PV2 Christopher Munoz: War? I could go to war?

| July 4, 2013

KXXV-TV reports that a young soldier who just enlisted this year is filing for Conscientious Objector status days before his unit is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan;

Munoz applied for a C.O. discharge on June 25, 2013, but the process can take anywhere from 6 to 8 months to complete.

Munoz is scheduled to deploy within the next week even though he has made it clear to his commanders that he is not willing to go to war.

Munoz’s wife, Breanna, says that he joined the Army to provide for his family including his 3-year-old daughter, Julissa, and that after his basic training ended in April, his beliefs and attitude toward the idea of being in combat completely changed.

“After he got out of basic, once I was able to start talking to him again, he just seemed really different and had a different attitude about the army and everything versus when he went in, and, once he got here, we found out that he was going to be deployed and everything just kind of got more real, and he just felt like he couldn’t do it,” Breanna said.

First of all, reporter people, there is no Private Second Class rank in the Army. You’d think a journalist in an Army town would know that. Yeah, and who would have thought that joining the Army in 2013 would result in a deployment to war?

Munoz is being supported by multiple war-resistant groups, and an online petition has been set up to show him support with that petition currently having 164 signatures.

Oh, yeah, Under the Hood found a cause…finally.

It is important for his command to understand that people support his freedom of conscience.

Call me cynical, but if a couple of months in BCT and AIT didn’t turn him against the war, but a few months with his wife did, it’s probably not his conscience that’s bothering him. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Army doesn’t want the marshmallow any more, either. But let’s call it like it is.

The good news is that he may end up in jail – guess who is representing him;

“If deployed, PV2 Munoz will be at significant risk for harassment by his fellow soldiers since he will effectively be a ‘dead weight’ on the unit. Despite these very real risks, PV2 Munoz’s command has said that a delay of his deployment will not be considered,” said James M. Branum, an attorney who represents PV2 Munoz.

Yeah, Branum manages to get every single one of his clients locked up, so there is hope for justice.

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  1. REALsoldier says:

    I hope those bangers in LA ass rape this little pussy when he gets back home. Your child that you tried to rob the taxpayers money to “support”, is going to grow up to know you are a fucking pussy. Your fat ass wife, if she had any back bone at all she would leave your pussy ass, why would you want a man who isnt willing to fight. If he backs out of this im sure he would stand by while someone pushed his wife and daughter around. Cut his fucking nuts off, he doesnt need them, and it would keep him from producing more pussies to polute this earth. ‘merica

  2. REALsoldier says:

    Make him pay back all the money he has conned from the american taxpayers and if his conscience will not allow him to support war in any way then he should not be allowed to work the rest of his life, receive any government help or purchase anything inside the united states, because his tax money would then support the government who funds the war. Moving back to Mexico seems like a great option!

  3. Reconjud says:

    So let me get this strait… if I don’t keep my word by oting out of a contract that I voluntarily signed, I can willfully disobey a direct order from a commissioned officer, bail on a group of men that are counting on me to pull my own weight thus making someone else pick up the slack and not only will i be catered to and placed on rear D, but the media will make me out to be some hero/maytr. However, if I am openly against same sex relationships I am a piece of shit guilty of EO violations and will face active and aggressive attempts to remove me from the Army. WTF is wrong with this world?

  4. Hack.Stone says:

    Reconjud@104, yeah, that about sums it up nicely.

  5. At the end of the day..... says:

    At the end of the day, whether he truely has what he claims or not, this IS NOT the guy you want to cover you or your brothers/sisters in any situation. So to be honest he did them all a favor by staying anyhow. These are the ones who go over lose their mind an hurt their own because it messes with their head or they blame their decisions on someone else. I agree to give him the dishonorable discharge and take back bonuses etc. But he should be compensated for the time he has worked. As hard as it is to see past the coward he is, noone knows the real situation, an the Bible clearly says we are not to judge others or seek revenge but instead love thy neighbor. It does no good to say torture him bc just what if what he’s saying is true an we are condemning him for it. Like i said for all ydiers out there I’m sure you’ve been around one person at least with this mindset and if they’ve capable of this, u wouldn’t want him to have your back in a bad situation anyhow, do best he could do is stay home …..

  6. Kjoe says:

    He got an honorable discharge recently.