkress had been closed for six months before Wickre and Monkress renewed interest in it.

Well, anyway, I’m taking my only Maryland-legal rifle to the range today so, you guys have fun today.

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  1. not julie wEir(wink) says:

    This is thread#3 dedicated to shift eater Paul Wickre…
    He’s kinda old hat here

  2. Green Thumb says:

    Probably another wrong number…..

  3. 351BG says:

    @ I’m curious, why do you care what we do or don’t do?

  4. Green Thumb says:


    “You wrote off law enforcement” claims?

    Absolutely not.

    Phil claims that he works for the Brevard County Sherriff’s Department (among other LEO organizations).

    Phil and his employees stand beside it. Especially the COL (Please step up.)

    COL, join the Peace Corps. Easier job.


  5. 351BG says:

    I meant my post 508 to read, @503.

  6. Valkyrie says:

    Looks like a fishing expedition to me. Find out what we know and what we’re doing about it. It might just be that some people are smarter than Paul and prefer to do the things behind the scenes instead of threaten to do them.

  7. not julie wEir(wink) says:

    I’m sure he’s found a new tranny blog to harass.
    He is such a pussy

  8. Hondo says:

    It’s possible Valkyrie is correct and that the individual commenting as “Patriot12x” and “PatriotX12” is fishing for info. The comment from “Patriot12x” (#452) came via a corporate proxy server in Germany. The others from “PatriotX12” (#481, #483, #490, #492, and #503) are via a pair of systems belonging to a firm in Toronto, Canada.

  9. Hack.Stone says:

    Starting to seem like an episode of 24. Perhaps PatriotX12 is a plant working on behalf of this season’s evil doers.

    Speaking of 24, the following joke is for EX-PH2:

    Question: What did Jack Bauer say when he was making his home made tomato sauce?

    Answer: Damn it! There’s no thyme!

  10. not julie wEir(wink) says:

    Who would like a copy of the 11th annual Veterans Conference featuring Phil Monkress keynote speaker of All Points Logistics?

  11. Valkyrie says:

    How would the time and date stamp work on comments when using a proxy server? We see it according to the time zone we’re in, right?

    (that’s just for my own info)

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Personally, I don’t want Wickre to be arrested, I think he’s the perfect clown and entertainment right where he is. Yeah, he cost me a couple of bucks, but it’s worth it just to foil his amateurish attempts at being a world class hacker. He’s pulled a couple of other little tricks that he thinks I didn’t notice and corrected.

      Besides his antics have rekindled Witless Feld’s hopes. Witness his comment last night. Somehow Witless thinks that Monkress’ lawyer will work for him for free and that we’re on the ropes. Monkress’ lawyer has left the field, she won’t even respond to TSO to address her concerns. I’m sure she’s absolutely delighted to have Witgenfeld as a pro bono leech.

  12. Not julie wEir (wink) says:

    Both Wickre & Monkress are shiteaters

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    Let me see if I have this straight.

    Pulltoy Paul K Wickre has made no progress blasting his way past the barriers and has found some sock puppets in foreign lands to try to do it for him? And almost thinks he’s succeeded, too… How pathetic.

    Give it up, fat boy. Large and Stupid Witless and Wandering can’t do it for you and neither can your decoys and disguises. You’re proving yourself, every day, to be less than half as clever as you think you are.

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    Thanks for the joke, HackStone.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    So did we establish that Patriot12x is a decoy for psulieboy, or that he actually IS psulieboy?

    That didn’t amount to much last night.

    Glad I quit bothering. When you have to keep explaining something, you’re just being yanked around.

  16. Not julie wEir (wink) says:

    Paul will be a PR & legal nigh are for Phil when this whole thing blows!
    Couldn’t have orchestrated it better if we TRIED!


  17. A Proud Infidel & Patriot says:

    Hey Paul K. Wickre, practice coprophagy, go copulate with yourself, and become deceased!

    You SAID you were a smart boy, contemplate that while you’re sitting at the bus stop mumbling to yourself after your second Bottle of either Thunderbird, Night Train, Ripple, or MD 20/20 and your half pint of bottom shelf rotgut!

  18. Ex-PH2 says:

    Attn.: Paul K Wickre

    I get brand name sweet strawberries the size of pingpong balls for $1.29 a pound. You, on the other hand, pay $6.00 a pound for the same produce brand of strawberries.

    Smart people don’t brag about how much money they spend. They brag about how much they SAVE.


  19. Dieter the Nederalnder says says:

    Julie at 522, actually this time you are correct as to your first sentence….

    I demur from the rest as not my diet

  20. Green Thumb says:

    Bullshit artists they are; plain and simple.

    Real questions are coming….

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    @525 – You’re not fooling anyone, you know, you numbnuts.

    Try harder.

  22. Flagwaver says:

    So, any bets on when the next threat to call LEOs (or posing as LEOs) from Paul K. Wickre?

  23. ExHack says:

    Flag, Ex-PH seems to have mapped his pathologies and has some dates she thinks will bring forth new eruptions from him. But he seems to have gone dark. Maybe his wife (the one I’ve noted looks like a female impersonator’s impression of Dame Julie Andrews) finally yanked his Internet access and locked him in a rubber room to save her own ass. Maybe he’s been locked up by the Montgomery County po-po, there’s no love lost there. Maybe he’s become as bored with us as we’ve become of him. Who knows. Who cares. Psul is like a pimple on your ass: mildly annoying while he’s there, but once he’s gone, easily forgotten.

  24. Ex-PH2 says:

    @529 – ExHack, I figure he’s either given up (doubtful) or he’s plotting something that he thinks is clever and will *try to* attack when he thinks we aren’t looking (more likely). He had a pattern that he broke, and in addition, he does not like being thwarted.
    He’s more than just passive-aggressive. He has wide, violent mood swings, and flies into rages (see 2011 memo @ #22 above). He wants to be ‘clear and lucid’ (quoting him). He’s also probably reading everything posted here about him.

    Since you are, psulking poolboy Psulieboi, you festering canker-blossom, don’t keep us waiting. You have an open door here. Watch your step. That lintel will get you every time.

  25. Ex-PH2 says:

    One more thing: for the next three weeks, you may see people doing extremely stupid things such as blasting past you on the right shoulder on the highway instead of in the left lane, for no reason at all.

    Happened to me three times yesterday. Don’t let these people piss you off. Just do what we do with Psulieboy the pulltoy — step aside and let them pass, like a badly thrown punch. Let them have the impotent rage.

  26. Dieter the Nederlander says says:

    Watch this space for importnant news about Phildo and Paulie-Boy—

    Say 48 hours

    The news meister

  27. Dieter the Nederlander says says:

    Julie Weir also…..

    The news meister

  28. OldSargeUSAR says:

    @533 – What? Are they all moving in together?

  29. Dieter the Nederlander says says:

    Better than your imagination– You will not believe the lateszt twist and turn in the story


  30. Ex-PH2 says:

    Not even a below-average try, Paul K Wickre. We know what’s going on, better than you do.

    This is SO LAME, fatboy!!! You are THE WORST AMATEUR at this kind of BS crap ON THE PLANET!!!!


    What an asshole!!!!!

  31. Dieter the Nederlander says says:

    You do not have a clue as to what will happen, little girl, you will have to watch and learn.

    Have Hondo run an Ip check for you.

    You are in a reactive position as to the news or facts.

    Watch and learn…

    Allways with the bad language– Over 3000 posts and I used the F word one time. That is a sign of breeding you low life

  32. OldSargeUSAR says:


    “lateszt”?? Still can’t spell, can you, Psul?

  33. not julie wEir(wink) says:

    for the millionth time


    I will be in Bethesda in a few days, lets see what you got, shifteater!
    Bet you are an even bigger pussy in person than you are on here.


  34. Dieter the Nederlander says says:


    You are very very nouthy and pretend you are a psychologist. I think you need to buy a kitten and try and make a life for yourself. Way to much time spent on “mission blogs”

    It is pretty obvious that the time you spend on the Internet, is very disproportionate to a real life. Get a boyfriend or girlfriend as your bias is not clear. What shines through is your state of alone and frustrations.

    I am stepping in for your favorite target until the next news cycle.

    Try a kitten and treat it well


  35. Ex-PH2 says:

    Gee, I got its attention for once. Holy crap.

    OK, Grossberger, put your money — which you don’t have — where your pustulent mouth is, loser. You have NOTHING!!!!

  36. Ex-PH2 says:

    Dieter, dieter, dieter — you’re not real bright, fatso.

    You can’t make an attack of any kind work. And you’re not fooling anyone, pulltoy Paulieboy. You are an utter amateur at this.

  37. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, yeah — that reminds me: chicken sauteed in a white wine sauce with butter, EVOO and garlic, served on a bed of cappellini.

  38. Dieter the Nederlander says says:


    Good you mouthy low life bitch. Stop by so I can get you arrested for tresspassing. We all know the backstory about you, Marley, the sexual harrasment suit, your hatred of Phil and your meager existance in New Hope AL. Your rage and hate, betray you as just another angry woman, no career and a failed marriage.

    Good luck with that Talent scout career in nowheresville Southern Dullsville. Try and get a transfer to San Antonio so you may have a chance at a decent job and living for the pups you spawned.

    It also was fun reading your email Towandata or whatever you used.

    You consistently come across as just shrieking and a very passionate anger. Probably due to how your life turned out.

    IN the long run you do not have a chance- Keep hanging around the blogs as that laptop is the existance you have chosen for yourself.

    Hope your bus ticket to DC works out OK and you chill on the long ride in front of you. Well known, there are no positions up here in the North, where your vitriol is hated.

    Keep paying the rent in New Hope, that is your “new hope”.

    Hugs and XXXXX’s


  39. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’d love to have some alone time. I never get any of that.

    Dieter/Paulie/whatever, you should try taking a class in how to run a computer. Also, take a typing class. That way, we might be able to interpret your misspelled words and incoherent rambling drivel.

  40. Dieter the Nederlander says says:

    Ex-PH-2 are you over or under 28? You appear to be a single young woman without a personal life.

    Thriving on the Internet, you write and write with no one in your apartment

    Buy a kitten and find a chat room on aol.

  41. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, wouldn’t you like to know! Yeah.

    I’ll send your wife an e-mail telling her you’re hitting on me and cheating on her while she’s asleep, and make sure that she knows it’s true, because I’ll include screen prints of your pathetic attempts at personal interaction with little old me.

    You make this FAR TOO EASY.

  42. Dieter the Nederlander says says:

    I think after Tuesday YOU are the ones that will have a great deal of time in typing practice–

    Julie Wier you psychotic vicious female– full of rage and anger you lash out at anything, and excercise your emotions on your laptop. Why dont you spend more time with Marley??

    In DC, don’t call don’t write just meander back home to dynamic New Hope Al, a nothing place with no future or interest. I would bet $5 your apartmnet is beige and your neighbors crowd you.

  43. Ex-PH2 says:

    Jetzt bohren Sie mich zu den Rissen, und Sie riechen wie Pferdemist.

  44. Ex-PH2 says:

    You have an obssession with cats, don’t you, butthead? Do you feed kittens to those two overfed Labs of yours?

  45. ExHack says:


    Hey Psul – just remember – Real Homeland Security (still run by a WOMAN, don’t forget) is watching you.

    Sooner or later you will slip up. And then you will be on the No-Fly List forever, with ugly red check marks next to your name. But then, your probation officer probably doesn’t let you leave the immediate area without permission.

  46. ExHack says:

    I’d stick around, but I have a booty call in the wee hours and need my beauty sleep. Getting some = always more important than jousting with Psul the Ass Pimple.

  47. Dieter the Nederlander says says:


    It is true you are a young woman with an emotional age below 28, and way too much time to burn away on the Internet up late and spilling your thoughts in your 800 sq ft apartment.

    Send any emails you like, as they will never get past the spam filters, which is what happened to your buddies when they tried to send emails.

    You obviously live alone, and pour your single life into cyber space, trying desparately to fill in the emotional voids in your life. You make up stories about strangers ad nauseum, as that is your personal state.

    Pretty clear you are in a class C small city as well. Get a hobby, mybe knitting, as that may suit you as you age.

  48. OldSargeUSAR says:

    Very entertaining tonight, Psul-tool. You want PH2 to get a cat, and for Julie to paint her house/apartment, whatever. You are just plain nuts, dude.


  49. Ex-PH2 says:

    Keep guessing, numbnuts. You are SO BORINGLY PREDICTABLE.

  50. Dieter the Nederlander says says:

    Actually Ex-Hack, Janet Napolitano resigned today and took another job in CA. Since you are not plugged into news reality, you don;t really know anything about the “trusted traveler” program or the maintenance of the new “no-fly” list which I ran for three years.

    I don’t have a probation officer, that was from an old post and 5 years out of date. Try again….